Djpunjab (2023): Top 9+ Best Alternatives of Djpunjab

Life is not complete with music. Music can lift your bad mood or can even make you miss an ex you never had! Music has that power to make you feel. Currently, there has been a rise in demand for Punjabi songs. The credit goes to all the talented musicians, composers, and Punjabi singers who were able to fuse the traditional Punjabi beats with modern lyrics and rhythm. Singers and composers like yo yo honey Singh, Badshah, Hardy Sandhu, and of course, Guru Randhawa have become extremely popular among the youth of today. There are many apps that you can use to listen to Punjabi songs, but oftentimes you will find that you are missing one or two tracks, or some of the albums are not really available. Oh, and top of that most of these apps allow you stream for free but if you have a slow internet connection then instead of hearing the song for 2 mins straight as it was intended, you will be hearing the song for 10 minutes due to the continuous buffering and buffering is a real pain. If you want to download, you will have to pay subscription fees every month in order to enjoy your favourite tracks anywhere and everywhere at the higher quality. 

Djpunjab (2023): Top 9+ Best Alternatives of Djpunjab



Yes, the quality of the song is also an issue here. The popular music streaming apps do not let you hear the music at the highest of quality. Instead, the quality of the music is reduced and adjusted to your internet connection. But music should be available for free, right? Why pay 300 or 1000 a month to listen to your favourite tracks?! This is where djpunjab comes to your rescue. Keep reading to find out more about djpunjab. 

What is djpunjab?

This site has been around since 2006. Yes, it has been around that long. It is one of the oldest and longest-running Punjabi websites offering the latest Punjabi songs and movies to the people who crave Punjabi music and movies. Sticking around 14 years is not a joke; this means that the site provides ample content to its users. The site has around 50 million users every day. The site is the go-to place for anyone who wants to have the latest Punjabi song on his phone or laptop instead of listening to YouTube.  

The song selection is top-notch; you will not be disappointed. There is not a single song that is missing from their huge catalogue. At present, djpunjab is also adding really old classic Punjabi songs to their growing collection as well, so if you are a fan of the retro songs, you can find them on this reliable website. The site has songs for everyone; whether you want the latest pop songs from hit singers or you want to listen to a nice melodious tune from a movie soundtrack, you can find it all here. You can also download the top 20 Punjabi songs of the week and blast your speakers at home! The site admins keep track of all the latest tunes that are released and then work endlessly to provide the highest quality MP3 file to you. The YouTube videos are directly converted to MP3 files, thus maintaining the quality of the sound. 

Apart from the music, the site also delivers in the video songs. No, it is just not to a site that only provides music, but it also provides the latest as well as old Punjabi video songs to its users. These video songs you can download and watch it a hundred times over in your phone without having to open the YouTube app and search for your favourite Punjabi song video. If you are looking for a mash-up or remixes for a party at your house, you can download remixes or party playlists from the site.  

The site is not just for young people who like raps and EDMS, but it also contains music for the elderly. If you search, you can also find devotional music as well as patriotic tunes that will make you love your motherland more. 

If songs and videos are not enough for you, then there are Punjabi comedy videos available on the site as well. Enjoy a dose of laughter with these comedy videos and forget all your stress.  

What are the features of djpunjab? 

A website has to be eye-catching and user friendly for users to keep coming back. Also, the content has to be good for them to come back to the website. Djpunjab does both well– good content as well as very user-friendly. The website is very neatly categorised, thus making it easier for you to navigate the site, but more about that later. Let’s first look at the features of the website.

1. Latest selection of Punjabi music  

This is heaven for all Punjabi music lovers. If you recently heard Prada because of Alia Bhatt and stumbled on to the world of Punjabi music, then this site can introduce to all the popular singers in Punjab who have not yet gotten the exposure in mainstream Bollywood. Here you can find some real gems! Regional music is very hard to find, especially if you are looking for a really old song. But worry not; you can for sure find the song here. 

2. Download unlimited Punjabi songs 

Remember the days when you were not charged for downloading songs off the internet? Yes, those days are long gone. Now for every download, you need to pay the price unless it is mentioned that it is free to download. Everyone should be able to enjoy music without having to pay a penny for it. Here at djpunjab, you can download as many Punjabi songs as you want, without paying a single penny! There are no limitations! 

3. Download video songs without any limit

Like mp3s, you can also download mp4s like there’s no tomorrow. Once in a while, you would want to watch the video to that song, so it is better to have that video song downloaded to your smartphone so that you can view it whenever you please (even in the midst of a desert!) 

4. High-quality videos and songs 

No one likes to compromise on quality when it comes to music. Here you can download videos at the highest quality, and the same goes for the music.  

 You do not have to take the pain of finding out the trending songs one by one. Instead, you can just check out the top 20 weekly popular Punjabi songs and download them in one go! The admin of the djpunjab site makes it easy for you!

6. Bollywood songs are also available for download

Are you also a Bollywood fan? Do you also want to download some trendy Bollywood songs on your smartphone? Then you can go to the Bollywood section to download the songs. 

7. English songs available for download 

Someone had once said that music has no language, and it is indeed true, which is why djpunjab also has English songs in its selection. You can find the latest to the oldest English songs here, but mind you, the list is not as extensive as the Punjabi or Bollywood section. 

How to Get songs from djpunjab?

Downloading from djpunjab is free and easy. Head to the song section and then choose the music file you want to download based on the kbps. You will find that there are two types: 

  • 320kpbs
  • 128kbps

128 kbps is the lower sound quality, but it will download faster and take less space on your phone if your phone is running out in phone memory, and you have a slow internet connection or data caps. 

320kbps will be the better option as it offers the very best sound quality, you will be able to hear every rhythm and bass. These files will be much larger in size and will take a bit longer to download. 


As already mentioned above, categories are making it easier for you to navigate a site. It makes it easier for you to find content that you are looking for. Djpunjab has 4 broad categories to help you browse the site with ease. 

1. Punjabi singers 

If you like Punjabi songs, then it is possible that one or two Punjabi crooners have become your favourites. When someone becomes a part of your favourites list, you automatically want to know more about them. You become their fan and want to know them on a personal level like their history, their personal life, etc. Djpunjab has a whole section dedicated to Punjabi singers, where you can find information regarding them. You can also read about the top 10 songs of your favourite Punjabi singers. 

2. Punjabi songs 

Here in this section, you will find information on the latest Punjabi singles or albums that have been released as well as listicles on popular songs as well as the best old Punjabi songs. Here you will also find information about Punjabi songwriters and composers. This section also contains video song reviews as well as song and album reviews. 

3. Punjabi movies

If you are looking for honest reviews on the latest Punjabi movies, this is where you should go. This section contains trailer reviews as well as movie reviews. Oh, and also, Netflix and Amazon Prime are adding Punjabi movies every day, it is not possible for you to search for each and every Punjabi on this giant streaming platform. Instead, you can refer to the articles here that list all the Punjabi movies that are available for streaming on Netflix as well as on Amazon Prime.

4. Upcoming Punjabi movies 

Like Bollywood, Punjabi movie industry also keeps churning out movies quite frequently, but like there are reliable sites from where you could get information regarding the latest releases in Bollywood, reliable sites to get entertainment news regarding the Punjabi movie industry is less, but djpunjab fills that hole as it provides the latest news from the Punjabi movie industry. This section lists the latest projects that are underway or are in post-production. Here you will also find information regarding the cast of a new movie!

Some alternative websites

If djpunjab is not working for you for some other reason, then there are plenty of other options that you can look at. Here are some:

1. Beemp3

pretty popular site for downloading mp3s. Here everything is categorised alphabetically, so it will not be too difficult to find the one song you are looking for on the website. 

2. Pagal world

another popular MP3 website to get your music fix.

3. Songspk

there is not a single music lover who does not know about songspk. The site has all the latest music and movie soundtracks. 

4. SongsMp3

If you are looking for unlimited downloads, then you can check out SongsMp3.


This is yet another popular music streaming and downloading platform.

6. Spotify

yes, the app is now available in India as well. Streaming is free, but downloading is unfortunately not free. 

7. YouTube

if you want to watch the music videos!

8. Mp3Juices

The craze for Punjabi music has currently risen, thanks to talented Punjabi Singers and musicians and composers. With their endeavour, Punjabi beats have perfectly been blended with modern rhythm and lyrics. Punjabi songs have become popular among today’s youth. Hence, a lot of Punjabi songs streaming sites have come up that deliver Punjabi songs and movies as well to the audience of their entertainment. Mp3juices is one such site. Having a user-friendly interface, navigating through this site is extremely easy. Also, all songs and videos on this site are cleanly categorised based on their genres, making it convenient for people to find out their favourite tracks and videos. 

9. Raagtune

Music is something people can relate to in their happy and sad moments. There is seldom a person who doesn’t connect himself to music. We love listening to music during your leisure hours. Keeping in mind the need for music, there are hundreds of sites available on the internet that allow people to stream and download their favourite songs and tracks. Recently, A lot of online sites and apps have come up that offer the latest Punjabi tracks, music videos, albums, and songs for your entertainment. Because there has been a rise in the demand for Punjabi songs, Raagtune delivers the trending and latest Punjabi songs to people that cover various genres like romance, devotional, emotional, etc. Raagtune delivers all services for free.


 Here will find all the answers to your queries that you may have regarding djpunjab.  

1. Is djpunjab safe to use?

Yes, djpunjab is absolutely safe for you to download songs and video songs from. The site has been running for 14 years; it would not have stuck this long had it been unsafe. There are hyperlinks mentioned on the site, which will lead you to other sites sometimes. 

No, djpunjab is not legal. It is a free site, yes, but it is not legal. Djpunjab is a piracy site much like a torrent website, but it is completely safe to download Punjabi music from this website. All the files are scanned twice before they are uploaded on the website. 


As already mentioned, djpunjab is a piracy site. Here you will find free Punjabi music and video songs, but these are not legal. In order to acquire entertainment legally, you will have to look for other options. Piracy is considered illegal in India. Get your music and entertainment on other legal platforms or go to the theatres. 

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