Crazy Time Tracker: A Comprehensive Guide


Crazy Time is a show that was developed in 2020 by gaming company Evolution. It is a live dealer game that has been made in the form of a TV show and is a combination of slots and a traditional TV show. The game is reported to be among the costliest games ever made. The game has become popular in various casinos because of the enthusiasm it brings.

For instance, some of the best Crazy Time crypto casinos have seen a massive increase in the number of players signing up for their casinos because of the game.

What is a Crazy Time Tracker?

A crazy time tracker helps players to understand how probable an outcome might appear, thereby helping the player make an informed choice. The tracker shows previous stats of the game for a defined period.

This might provide probabilities for each number and game, as well as other useful information. With its help, bettors are able to make more informed decisions as they do not resort to random wagering.

Features of Crazy Time Tracker

The Crazy Time game predicts where the wheel will stop. It might be on one of the numbers or in a bonus game. Most gaming platforms provide detailed and in-depth statistics.

The crazy time tracker sprang to fame during the global digital revolution. It provides precise information on prior spins as well as the likelihood of the wheel halting in any of the eight accessible places.

The history of each spin is an important aspect of the tracking process. The tracker also displays the number of winners and the total prize pool.

Reasons Behind the Importance of Crazy Time Live Tracker Stats

Some gamers believe that following the Crazy Time live tracker numbers will boost their likelihood of victory since it makes it possible to measure how much time has elapsed since they last won. According to this commonly held idea, the time between minor wins increases the likelihood that the following win will be a major one.

The interval between bonus games might be a huge factor in determining whether a player changes their decisions for wagering for the next round.

If, for example, wins normally happen every four games, but the previous one was 12 games ago, you may assume the next one is about to happen. And if a certain bonus game frequently begins after 20 spins, but 40 have already gone through, you might be anticipating the next spin to be it.

The Different Bonus Games in Crazy Time

  • Cash Hunt: Players select symbols on the screen to reveal random multipliers. After all the selections are made, the multipliers are combined with the player’s bet to determine the win.
  • Pachinko: A puck is dropped onto a Pachinko-style wall, where it bounces through a series of pins and lands in one of several multiplier slots at the bottom.
  • Coin Flip: Players bet on either a red or blue side of a coin. The coin is flipped, and all bets on the winning side receive the associated multiplier.
  • Crazy Time: The most exciting bonus game, offering the biggest potential wins. Players spin a giant wheel with numerous segments, each with different multipliers. The wheel is spun, and the segment it lands on determines the multiplier applied to the player’s bet.