Cyberpunk 2077: Is The Hype Validated?

Fans of The Witcher are hopeful that Cyberpunk 2077 gets dropped on time, so maybe a fourth installment can be created. For everyone else, December 10, 2020 couldn’t come quick enough. The upcoming action role-playing video game is set to be released for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and 5, and Xbox One. What should fans expect with just about a week left?


For those that loved The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, bets with Royal Panda can ensure that this game five years later will live up to the hype. The story takes place in Night City, a dystopian open world with six regions. Gameplay features a first-person mercenary known as V, who owns the skills of hacking, machinery, weaponry, and melee combat. V can take cover, aim, run, jump, and slide. He features three types of ranged weapons, all of which are produced by power, tech, and smart (homing bullets). 

Taken from Pixabay

The setting is important because Night City is an American megacity. The people that control the city are no ordinary professional gambler. These corporations institute their reign of dominance of these cities. The open world is set in California. The six regions are the corporate City Center, immigrant-inhabited Watson, luxurious Westbrook, suburban Heywood, gang-infested Pacifica, and industrial Santo Domingo. Another region, the Badlands, can also be explored in surrounding areas. 

V can commit crimes. If he does, local law enforcement can be altered. Pedestrians can be hit by vehicles. They also do not speak English and can only be interpreted with “braindance,” a device that allows V to undergo other people’s experiences. Other gameplay features minigames such as hacking, boxing, auto racing, martial arts, and shooting ranges. Finally, player choice means that there is not just one ending. 


At E3 2018, the game won over one hundred awards, including Best Game, Best Xbox One Game, Best PC Game, Best RPG, and People’s Choice at IGN. It also won Most Anticipated Game at the Golden Joystick Awards in 2019. Over the course of the last two years, we have seen only one major criticism. Compared to third-person gameplay with The Witcher 3, the first-person perspective gained criticism from reviewers. However, there has been more of a positive vibe when it comes to this game’s upcoming release. 

The Excitement

Fans cannot wait for this game to drop. The preorders for Cyberpunk 2077 have surpassed that of The Witcher 3, which means that Projekt Red might have produced the best game of all time by their standards. The Witcher 3 has been well-regarded as one of the best games ever created by the company, so to have this big of a following means that the hype is very real. Based on all of the reviews leading up to this, there is little belief that this game will disappoint. The very first moments of the release could lead to the servers crashing for multiplayer. With a reception this large, the first night might be rough. However, after that, the rest of the evenings furthermore will be in cruise control. 

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