Coronavirus Update (Live): COVID-19 Corona Tracker, Global Maps, Live Cases, Data & Updates

The outbreak of a deadly virus made us realize how uncertain we are about our future. COVID-19 is the mane of the virus that has made us think about our existence. This has taken a toll on human lives as there is a massive number of deaths and infections worldwide. Though we are taking precautions at a large scale, but seems it is not working at all. This pandemic is way dangerous than the other ones. With all the related research and testing going on, it is quite hard to be unaware of the facts of figures related to the causalities. The people need to track down all the details about this pandemic regularly. 

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There are numerous initiatives taken by the government of each country and also the world media to make each person aware of the concerns related. Technology is helping in it substantially. COVID-19 tracker is the platform that helps to develop an understanding of the ongoing pandemic efficiently. It provides facts and figures and some of the instructions that can keep you away from the supposition of getting affected. This excerpt will provide a holistic idea of the essential benefit of the COVID-19 tracker.

COVID-19 Corona Tracker

This is one of the ways that helps us to get an idea about the effect of this pandemic outbreak worldwide. It helps us to grasp the whole situation. It includes all the relevant facts and figures. These facts and figures help us to know the severity of the situation. Different countries have started their COVID-19 tracker to keep a check on the increasing statistics and providing coronavirus covid-19 live cases. This is an efficient way to make the public realize the seriousness, as there are different countries where people are no also not taking this seriously.

COVID-19 Corona Tracker

The COVID-19 works not only daily update of the infected cases and all the relevant information. This is being updated in real-time. The real-time data makes it quite credible and helps you to keep a check on the different data related to this pandemic.

Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance

Coronavirus live tracker provides all the relevant information about the infected, cured, and death in each of the countries with the relevant details.

On a daily basis, it keeps on updating the list with the total number of affected cases, total numbers of deaths, and recovery rate. This all helps people to keep a track how badly is it affecting the people on a global level.

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World Map

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The COVID-19 live tracker helps to get a visual idea about this outbreak and the reach of this virus in different countries. This shows the affected regions in the world the bigger the circle, the higher is the magnitude of infection due to COVID-19. With this map, you can get an idea about the different concentrated zones in the world that are getting into a gradual course of infection.

The effective way to deduce the information from this world map is quite simple. you just have click on the desired country in the map and if it is equipped with the real-time data, then it shows the exact updated data. This data gets updated daily. With this, you can expect accurate and credible information. It provides an easy approach to those who are quite eager to get the information daily. This is way more efficient and precise, though there are some limitations as sometimes the update is not as per schedule.

Map of the USA

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Country Graph

[COVID19-GRAPH title=”World History Chart” confirmed_title=”Confirmed” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered”]

This graph shows the relative and the absolute infected cases due to this pandemic. This will provide the data in a chart format that can be visually interpreted. The bar graph provided below represents the growth of infected people in one of the topmost infected regions of the world i.e. the USA. 

COVID-19 Tracker Globally

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The global tracker for COVID-19 helps to get a grasp of real-time data that is being provided by all the countries. This is an accumulated analysis of the infection outbreak. This is one of the best ways that help people to get indulge in information about the world. The global tracker is way efficient and works on real-time data. 

Countries affected by Coronavirus COVID-19: Top 5 Country

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These are the top 5 countries that are rapidly affected by this pandemic outbreak due to different reasons. Some of them have taken this pandemic lightly, and some are unaware of the fact that this can be a major virus outbreak. Here we are providing an analysis of the top 5 countries that are affected by this virus:

  • The USA is the most affected country to date as it has total cases of 12, 37,761 with a death toll of 72,275. There are almost 2, 00,669 recovered also.
  • Spain is also been affected by this pandemic at a large scale with 2,50,561 cases and a death toll of 25,613. It has successfully recovered 1,54,718 people.
  • Italy has been the most prominent zone as they have neglected the preventive measures for a long time. Till now is had total cases ranging up to 2,13,013 with 29,315 people dead due to the outbreak. It has succeeded in recovering 85,231 patients.
  • The UK has also been affected by this pandemic as it has total cases 1,94,990 with a death toll of 29,427 people.
  • France is also on the list as it has total cases of 1,70,551 with a death total of 25,531. It has been succeeded in recovering 52,736 patients.


The COVID-19 tracker is one of the essential ways by which you can get a grasp of the effected numbers of people from all over the world. It helps to keep a check on the infection as it is on a rampage and causes a much-deteriorated condition in the world.

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