PUBG Lite Beta Now Available: How to Download, Update, Play & Install PUBG Lite for PC & Windows

PlayersUnknown Battleground is popularly known as PUBG. It is an online multiplayer Battle Royal game.  According to the battle royal community, it is the best game ever. You can play the game in different platforms like PS4, Xbox, Smartphones and PC. 

Uncountable numbers of players are installing this game so that they can play this multiplayer game with their partners. The game has the foundation of players skills and team spirit. The new features of the game gives an exciting look.

The game starts with a jump of 100 players from an aircraft. After that, they must travel to a few locations so that they can find weapons to fight enemies. After winning the game, the player will get a notation of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. 

PUBG has a world record of having almost 1342857 multi-players, playing at a time.  The game has jumped and crossed all the records of DOTA 2 and esports.

PUBG Lite Beta Now Available: How to Download, Update, Play & Install PUBG Lite for PC & Windows

PUBG Lite is a new and updated lite version of the multiplayer game. There were many complains about the massive size of the game and the gamers were facing a time lag while playing an intense match. This version of PUBG is for PC which doesn’t depend upon the emulator. It has the quality to support low specification devices. 

If you want to play PUBG Mobile’s authentic version, you need a good phone. A high specs PC is essential to play the PUBG PC. But everybody can’t afford that kind of costly devices.  So, Tencent is coming up with the brand new PUBG Mobile Lite for PC.

System’s Minimum requirements for the PUBG Lite PC 

  • CPU -Core i3 2.4 GHz
  • Operating Software-Windows 10,8,8.1,7 64 bits
  • GPU-Intel HD Graphics000
  • RAM-4 GB
  • HDD-4GB Disk Space
  • CPU -Core i5 2.8 GHz
  • Operating Software-Windows 10,8,8.1,7 64 bits
  • GPU-AMD Radeon HD7870 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
  • RAM-8 GB
  • HDD-4GB Disk Space

Now we will discuss about the downloading procedure of this version of PUBG.

The process to download PUBG Lite for PC

Downloading this version on your system is an effortless task. Follow all the steps after checking the minimum and recommended requirements of the game and download it on your PC. The steps are-

  • Open a trusted browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla, Internet Explorer and type the official website of PUBG Lite. Google Chrome will convert the Thai language into English.
  • There will be a big download button. You can download the version by clicking on the button which is of 64 MB.

download the version by clicking on the button

  • After downloading, the application will ask for your login credentials. No one can play PUBG without registering themselves with proper ID proof. The beta version restricts the downloading is of this application to register to click on the option “Apply for ID”.

pubg lite account

  • Now you must complete your verification process to complete the registration. The next step is to visit the email account to verify the user. 

pubg lite confirm

In this way, you can have the PUBG Mobile Lite Downloader. You should remember the PUBG Lite ID so that you can log in after the installation process completes. The installation process is not that simple because the Lite software is only available in Thailand. So, the IP address of Thailand is necessary to install the software in your own country. But the process of installation is not that complex.

Process of installing PUBG Lite for PC

  • If you want to run this application in your country, you need a VPN. VPN is a kind of software with which you can access any software or app which is not available in your locality. There are different types of VPNs, which have a space of 50Mb. They are not compatible with the PUBG Mobile Lite. So, you need a good quality VPN to install the software in Thailand’s server.

install the software in Thailand’s server

  • The second step is to connect your PC to Thailand’s software. After the connection process completes, open the downloader of PUBG Mobile Lite.
  • There will be a window which will ask for the user’s login credentials. You must enter your User ID and password which you created during the period of registration.

pubg lite login

  • When the login process completes, click on the big Thai language button to start the download of PUBG Mobile Lite.

pubg lite download

Downloading this application is a hard task. The total size of the software is almost 1.9 GB. The downloading speed will depend on the VPN’s service provider. 

When the download completes, you can open the application and start playing the game with your friends. You should have the VPN connection at the time of gaming as well.

Regional Error of PUBG Lite for Mobile

Regional Error of PUBG Lite for Mobile

Right now, the user is facing different types of issues at the time of download. The screen shows a notation of “Not available in your region.” The user can face this issue despite having a good VPN connection. 

If you want to resolve the error, you must change the time region and the default location of the system. 

To change the system’s default location, follow the underneath steps. 

For Windows 10

  • Go to Start Menu (Windows 10)>Privacy>Location>Set default location.

PUBG lite pc India download

  • In this, the user can change the settings of date and Time. The steps are, settings>Time & Language>Time Zone. Your system will have the Local time of Bangkok. 

Set time date

Comparison between PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile are the same game, which is created by Tencent Gaming Buddy. PUBG Mobile Lite is a modified, updated and refined version of the previous one. But while playing the game, you will encounter different facts. 

  • Mode of the Game

The lite version of this application has very few modes in comparison with PUBG Mobile. The new one doesn’t have Arcade, FPP, War mode. The gaming community is delighted to have this application on this low specs.

  • Low Graphics

You need very low graphics to run this application. The game can run on a RAM of 2GB, so the developers have already set the resolution to a low graphics condition. No one will face any issue while spotting any enemy or weapon. 

  • Size of The Application

It is undeniable to have a small size of the Lite application. The size of the PUBG Mobile was 1.8 GB. But the size of the lite version is only 338MB. So, the game can run in a deficient specification phone.  

  • Server status

The game can run on a good ping server. While playing in the Asia server, it only gives 172-200 range. Getting that ping on a VPN server is a massive deal for the gamers. The Tencent Gaming Buddy has done a fantastic job by optimizing the lite version on that level.

The attributes of PUBG Mobile Lite

We have already discussed the process of downloading and installing the Lite application. In this game, the gamer must choose a specific location to start the game. The game begins with a jump from the aircraft. After that, the player must find weapons to kill enemies with the help of his team players. The last survivor wins the game. Now we will discuss the specifications which differentiate the game from others.

  • Realistic Weapons

You can only select two rifles and one pistol, which spans different locations. The weapon has an excellent quality look which depends upon the outstanding quality graphics.  While aiming through different scopes, the gamer can optimize the vision for the betterment of shooting.

  • Creating Team with Friends

As it is a multiplayer game, any gamer can choose his three partners and start the game as a leader. The game supports audio conversion. To execute a mission, the team can communicate between themselves. 

  • No Cheating

This lite version is made with powerful entities. So, you can apply an anti-cheat code to avoid any malware.

  • Excellent Audio Quality

The audio quality of this lite version is HD. The gamers can easily hear the footsteps of their enemies If they use a good quality headphone. Amazing graphics quality and outstanding HD sound increase the level of excellence of the game. 

New additions of Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent is planning to give a new update to the snow map of the 6kmx6km snow map of Vikendi. They will announce the launch date very soon. The new additions are

  • There will be a new menu of snow theme.
  • Cross-server matchmaking will be a new thing.
  • The gamer can report any enemy while spectating after he dies
  • They have added new rewards
  • A new upgrade system of Firearm Finish
  • A further support Arab language

So, we know the method of downloading the application which is powered by Tencent Gaming Buddy. They have designed the lite version so that it can be supported on different low specifications mobile. While playing the PUBG Mobile, the user was facing different time lags. But right now, that issue is resolved by TENCENT. The expert is recommending downloading this application through Google Chrome because it translates the Thai language of the website into English. You should remember the registration credentials while registering on the site.

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