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Dynasty Season 3: Netflix US Release Schedule & Cast 2019-20



Dynasty Season 3 Netflix US Release Schedule 2019-20

If you are a fan of Dynasty series, there is some good news for you guys. Dynasty season 3 is soon going to arrive on both the CW and Netflix. If you want to get more details then you are in the right place. We will provide you with all that you need to know about the upcoming season of the show.

In recent years, the CW series has been on the networks titles and like many other networks’ shows, has found its way onto Netflix across the world.

In most of the regions outside the US, the series is carried as a Netflix Original.

For those who haven’t watched the show before, it is a reboot of an 80’s soap opera. This is a show that adapts to be more like some of its modern-day counterparts while retaining the greatness of the original one as well.

Dynasty Season 3 Netflix US Release Schedule & Cast 2019-20

Dynasty Season 3 Netflix US Release Schedule 2019-20

When will season 3 be on the CW network?

It is expected that the show will arrive on the CW network on 11th October. The episodes are going to be aired every week. The show needs to first premiere on the CW network before it is released on any other streaming platform. No matter where the show is released, the CW remains to be the home network for the show.

When will the show arrive on Netflix Original?

As already mentioned above, Dynasty is carried as a Netflix Original title on the platform. This applies to almost all regions outside the US. This includes the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and others.

Audience outside the US region will get to watch each of the episodes after the day it is aired in the US. However, this information is completely based on the last two seasons. You never know if things change this time. After all, the third time is always a charm.
This time, the first episode of Dynasty is going to arrive on Netflix on 12th October which is a Saturday. New episodes will be available at 8 am GMT.

When will the show be on Netflix in the United States?

If you happen to be a resident of the United States, you guys have to wait a bit longer. But if you want you can catch up using the CW’s applications. You guys have to wait until after the season finale for it to be on Netflix.

We should continue to see the CW shows added roughly a week after they wrap up.

It is expected that Dynasty season 3 will arrive on Netflix in the US in either late May or June 2020.

The cast of Dynasty Season 3

Now that you know about the release date of the season of the show, let’s get to know about the faces that we will get to see.
There are a lot of loose ends left hanging as the season two finale credits rolled. This gives us the idea about the members who are going to return for season 3.

Some of the known faces that you will get to see include Elizabeth Gilles, Sam Underwood, Sam Adegoke, Robert Christopher, Grant Show, and Michael Michele. Other than them we will also get to see a glimpse of actors Alan Dale, Rafael De Le Fuente, Wakeema Hollis, and Madisson Kirby.

James Mackay, who we saw as Steven since the beginning of the show has announced that his role on the show has changed. According to a network representative, we got to know that McKay is no longer a series regular. This means we are going to see very less on the screen.
Paula Sabbage, the head writer said earlier that Steven will also be featured in season. Not just that but she also talked about the possibilities of season 4.

Sallie Patrick is the only actor who won’t be returning to the show. As far as we know, she was replaced by Josh Reims who we saw in Dirty Sexy Money and Jane the Virgin.

You should be surprised to know that Ana Brenda Contreras is leaving the role of Cristal Jennings. The president of the CW network explained how the line-up for the show is a bit shaken.

However, this is not the first that Dynasty has replaced a character. They have done this before and they are doing it again. By now you guys should get used to this trend.

It is still left to see if Liam is alive after he was attacked by Adam and left to die in the swimming pool. To get answers to all these questions, you need to watch the show. For those who haven’t watched the last two season, you guys are advised to give this show a try. This 80s reboot is worth a watch.

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