Finding The Perfect Laptop 

Picking the finest one to fit your funding can be like going through a minefield with so many laptops to pick from. Even making sense of the always-changing list of product specifications is no painless process. Laptops differ significantly by graphics capability,  CPU speed, size, RAM, and drive storage, among different things. To add more, your laptop essentials may be entirely different from another person’s, only adding to the perplexity.

Furthermore. If you want to try something new, you must know what to look for in a laptop before buying and investing in it. Don’t fret, we are here to guide you on your journey in finding the perfect laptop for your needs.

Types of Laptops

Several laptop varieties are manufactured with a specific use or audience in mind. So, when looking for a laptop, determine what you mainly intend to use the laptop for. For instance,  HUAWEI MateBook d14 has the best visual and specification perfect for millennials who likes working in cafes and other public places. Pursue a category that matches your interests. Found below are some broad categories and a couple of our choices for each.

  • Entry-level

Generally, budget laptops are perfect for people who may not know much about computers and just want a device to perform common tasks. Despite the low cost, they’re made to last with great construction and ergonomically sensible keyboards and touchpads.

These laptops are normally light on hardware, meaning you won’t experience big RAM or top-performance graphics, which makes them less ideal for huge games or keeping many browser tabs open. However, they’re not incompetent of worthy performance, just restricted as to what you can accomplish compared to bigger-priced ones.

  • Mainstream

This price range is basically the best if we’re talking about the worth of your money. These laptops are truly exceptional. You get considerably better internal hardware than the entry-level options, but at the cost of great components, top-level graphics chips, and premium materials.

The fact that this type of laptop is such a sweet spot for the industry means that you have tons to select from. There are laptops with great displays, beautiful laptops, laptops with strong processors, and ones that are lightweight and portable with outstanding battery life.

  • Premium

This category includes some of the best laptops you can purchase today. You can get longer battery life for a little additional cost, bigger and higher-resolution displays, enhanced performance from stronger internal hardware, and overall better build quality. 

if you like gaming or do content creation, you’ll want to leap to a 15-inch laptop with a six-core processor and a devoted graphics card.

If you’re an Apple fan, we’d suggest the MacBook Air. Of course, the MacBook Pro is a choice too, but that’s more for power users and offers less worth for your buck.

  • Ultrabooks

The term “ultrabook” is technically a term that Intel used for extra-light, portable laptops created to be comfortable to carry while still providing excellent battery life. They use SSDs, carefully designed clamshell bodies, and power-efficient Intel Core processors. This became a very famous type of computer, and many people began using the name “ultrabook” to any compact, lightweight laptop that is developed for easy moving.

  • 2-in-1

The 2-in-1 laptop incorporates the comfort and ease of a tablet using a keyboard. This category has two distinct designs: Convertible and detachable. The convertible can act as a tablet by placing the keyboard under the screen. The detachable is basically a tablet with a keyboard that you can easily remove but looks and feels like an extra thin laptop when merged.

Two-in-ones are versatile but are not necessarily the best devices in the market. The uniqueness of their structure can come with some significant flaws, such as weight and price. These 2-in-1 laptops are frequently more costly than clamshell laptops with similar hardware.

  • Business laptops

Business laptops present some fascinating features for the average buyer despite it being made for professionals. Sure, they might not constantly offer the appearance of more mainstream systems, but they tend to have premium battery life and have more powerful and hard shells.

  • Gaming laptops

High-tier gaming laptops seem to be chunky, typically accommodating better desktop-like hardware and larger screens. In addition, their power-consuming components mean that battery life isn’t amazing — especially on systems with 4K displays.

Things to Consider When Buying A Laptop

Size & form-factor

Depending on what you plan to be accomplished with your next laptop, you’ll want to make sure you choose the size that’s the perfect fit for you. Size isn’t like the RAM or ROM of a laptop. You can’t upgrade it later. You’re stuck into whatever form-factor you select up-front, so better choose wisely.

Screen quality

Since you’ll presumably end up looking at your laptop screen hours at a time, you’ll definitely want to make sure it’s as painless as possible to do so. For this, you’ll need a screen that is relaxing and comforting to look at and feels natural to use.

Keyboard quality

For extended typing sessions, you’ll need to grab a laptop that has a painless and comfortable keyboard.


The best one in the market is the Intel Core Processor and we know you have seen

stickers of this in different laptops. 


These days, you’ll maybe want to think about 8GB as a minimum. If you’re a

power-user, 16GB is the key. Meanwhile, gamers should look at dialing things

upwards all the way to 32GB (or beyond) if they want the most awesome experience.


Hard drives used to be all the rage, but these days they’ve mostly out of favor, especially

for thin and light laptops. This is because they can be slow, somewhat bulky, and produce noticeable heat and noise.

Battery life

You would certainly choose a laptop that will not leave you hanging while doing your 

Tasks, so better choose a laptop that has excellent battery life.

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