Facebook Likes or Shares: Which Should I Get More of? 

Despite the increase in social media sites, Facebook retains the crown of being the most popular platform you can use to expose your brand or company to the public. Every time you publish content on Facebook, the platform allows your audience to like, share or comment on the post. 

Facebook likes, comments, and shares all affect the traction and engagement your post gets. The platforms’ newsfeed feed algorithm has allocated value differently when it comes to likes, shares, and comments, with shares carrying the most weight and the likes the least. If you want to fully understand these metrics and how they influence the reach of your posts, read on as we explain the differences between Facebook likes and shares. 

What Are Likes and Shares?

  • Likes. Facebook likes are throwaway gestures of social media to say that you agree with the post’s content. And since this action has so little depth, the Facebook algorithm has assigned little weight to likes.
  • Shares. On Facebook, shares are the brass ring. Whenever you share a Facebook post, you invite all your friends to see it and agree with the content. In terms of engagement, this means exposure, credibility, and word-to-mouth referrals. And because of this, shares have the most weight.

Why Are Shares More Important?

Here are some of the reasons why shares hold more value on Facebook:

Increase Your Brands Authenticity

Authenticity is a major concern for brands that use paid advertisements. Facebook users often view a brand’s purpose in posting content as getting sales rather than connecting with audiences. When your post is shared with others, the tinted glass used to view advertisements is removed, and your content is perceived as genuine and authentic. Facebook audiences will share a brand’s content if it provides value to them and shows that your brand understands and cares about its consumers.

Expand Your Potential to Your Audiences Followers and Friends

This is one obvious benefit of Facebook shares. When your post is shared, it is seen by a new audience of consumers that you wouldn’t have reached. Paid and organic posts don’t usually go to every potential Consumer. However, shares can boost your post’s reach and increase the number of new Facebook users visiting your page. Additionally, shares will provide further insight into the new target audience you have overlooked.

Shares Reflect the Relationship Between the Brand and the Consumer

As a brand, you should be aware that your target audience is always conscious of what their peers may think of them, particularly on social media. An individual’s perceived risk is lower when they like a post on Facebook since their friends will not witness that engagement. However, sharing a Facebook post is a statement that says that they approve of the post and want to connect with that particular brand. Consequently, post shares are accurately seen as a stronger endorsement of a brand and its content, unlike likes.

Shares Are Social Media’s Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Strategy

In marketing, word of mouth is an invaluable advertising tool across all platforms. If a consumer is referred to a brand or service by a friend, they are more likely to trust and buy from you. When your consumer shares your Facebook post with a friend, the friend views it as honest and relatable content.

How to Increase Facebook Shares

So, if shares weigh more on Facebook, how do you get more? Here are quick tips on how you can boost your post content shares.

  • Add a Call to Action. If you want your audience to act on your brand or services, mention it. A simple hack for this is to include a call to action to create a sense of urgency. CTAs will likely motivate your audience to interact with your content by either liking, sharing, or commenting.
  • Let Your Posts Have Unique Creativity. While this may seem obvious, we will still mention that creativity is a fundamental pillar of Facebook. When we say creative and awesome content, we don’t mean regular news updates and photos.
  • Post Emotional Content. People are more likely to share Facebook content if it evokes emotion. Facebook is one platform people visit when they want to break from their life and laugh, looking at videos, pictures, and updates that delight them. Your audience is more likely to share content that will evoke the same emotions in others.
  • Conditional. People use Facebook because it gives them a platform to share who they are. If you put a condition on sharing the post, your audience will do just that. For instance, share that if you know someone with a mental illness, you will be giving your audience a chance to share what they are part of.
  • Use of External Channels. Avoid being that social media brand or company that is always complaining about how Facebook is hiding your updates. Use other channels, such as email marketing, to increase your exposure.

In conclusion, your content needs to have more shares than likes for it to perform better on Facebook. Therefore, ensure you create entertaining content that your audience will like, enjoy, and want to share with their friends and family. 

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