20 Ezgif Alternatives For 2023 – Get the Best Streaming Experience Now!

EZGif is an online platform for creating GIFs, animations, and videos in high quality. It has a wide range of tools available for users to create whatever gif they can imagine.

EZGIF has been around since 2019 and it has become popular among businesses and other individuals for creating custom gifs without having to have any software or technical knowledge.

With its ease of use and wide range of tools, it is no surprise why people are attracted to EZGIF over alternatives like Giphy, ImgFlip, GIFski etc.

However, the platform also has certain limitations which may not provide users with a great streaming experience.

To cater for these limitations and provide users with more options that will ensure they get the best streaming experience.

we have gathered 20 EZGIF alternatives that will support your streaming needs and help you create GIFs in the best possible way.

Tips to Choose Safe ezgif Alternatives

When selecting a platform for creating GIFs or streams, it is important to ensure that the chosen service provider supports safety features such as geo-blocking, encrypted connection between users and servers etc.

You should also check its loading speed and compatibility with mobile devices. Last but not least, ensure that the platform has a licensing agreement to stream content without copyright infringement.

Best GIFs Alternatives for 2023


Gifs.com is an online space that provides tools and services for creating short videos or gifs from images and videos.

Plus, no software is required on any device. It includes numerous tools to edit, draw, or add elements like captions, subtitles and audio descriptions in order to personalize gifs according to user preferences. Gifs.com is free of cost as well as safe for users


Imgflip allows you to create funny GIF images from videos that have been uploaded on the web or your personal photos library by applying filters such as captioning it with text etc., enhancing its appearance and animations.

It’s also available for free without an account, supports mobile devices as well as is fast loading friendly.


Founded in 2013, Giphy offers its users quality tools to create exceptional GIFs and videos directly from their desktop computer or certain mobile applications with laid-back subscription plans that are reasonably priced both for personal usage or business use.

Apart from this, it has a web-based video search engine allowing you to quickly access GIFs.


The platform was founded in 2013 with the main purpose of creating great GIFs, it not only allows users to access their work anytime from anywhere but also makes free audio together with these animations and supports numerous devices due to its superb capacity of converting videos into optimized sizes for faster loading content along with the addition of captions etc


This revolutionary application runs on a super user-friendly interface to enable easy navigation through all the creation steps necessary in order to make personalized GIFs with different durations and small sizes for better loading speed.

It is available on both mobile and desktop computers but for a certain cost amount getting paid as a subscription fee


This online tool allows you to create complex animations or simply basic gifs from videos, and images of other sources within just a few clicks; by adding effects such as captions, zooms & pans etc; while also providing reliable results via fast generation of file outputs


This web-based application helps to create hilarious animated GIFs with different durations that can range from seconds as low as 2 and up to a nonstop loop animation.

plus its user-friendly platform for easy navigation across the necessary steps


It’s fairly easy to make custom gifs through this free online GIF maker, offering tools like drawing & cropping in order to modify images while providing numerous effects and high-quality results, plus advanced customizations like resolution adjustments for different devices

Adobe Express

This is definitely a must-have gif creator tool if you would like to make gorgeous animation right from your comfort zone; endowed with premium features that are very user-friendly supporting various image formats & giving out great file outputs in quick time frames.

Canva GIF Maker

A platform gifted with an intuitive graphic editor allowing editing of available images or instant uploads of photos thanks to fast loading speeds, plus tools such as cropping and decorations for customizing purposes

Kapwing GIF Maker

This online platform is crafted towards providing users unique personalization options having a user-friendly interface while supporting multiple devices through an optimized rendering process as well as ensuring minimal technical knowledge requirement

Veed GIF Maker

It offers quality work featuring miniature-size gifs created from videos at an impressive speed even on low bandwidth connections; this application provides tools for custom modifications of users’ gifs while also having quality licensed music

Flixier GIF Maker

This is a web-based program that allows you to create captivating animations within minutes by simply dragging & dropping images into its editing space with various effects plus downloadable file formats in both videos as well as gifs forms.

It has an intuitive UI altogether helpful when generating ideas for new projects or adding special moments from favorites best times


Through this free online tool, making gifs no longer need technical skills since it supports multiple media sources and provides simple options for editing videos or photos with attractive effects plus downloadable animated stickers

PixTeller Online GIF Maker

This program has some factor of uniqueness, where the main focus here is to turn images into eye-catchers that make anyone lose control over emotions; endowed with intuitive features that you can use such as captions & rotating etc. while having both free & pro versions alike


It is a tool specialized towards editing images by providing various effects, customization tours such as transitions & filters etc. while also permitting users to apply voice-overs and subtitles altogether under a good loading speed


This app is meant for advanced-level gif editing such as merging media into one piece, changing aspects like duration & aspect ratio, adding comments to images or enabling online sharing through social media, and an intuitive navigation panel that makes it easy for people without any technical expertise required


An online program designed for generating GIFs and animations, providing features of creating gifs through either videos or images combined with effects to change its look. Plus it has the ability to supply suitable performance regarding file format conversion


An open platform intended as a professional-quality animated GIF creator tool supporting multiple sources in order to make amazing content without needing any knowledge related to software engineering plus render files that can be shared on most social media.


Using websites like ezgif for streaming content can often bring up some legal issues so it’s important to stay aware and choose a safe alternative. We have provided 20 top-quality alternatives in order for users to get the best streaming experience of 2021 and beyond.

Additionally, using a VPN is strongly recommended to protect yourself while streaming online as it provides extra security measures by masking your identity.

We have discussed and reviewed 20 popular ezgif alternatives for streaming content with added safety measures.

Each of the platforms provides users with unique features and is easily compatible with multiple devices without requiring any technical software knowledge. Last but not least, don’t forget to use a good VPN service in order to protect yourself!

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

When you’re downloading or watching content from ezgif and its alternatives, it is important to keep your identity secure. An effective way to do so is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN masks your identity online by making an encrypted connection between the user’s device and remote servers in order for internet activity shown to be unidentifiable.

NordVPN allows users access across 2000 + secure servers and excellent customer service at an affordable price.

NordVPN Pros and Cons

Pros: Fast connection, High speeds on file streaming or downloads, Open connections to remote networks with encryption technology, Secure cyber protection, Blocks Ads & Malware etc.
Cons: Monthly subscription charges for certain plans.*

ezgif FAQs

Yes, while streaming content from ezgif, it is legal as long as you’re not downloading the content in violation of copyright laws.

How Safe is ezgif Site?

User accounts are securely stored behind a firewall at ezgif but we always recommend using a VPN to stay safe and anonymous when streaming online.

Which are the top ezgif Alternatives?

The best alternatives for watching movies or shows on ezgif can be Giphy, ImgFlip, GIFski, Gfycat etc.

What happened to ezgif?

The original website of EZGIF has been shut down and it is no longer active as it had some legal issues to address and was closed by the end of 2020.

What happens if I get caught while watching ezgif and its alternatives?

It depends on which country you’re in but generally, you may be fined or even face imprisonment, depending on the severity of the copyright infringement.

Is ezgif Down?

No, the site is currently up and running with no problems reported.

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