Credder follows Rotten Tomatoes-style rating for news

On this day and age of the internet, misinformation is everywhere. People use clickbait just to make sure that they get views. It is often impossible to know if a publication is trustworthy or not. Credder, a startup,  is trying to get a solution to this problem. The reviews are all aggregated into a score, which depends on the reviews of the journalist and readers. If you are reading a new article on the internet and are not sure about the credibility of the source, then you can surely check the scores in Credder.

The chief executing officer and co-founder Chase Palmieri compare their website with Rotten Tomatoes. This is one of the reasons that the Chief executing officer of Rotten Tomatoes Patrick Lee is part of the advisory board along with former Xobni Chief executing officer Jeff Bonforte and journalist Gabriel Snyder.

The chief executing officer of Credder said that their website will be open to all the public this month. The company has already raised a total of $750,000 in funding from the Founder Institute Chief Executing Officer Adeo Ressi, Ira Ehrenpreis, Herrington & Sutcliffe, the law firm Orrick, Steve Bennet and others.

The chief executing officer said that he has been working on this project since 2016 with the only goal of giving news consumers reliability. In other words, the main idea of the CEO was to try to stop news clickbait all over the internet.

If Credder gets a lot of attraction, then it is very sure that the shares’ prices will definitely go up. There are a lot of instances where people review movies without actually watching it. If a review is given honestly, then the quality of the publication is often under consideration.

The Chief Executing Officer has pointed out the ways that Credder is trying to evolve. Users can write any review of The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal or Tech Crunch. The only review they are giving is one specific article so hopefully that they’re engaging with the material along with the specifics of the story. The scores which are being given by the websites are aggregated scores of all the journalists and publications.

Palmieri said that the vote will be one of the factors that will affect the scorecard. The weight of the reviews will affect the source and its credibility. He added by saying:

 “It will take time for the weight of your reviews to be meaningful, and there will be a visible track record.”

The vision of Palmieri was a bit skeptical about how the credibility of the score can actually influence all the readers. It is not always easy to set a new idea an old publication. This system will come in handy for all the new publications so that they can get their credibility in a short period of time. Palmer replied by saying:

 “What we see in today’s media landscape is the left-wing media attacks the right-wing media, and vice versa. We never get a sense of what our fellow news consumers feel. What’s more likely to change your perspective and make you question yourself? It’s going to a rating page [for] an article, pointing out a specific problem in that article.”

The website will not itself be hosting any kind of article on its own. All they will do is rate all the websites and make sure the credible sources get high ratings.

Tech Crunch readers can simply go and check out the website of Credder early simply by using the promo code “TCNEWS.”

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