Crunchyroll (2022): Top 7+ Best Alternatives To Official Source of Anime and Drama

Are you tired of your monotonous life? Well, it is a very natural thing nowadays. People are bounding themselves in a strict schedule where they lost the spirit of life. They are becoming zombies day by day, living a lifeless being, forget how to enjoy every moment of life.

Every day you woke up, go to the office or college or school, then come back to your house. You hardly get free time from your busy schedule and do not know how to utilize it. It is how you are ruining all of your happiness from your life by yourself.

People are not getting enough free time to hang out with friends or family. Thus a person’s life is becoming so much stress that affects mental health as well as physical health. It reduces stress levels; a person must adapt different ways to entertain himself or herself.

Most people love to watch different films in their free time while some people prefer to watch anime. A large number of people have grown up watching several popular anime instead of watching cartoons. Those are true anime lovers, and they still prefer to watch different anime in their free time.

Crunchyroll (2022): Best Alternatives & Similar Websites


What is Crunchyroll?

The Crunchyroll is a popular website that contains an extensive collection of latest anime that a user can access for free. It is an excellent source of high-quality latest anime series that anime lovers love to watch. The vast catalog of anime attracts anime lovers across the world to visit this website.

This user-friendly website is an official source of various anime, dorama, and manga founded in 2006. Almost 50 million anime lovers throughout the world watch anime on this particular website. On this website, you can watch limited anime free of cost and also get an option to use a premium account.

You may watch free anime episodes through online streaming available on this website. However, you might not be able to use all features of this website by using a free account. You may purchase the premium membership at a reasonable price to enjoy the ad-free streaming of the latest anime series.

Unique Website Features 

There are several unique features available on this website that make it so popular these days. The following features that you may observe while accessing content on this website.

  1. You may watch anime episodes whenever you want without using an internet connection. The Crunchyroll website offers premium account users to save anime episodes for offline watching. This unique feature is one of the key reasons behind this website’s popularity across the world.
  2. It is one of the safest anime websites for users to watch different anime episodes in HD quality. Here you may access contents in various high-quality formats such as 1080p and 720p.
  3. It provides access to a vast comic library of popular anime comic manga, which is another unique feature. A member can access different latest comic which published on this website. The comics are available in a high-quality pdf format that you may read easily.
  4. This website offers discounts for premium account users and provides services at a reasonable price. Therefore many users of this website show interest in using the premium account to access all the features of the Crunchyroll website.

How to Download Latest Anime from Crunchyroll?

For anime fans all over the world, the Crunchyroll website is a popular and common name. This specific website is well-known for providing HD quality online streaming services of anime to anime lovers. Most of the content users can access free of cost, but some specific contents need paid account for access.

  • However, a user can purchase a paid account to experience ad-free smooth HD quality online streaming of all anime contents. The price of premium membership is affordable for any user throughout the world. This website does not allow users to download any content from this website as it is against their regulation.
  • Thus a user who wants to download any content through this website must be very cautious while downloading. There are several downloading software available in the online platform that helps users to download anime from Crunchyroll. There is another way to download content in a video format through screen recording.
  • There are several efficient software available in the online platform that you may use to perform the screen recording. First, you need to search for a particular anime content that is available on the Crunchyroll website. Then you need to use those downloading or screen recording software to download specific anime episodes or movies.

Categories of Anime 

You may check out a vast number of classes available on the Crunchyroll website. Almost all types of groups are available on this website that attracts anime lovers to access this website. Some popular major categories that you may observe in this website are listed below.

1. Thriller

All anime lovers search for anime belong in this category in different anime websites available on the internet. But few anime websites contain a vast collection of thriller anime, and Crunchyroll is one of them. The latest thriller anime is available in HD quality on this website that an anime lover can enjoy through online streaming.

2. Drama

Most of the teenagers and adult users love to watch anime belong in this category. On this website, you may find out some excellent anime series that belong to the drama category. There are some popular anime such as Total eclipse, school days, strange, etc. available on this website.

3. Mystery

Mystery lovers are always looking for this category of anime on different websites available on the internet. For those anime lovers, this website offers a vast collection of anime contents related to the mystery are available. You may click on the mystery category option to see anime belong in this category available on this website.

4. Action

Are you love watching the movie? Then this is the perfect website to watch work-related anime. You may search the anime series available on this website that belongs to this category. It amazes users when they check out the list of anime belongs in this category, which is available on this website.

5. Romance 

Adult anime users usually search for romantic anime series through different anime websites. However, this website is an excellent source of popular romantic anime series that attracts a huge number of anime lovers. You may find out some heartwarming romantic anime series available on this website.

6. Comedy

A huge number of anime lovers regularly watch comedy anime series through this particular website. It has a vast collection of some famous comedy anime series that attract anime lovers of all ages. Just click on the comedy option from the list of the category to check the vast catalog of comedy anime series.

7. Supernatural

Anime is all about imaginations and supernatural things that you usually may not observe in real life. This one is a popular category that most of the users love to watch on this website or any alternative website. You may find some most popular anime belong in this category through this anime website.

8. Sports

If a person is a sports lover, then this website offers him or her to watch various popular anime related to games. Anime lovers can watch some latest anime belong in this category through the Crunchyroll website. You may check out some popular anime such as saki, naked wolves, etc. that belong in this category.

Best Alternative Websites of Crunchyroll

A user may check out some popular alternative websites of the Crunchyroll website on an online platform. These alternatives offer users similar types of features while they are accessing content through those websites. However, some popular alternative websites that you may observe are list below.

1. BabyAnime

If you are a true anime lover, then this website is the first container of the latest anime that offers unique features. This website provides users a secure platform where HD quality contents are available free of cost. Users of this website do not have to face annoying ads before watching a specific anime episode.

2. Daisuki

It is a world-famous Japanese website that offers a great source of anime belongs to different categories. Many branded anime studios such as Aniplex, Toei Animation, etc. are shareholders of this particular website. Not only in Japan, but across the world, this anime website is trendy.

3. Anime Planet

Anime Planet

It is one of the most popular anime streaming websites that offers the latest collection of anime to anime lovers. Users can also be able to access a popular Japanese anime comic known as manga. The anime-planet website provides some unique features that help users to access content more easily.

4. Masterani

The Masterani website contains an extensive database of latest anime contents and allows users to watch anime through online streaming. It provides HD streaming of every episode to users, and you may also watch anime movies through this website. It is a popular pirated anime website that users can access for free of cost.

5. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is one of the highest-rated websites contains a vast catalog of different movies, web series, and anime. Users may access proxy contents available on this website and may require a VPN to avoid legal complications. However, this website has several clone websites that a user may access to watch different anime episodes.

6. 9Anime

Are you finding dubbed anime episodes or movies? Then, no more searching is required. It is a popular pirated anime website that provides anime in English dubbing with high quality. Therefore accessing this website is entirely illegal, and users might face some legal complications for accessing proxy contents.

7. Horriblesubs

Another amazing anime, providing platform on the internet is Horriblesubs. You can access its contents for free streaming and downloading in any format, like 480p, 1080p or 720 p. It is one such anime streaming site that can be directly accessed without having to register the users or provide their card details. This site can be accessed anywhere on Android and iOS devices, laptops, tablets PlayStation, windows phones, etc. It is one of the most trusted and secure anime provoke sites available. Also, downloading content from this site is easy. Just click on the click and the video will start downloading. 

8. Animestreams

Another brilliant website for streaming and downloading anime content is Here you can stream and download your favourite anime shows for free, in HD resolution. Again, this site’s interface bis extremely well designed and user friendly, which is why people find it very easy to navigate through this site. Secondly, the site’s collection of anime is categorised based on their genre, language, etc. making it convenient for people to find out their desired contents. This is the best site for enjoying anime contents, and relieve yourself of boredom. You can get anime contents of almost every language covering every genre like drama, romance, adventure, anime series, etc. 

Most of the users usually ask some popular FAQs on an online platform regarding watching anime on the Crunchyroll website. They may not find out a suitable answer to those questions from the online platform. Here you may observe an appropriate solution for those questions that helps you to clear your doubts.

1. Does Crunchyroll premium work offline?

Yes, the Crunchyroll website provides a unique feature to download your videos for offline watching. You need a premium account of Crunchyroll to enjoy this specific feature. Otherwise, you need to use various downloader software to download anime episodes for offline watching.

2. Does Crunchyroll work without wifi?

You need a data plan to access anime content available on this website if you do not have wifi. However, for premium account members, there is an offline feature that is also available where you may download content for offline watching. But for free account users, this feature is unavailable, and they need to use downloading software to download materials.

3. Is Crunchyroll safe?

The Crunchyroll website does not contain any proxy copies of original content, and the online streaming is entirely legal. Therefore a user should not be worried about accessing the anime content available on this website. Even users do not require to use the VPN for accessing materials through this website, unlike other anime websites.

The Crunchyroll website is now the leading anime website that offers legal online streaming to anime fans. It is the key reason behind its popularity across the world among anime lovers who regularly watch anime episodes. It also offers membership planning for users at an affordable price that offers more features.

5. Is Crunchyroll free?

On this website, you may access different anime content by using a free account, but other materials need a paid account. To watch older anime episodes, you may not require any paid account and can watch episodes through streaming. However, to access all the latest content with all features of this website, you need to purchase a premium account.


A user should be careful about using downloading software as it avoids the rules and regulations of the Crunchyroll website. Therefore a user should not use any downloading software to avoid legal complications. You may purchase a paid account is a reasonable price while Crunchyroll provides discount offers.

The above article provides you complete knowledge regarding accessing anime and other features of this website. It also helps you to find the answer to your questions that can clear all of your doubts related to this website.  

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