Crypto Gambling in Norway — Exploring the Northern Gambling Trends

Crypto gambling may be a worldwide trend, but every country has unique bells and whistles. Such is the case with Norway, whose regulations have pushed players to look for reliable options that accept BTC, ETH, and other coins. Although gambling is highly restricted per se, crypto casinos from abroad are prevalent. 

You should rely on expert advice and player reviews to find the best crypto gambling sites in Norway. But it’s much easier said than done. That’s why we’ll look at how the Norwegian crypto-gambling market looks in 2023. Likewise, we’ll also break down the legal situation and discuss the best sites. 

Norwegian Crypto Gambling Regulation State in 2023

According to research, Norway has pretty strict gambling laws. The Norwegian Gambling Authority/Lotteritilsynet has monopolized casino games and horse racing for over three decades. As a result, players have very limited options. What’s more, you can’t even use credit cards on sites based abroad. 

And that’s even without mentioning that you can tank your credit rating and get into further trouble. That’s why there are so many Bitcoin casinos Norway loves and appreciates. This starkly contrasts with Norwegian sites, which must display high iGaming compliance. Such a setup makes things difficult for players and only leads them to seek alternatives. 

Crypto sites happen to be the best option for a number of reasons, mainly the following:

  • Anonymity: You don’t have to share any details besides your email or crypto wallet address. You can realistically expect to start playing in just a minute or two, not counting reading the T&C. 
  • Top-notch security: All transactions are stored on the blockchain, making it impossible for someone to alter or jeopardize your deposits and withdrawals. As long as you keep your private key/seed phrase safe. 
  • No influence from Norwegian authorities: The best crypto gambling apps are all based outside of Norway, which lets them operate more freely. You’re good to go as long as they’re licensed elsewhere and operate legally. 
  • More games: Some of the best software providers in 2023 make plenty of crypto-exclusive games. By going with BTC sites, you’ll ensure that there will be more choices than at traditional sites.

With how widespread blockchain technology is, anyone can create their own coin. However, Norwegian crypto sites only accept a select number of currencies. They’re the most stable and allow you to play slots, which are officially outlawed in Norway, as mentioned on Wikipedia. So just aim for these gambling-friendly cryptos:

  • Bitcoin: The first and most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin operates on a decentralized network and uses blockchain technology to facilitate secure peer-to-peer transactions, store value, and serve as a digital asset. It’s the best investment vessel, but its technology
  • Ethereum: A versatile blockchain platform that enables the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, Ether, fuels transactions on the network and supports innovation in decentralized finance (DeFi).
  • Bitcoin Cash: A Bitcoin fork created to address scalability issues, Bitcoin Cash aims to offer faster and cheaper transactions. It emphasizes peer-to-peer electronic cash, enabling users to make direct transactions without intermediaries.
  • Ripple: Ripple is a cryptocurrency (XRP) and a digital payment protocol designed to facilitate fast, low-cost international money transfers. Ripple aims to bridge the gap between traditional banking systems and blockchain tech, making it gambling-friendly.
  • EOS: EOS is a blockchain platform that aims to provide a scalable infrastructure for the development of decentralized applications. It offers high transaction throughput and low latency, focusing on user-friendly experiences and developer tools. Norwegians have quickly adopted this niche dApp-based crypto, as its lightweight nature makes it ideal for gambling. 

In Norway, gambling is heavily regulated, and casinos are restricted only to the state-run Norsk Tipping brand. It’s far from an ideal situation. However, the law says nothing about playing at offshore-based sites. Norwegian authorities simply can’t do anything about it. 

Then, there’s another thing — using cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, is legal in Norway. This presents an interesting situation for crypto gambling sites. Since these sites operate using cryptocurrencies and many hold independent licenses, players from Norway can participate without facing legal issues related to gambling restrictions. 

Moreover, the crypto aspect of these gambling sites can provide additional benefits to players. Traditional online gambling often requires players to provide personal and financial information, potentially impacting their credit scores. By using cryptocurrencies, players can avoid these credit score flagging since transactions are conducted independently of traditional financial institutions. 

If you didn’t know, banks are known to blacklist players for partaking in online gambling activities. With just a quick money transfer to an exchange account, you can completely bypass this problem and ensure you’ll enjoy the fruits of blockchain technology properly. Remember — just stick to tried and tested cryptos and only aim for the top crypto casinos in Norway. 

Top Crypto Gambling Apps

Norway has always had a large number of passionate players. As a result, plenty of offshore sites that accept crypto have turned their attention to the Scandinavian region. Then again, not all of them are equal. Judging by expert reviews and players’ assessments, it’s safe to assume that the following sites are the top options:

As for prospects, it’s unclear how the government will react. iGamingBusiness recently reported on Norway agreeing to stop imposing fees on the owners of Unibet, whom the NGA accused of operating in the country illegally. Kindred, the bookie’s owners, even said Norway allowed them to accept players’ passively.’ It’s unclear what that means, but it’s a move in the right direction. 

Furthermore, Norwegian players are lucky regardless. Dozens of quality sites will let you use BTC, ETH, XRP, and many other options. That’s enough to maintain security, anonymity and a constant influx of new games. 

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