Facebook is on a way to try another pay-for-data market research app

Facebook is coming up with another pay-for-market data app. It will help to gather all the pieces of information from the phone of a user. The company wants to know about all the data of the user’s phone like what apps he had installed on his phone, what is the space of the apps and many other things. They also need to know how long they spent on their phone. Alternatively, the user will be awarded a certain amount of money. On the very beginning of this year, Facebook was criticizing paying teenagers very secretly. This shows that the organization has already updated its market research app.

The main strategy of Facebook is that it always runs adds so that they can attract participants. When the user clicks on the ad, they have to fulfill the eligibility criteria which will help them to the app from the Google Play store. Right now, the app is not available in the Play Store. Facebook promised that they will explain the working principle of the app and its terms and conditions. The participants of this app must be of or above 18 years old. Who wants to participate in this app will be compensated. But right now Facebook does not have any details about that condition. The research participants got an award of $20 per month in gift cards.

Few red flags were raised when the news was announced. The organization said that it will keep the company’s information with proper security. It is a very regular fact that the new study is only available in the Google store. The pay-for-data app of Apple was removed from the store in the month of January. This was not that first time when Facebook disobeyed the rule of App store in the name of market research. Time will say that if the new app encounters any other issues.

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