Filmywap (2023): Top 10+ Similar Sites Like Filmywap

Piracy is one of the common threats in the Film and Music industry. Filmywap is one of the new introductions in this regard.  Currently, filmmakers and artists around the world are severely affected as piracy has an undeniable effect on the progress in Box Office. If the popularity of a film is not reflected in the Box Office turn-up, it is sure to put a cross in the career of a film-maker or an artist.

Currently, piracies around the world are managed by a website that makes dubious copies of a film that has propensity of earning business in the box office. They offer these to common people to make it available in their website against absolutely free of cost that causes serious damage to the relevant industry.

Such practices are sure to bring a decrease in the collection of movies worldwide. A lot of directors and producers are thus became compelled to lodge complaints against this filthy website in an intention to put estoppels in its grimy practice.

What is Filmywap


Filmywap is a particular website whose main functionality is to leak out copy right contents. The rumor is very common these dates that pirated copies of a particular film or a particular disc are there in the market even before the event of demonstration show where many guests of the anchor persons are invited.

This is the main role of this corrupted website – release movies, TV shows, or a disc even before these hit the theaters or the first show is demonstrated in front of the public.

Unfortunately, the practitioner of this dubious website has created a massive follower group in the world. The main reason is the opportunity to download latest Hollywood, and Bollywood movies, absolutely free of cost. Various Tamil and Telugu movies have also become victim of this notorious creature.

The films they target are uploaded in its site in maintaining full arrangement and as per the demand of the genre. The latest movies are especially marked in one of the several sections.

Besides download, the website allows its users to watch a particular movie via using the website and select from their myriad collection.

Website features of Filmywap

Filmywap is known and famed for its capacity to provide faster service. The website can be accessed from any part of the globe; there is no restriction about ages of the users. The accession offers further simplicity as there is no requirement of creating account followed by signing up of other formalities that snatch up interest of a user. You can just download or watch your favorite movie just by entering into the website.

One of the top reasons for its popularity is the huge-sized library where the user is sure to get his desired piece of movie or other kinds of Television Show that he had missed somehow.

The presence of different format like the 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and many others help users select their desired movie or show in the desired format matching to their need.

Speed is another feature of this popular piracy website.

Another interesting feature of such a download process in Filmywap is that a dubbed film can be downloaded in different languages.

There are several films in Bollywood movies that are hard to understand. Therefore, the users normally skip from downloading such movies.  But, the same group of people will download it if the dubbed version is available.

You can search for movies on the basis of genres. Such variety of genres available with Filmywap include comedy, crime, action, horror, history, sports, and biography.

Though the users can access movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu – the site keeps separate categories for the newly released Hollywood Movies.

You can enjoy mp5 songs directly from the website. Downloading is also allowed.

How to download from Filmywap

Install Snaptube in your device if you are an Android user. Filmywap is comfortably supported in this App. The software provides the option to choose the resolution and the size of the video to be downloaded.

Step 1: Installing Snaptube

The mobile will be required to open and the user will be needed to go to settings and move to security. App installation from unknown sources is to be turned on in the security zone. The user will be able to install the application from third-party sources.

Then, it will be required to launch any of the web browsers for which the user will be required to move to the official website of Snaptube. THE Latest APK of the App will have to be downloaded from there. Tapping on the downloaded APK file will enable the user to complete the installation process.

Step 2: Searching for movies for downloading

In the home screen of Snaptube, the user will have to tap on Filmywap. Tapping will take him/her to the respective platform.  For downloading Movies, the user will tap to the respective icon that best describes the type.

After providing the relevant keyword on the search bar, the person will look for the desired movie. The interface will help by loading the respective keywords in parity with the keywords provided.

Alternatively, the user may find the respective URL for the movies in a different browser and copy the URL. After installation of the Snaptube, he/she can paste the URL on the search bar. Both will yield the same result.

Step 3: Downloading Movie

Searching for the relevant movie over Filmywap would make Snaptube display the relevant results in the native interface. Tapping on the Video Thumbnail will help the user watch the movie in his/her screen.

Snaptube will also install the Video Player. At the end of the player screen, there is an option for download. Clicking on the option will allow the user to download and save the video.

In the screen of Snaptube, options for different resolutions and sizes are available. From there, the user will be able to choose the most desired option. Such selection is required for commencing the download process.

The movie will be stored in the snaptube library from where it can be used as and when needed.

Categories in Filmywap

From a category follow-up of the categories offered in Filmywap, one can get a host of service grouping in it. Some of these can be summed up as follows:

  • Bollywood Movies: A lion share of Filmywap services are gone behind providing download services for Bollywood Movies.
  • Hindi Movies: All the classics, the newcomers are available
  • Indian Movies: Indian movies of any language like the Tamil. Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, and Bengali classics are available.
  • Hollywood Movies: The entire collection of films that are demanded throughout decades and latest releases are available in the library of Filmywap.
  • Action and Comedy: Films with action or comedy have all-time demand. No doubt that these have covered a lion share in the library of Filmywap .
  • War Movies: War movies have separate demography. People have always wanted the internal facts within different wars that have spread at mentionable parts of the world. These are carefully archived in the Filmywap library.
  • Among the others, Biography movies – the facts of lives of famous people, films based on some historic facts and sports movies have their ingenuous demands within the people. These are perfectly stored in the library of this pirate site.

Alternatives of Filmywap 

You can place Filmywap at the top of piracy websites. The fact is well-supported with the presence of a huge fan-group the website around the globe.

But, there are others too. Despite being not so popular, many of these sites are able to produce similar fantasy in the minds of their users.

In the list of websites mentioned in the down flow, name of some websites are offered thatcan be used as alternative of Filmywap:

Among those mentioned, Kutti Movies is one of the best corruptors of movies released in the entire top medium in film industry.

Latest releases in the Tamil. Bollywood and Holywwod film industry are available in the sites. Recent come outs in the website include Kadaram Kondan, Sahoo, Adithya Varma, Avengers: Endgame, Baahubali, Baahubali 2, 2.0, and several others.

The site was lately convicted for leaking movies like Bird of Prey, Joker, Kadaram Kondan, Dear Comrade, Jackpot, Guna 369, and Spider-Man: Far From Home, The Lion King, John Wick, Darbar, Petta, Kaala, and many others. The operators have to submerge into a huge amount of penalty for running piracy website and hit the professional interest of the person attached to the industries.

The name of 123movies is muttered in a single breath with the Filmywap. Users are very much fond of this website for the ease of downloading free movies and TV series.

The site allows it users to download a vast resource of movies, TV shows from the Netfix. It can cater to various other sources as well.

Hindi and other regional Indian Films can be seen free of cost. The user is able to find the movies and its link as the search button ventures through the library.

Among the films that the site has pirated till this date include Avengers, Endgame, The Lion King and various other reputed movies.

Pirating Bird of Prey and Joker was, however, put some worse effect in the smooth movement of the website. The fact that the site provides free Netfix too has cost them some proportion too.

Faqs (based on Filmywap)

1. What is Filmywap?

Filmywap is among the torrent or pirate websites. It enables the users to download movies, TV shows etc., exclusively free of cost. You can also download mp5 songs from the website without paying any charge.

Besides providing current releases of the movies across the world, Filmywap promotes different songs and web series online. For instance, local we series and various other programs popular across the globe can be seen. People like the ability to go for myriad of choices.

3. How much safe is downloading movies from Filmywap?

Filmywap is an illegal website; therefore, downloading a film, TV show, or a web series are prone to risks every time. The site is banned in our country. Huge penalty will be imposed upon the user if caught during use of its product.

4. Who handles Filmywap?

The management team of this dubious website is still untraced. Despite the fact that the administration of the country has negated the operation of the website, these people have been able to manage the running; it is presumed that these operators could be big shots of the country.

5. What types of movies can be downloaded from Filmywap?

Almost every type of movies and videos can be accessed from the pirated website named Filmywap . All the latest releases of Bombay Film Industry as well as Hollywood could be downloaded from the site.

Movies made in the Indian Region in the local languages are also available in the site. These include films made in Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu or Kannada languages. A latest song like the mp5 is also available in the website.

6. Why the patrons of Film Industry are so torrid upon Filmywap?

As the Pirate Website snatches the latest releases of Bombay and New York film hubs, days-long toil and expense incurred by the industry persons are simply ruined. People are able to view their top favorite films without investing anything. It is not likely that they will turn up in the theaters where the distributor has planned to throw the show.

Such piracy snatches out earning opportunities from all the people involved in the industry – commencing from the Director and Producer – the suffering goes to the bottom level like the technician.

The cause of rage is quite comprehensive.

7. What are the other alternatives of Filmywap?

Besides Filmywap, there are a lot of websites that may act as alternatives. These include Amazon Prime Video, Netfix or Hotstar. Each one of these sites help in live streaming and downloading of movies.

People will be able to use these without a bit of tension. All those mentioned are allowed to run their operation in the region and vicinity of India.

The provision of Piracy in the Indian Penal Code provides that, if a person is proved to have infringed knowingly or helped someone in such practice, and seen to download a movie protected under Copyright Act from any of the Pirated website, he/she will be declared to commit an offence of crime by the court.

The court will also assume that the person caught for violation of criminal law is fully aware of the infringement. It seems natural as most of copyright movies will contain a watermark or notice indicating that it is a copyrighted work.

The person convicted of such crime will be subjected to an imprisonment ranging between six months and three years. Along with that, a fine will also be imposed upon that person that will amount between INR 50000 and 200000, depending of heinousness.

The ruling mentioned above is applicable for first commitment of such offence. If the same crime is repeated, the fine amount could be equal or exceeding of INR 10,00,000.

Disclaimer (based on Filmywap)

We have thrown out a discussion about a pirated website. But, the readers can be rest assured that we are no fraud. We have never promoted any work of corruption. As we know, Piracy is considered as a crime in India. Running pirated website or watching pirated movies are considered as serious punishable offence under the Copyright Act of 1957. The main purpose behind publishing the article is to make people know how dangerous could be the use of such a snatching website. Latest inventions have found out the fact that use of such a corrupted system can damage your structure at any time. It means a complete harrowing of your entire effort.


As the final word, it should be referred that makers of pirate website are driven by heinous attitude of depriving people associated with the making of a movie.

Movie makers create a film to allow some recreations to the common people and earn some decent money in turn. The resultant profit is their legible right as they earn their bread and butter from such earning. Any attempt to disarray those funds logically amounts to breach of fundamental promises of living made by a Federal Government.

Websites like Filmywap allow the watchers to enjoy a movie or music without paying the generous price for it. Continuation of the process will ultimately result in the collapse of such industries; creativity will also cease to find an outbreak.

Arise of such a situation is not desirable for the state authority who is thereby bound to impose serious treatment for both the sponsor and the people who support such criminal action.

IT proves the righteousness of the provisions in the Copyright Act 1957.

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