31 Farsiland Alternatives For 2023 – Catchy Guide To Choose The Best Option

Watching your favorite Persian movies and shows online can be quite a challenge. With the closure of FarsiLand, users are searching for better alternatives to watch their favorite content in a secure environment.

In this article we will look into 31 different websites like Farsiland that offer streaming services as an alternative for 2023 and beyond.Farsiland-1

Tips To Choose Safe Farsiland Alternatives

Before you start exploring your options for safe and legal alternatives to FarsiLand, there are a few important factors that need to be taken into account.

Mobile compatibility, loading speed, captions/subtitles and audio description features for disabled users, personalization options such as personalized playlists or saved shows on the website platform itself are some of things you should look out for while choosing an alternative site.

Additionally, it is also important to check if the streaming services have licensing agreements with content owners. This means that they can protect themselves legally when streaming copyrighted content.

Last but not least, it is also important to determine whether the website requires you to create an account or if you can use it anonymously without sharing your personal data.

Best Farsiland Alternatives for 2023

Didar TV:Didar TV

Didar TV offers over 7000 channels with a wide variety of programming including movies, news, sports and music videos from different countries around the world3. It’s available on Android, iOS and Windows devices with free streaming.


IranLive provides access to over 500 Persian TV channels that can be streamed online for free4. It’s compatible with both mobile and PC platforms, so it can be used from anywhere in the world at anytime of the day/night.

Persian Media Resources:Persian Media Resources

PMR offers high-quality Farsi entertainment such as news bulletins, documentaries, movies and live sporting events5 .It ’s available on mobile and PC platforms with an account registration required.


PMC offers access to a wide range of Persian films, documentaries and reality shows6 . It is compatible on both mobile and PC platforms with free streaming options.

VOA PersianVOA Persian

VOA provides users access to accurate news coverage in the Farsi language7 .It is freely accessible on iOS, Android as well as PCs. The website requires no sign up or payment for usage .


Aparat provides users with an extensive selection of classic and modern Iranian films and entertainment8 . It can be accessed on Android, iOS as well as PCs with signup required for free streaming.


Iran Talent is a unique platform that offers short quality Persian videos9 . It’s available on both mobile phones and PC platforms with no registration necessary for viewing the content.


This website provides users with a variety of Iranian movies, series and short films that can be streamed online10 . This platform is accessible on both Android and iOS devices.


IranRoma enables Persian movie lovers to watch the latest films from renowned directors11 . It’s available for Android as well as PCs for free streaming without any registration required.


Taraneh offers comprehensive guides and reviews about different Persian movies12 .It’s compatible with both mobile and PC platforms with no need for an account registration.


Persianan is a platform dedicated to delivering high-quality Farsi films, TV shows and documentaries13 .It can be accessed on Android as well as PCs with signup required for free streaming.

 IranTVRadio: IranTVRadio

With over 50 specialized channels14 ,this website offers users the best of Iranian radio programmingAccesible through Android, iOS or even via PCs .


Iran Plus offers users access to an extensive library of modern and classic Iranian movies 15 . It is free for both mobile and PC users with no registration needed.


This website provides users with a fantastic selection of on demand Persian TV shows16 . It’s available for Android as well as PCs without the need for sign-up or payment.


Iran Proud is a website that offers users access to a variety of online media related to Persian culture, including streaming TV channels, movies, radio shows and more.

It also provides easy access to news outlets from inside the country for the latest information on current events in Persia as well as top music lists.


This site dedicated to delivering premium video content from Persian filmmakers which includes full-length films and series.

Membership packages are available with no account registration required fixed rates per movie, and new content is added regularly for users to enjoy.

Manoto TV:Manoto TV

Manoto TV offers a great selection of Persian themed entertainment including news, music videos, political debates as well as movies and series from around the world. Findable on both iOS and Android devices with no sign up required.


PersianHub provides an extensive library of Iranian films, documentaries, comedies as well as cult favourites across genres like action and comedy all available in one place. It can be accessed through a mobile-friendly platform for free streaming.


This website offers over 2000 Persian TV channels and radio stations across the globe as well as sports coverage, news bulletins along with cartoons shows which can all be streamed from compatible devices like iOS or PC platforms without registration necessary.


Gekko is an international multimedia service that caters exclusively to the needs of Persian subscribers featuring content in Farsi language from genres including documentaries, movies and entertainment series.

It can be used on a variety of compatible devices such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs with registration required for further access.

Mihan TV:Mihan TV

MihanTV is an app based service that enables users to watch TV shows in Farsi language anywhere and anytime across the world. It’s easily accessible on both Android and iOS through their respective app stores with sign up needed upon first use.

Persian Movie:Persian Movie

Persian movie offers over 3000 Iranian films from all genres ranging from movies to comedies to documentaries and much more. This website is available both for mobile and PC platforms with no login requirement necessary in order to view content.

Radio Javan:Radio Javan

Radio Javan provides users access to a wide range of Persian songs, music videos as well as alternative rock related tracks from around the world without any sign up or payment required25 .

It can be used on Android, iOS and PCs globally with coverage increasing consistently each year.


This website offers hundreds of Iranian films across all genres that can be watched online. It features a user-friendly interface that is compatible on both mobile and PC platforms with no need for registration or payment to view the content26 .


Rangarang offers Persian themed shows, reality programs as well as entertainment such news from around the world27 . Account creation is necessary in order to watch most of their videos but access remains free throughout.


This site provides digital content including movies, series and TV channels streamed directly from Iran28 . It does require an account to be created but offers the option of roaming as well gives users access to channels outside their jurisdiction if need be.


Iran Music enables its users to find and download a wide variety of Persian tracks from different artists29Matches are often made through genres giving fans more ways to explore the latest hits from within the country.

Iranian Yellowpage:Iranian Yellowpage

This platform allows visitors interested in anything related with Persia such as travel, culture or even business30 provides them with comprehensive information to find out more about their related topics of admiration.


Iran 021 is an on-demand streaming website featuring premium Persian TV shows and movies31 .

Account registration is essential for user engagement here, with free viewing options available during the trial period followed by payment plans if they choose to continue using the services afterwards.


This site provides access to over 5000 Iranian channels32 across genres such as music, sports and entertainment through its mobile app. No account registration or payments are necessary in order to view the content.

Protect Yourself With VPN – A Must Have For Safe Streaming

In order to protect yourself online and stay safe while watching streaming content, it is recommended that you make use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Not only does this help with privacy issues but also for encrypting data and ensuring encrypted communication over the internet.

One popular option among users is NordVPN which offers advanced security features such as double VPN encryption, auto-kill switch and obfuscated servers17 .

NordVPN Pros And Cons

NordVPN is a secure and reliable VPN service provider with great features. It provides fast download speed, multiple connection options it’s internationally accessible18 .

On the flip side ,NordVPN isn’t open source, has less customization options compared to other competitors and doesn’t have free-trial offers.


To sum up, Farsiland is a fantastic website for Persian language learners and kids. However, due to technical issues it’s not available at the moment.

If you are looking for alternative streaming services then there are 31 excellent legal options that can be used in 2023 as well as after.

All of these sites come with various features such Awhen viewing content on any device make sure to use a VPNsecure browser and encryption protocols to ensure user privacy and access geo-restricted content.

Furthermore, it’s important to read the terms of service carefully before signing up with any streaming site in order to avoid copyright related issues.


Yes, Farsi Land is legal. It’s an online platform where experienced Persian teachers offer one-to-one lessons for kids and learners of all levels19 .

How Safe Is Farsiland Site?

Farsiland is not currently available due to technical issues, however it was a secure website20 when operational.

Which Are The Top Farsi Land Alternatives?

Some top alternatives include Didar TV, IranLive ,PMC, VOA Persian and many more21 .

What Happened To Farsiland?

Unfortunately, due to technical issues the website is currently not available for use22 .

What Happens If I Get Caught While Watching Farsiland and its Alternatives?

It is important to exercise caution when watching content from alternative streaming services as there have been reports of copyright infringement in some cases23 .

Is Farsi Land Down ?

Yes,Farsiland is temporarily down.

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