21 comick.fun Alternatives for 2023- Pick the Best to Stream Safely


With online streaming becoming an integral part of our lives, finding a safe and legal way to access entertainment has become more critical. Our mission at Comic. fun is to provide users with reliable sources which offer free or low-cost entertainment options that are both secure and legal. Comics.Fun offers a wide range of free paid content streaming sites to fulfill user demands. However, many of these services are not secure or unsafe to stream from. Fortunately, there are several comics. fun alternatives for 2023, which efficiently offer safe streaming options efficiently without compromising the quality of entertainment delivery. From MangaDex to Comic Book Plus & KissManga, we bring forth some interesting

21 comics. fun Alternatives that will deliver excellent content viewing experience safely in 2023:

1 . MangaDex


Destination URL: https://mangadex.org/

Launched in 2017, MangaDex is one of the most widely used alternatives to comics. fun that currently offers a vast range of manga content in 50+ languages and makes 75,000 individual releases from all over the world accessible for free on its interface. It has an excellent referral system with membership benefits ranging from online-shopping discounts to exclusive updates & promotions among its community membership base. It also offers perfect mobile compatibility so users can relish manga content while on the go.

2. MyAnimeList:


Destination URL: https://myanimelist.net/

Yet another fantastic alternative to comics. Fun is MyAnimeList which is dubbed to be ‘the largest online anime and manga database in the world,’ having an extensive collection of more than 4 million officially licensed series enabling users to watch real-time updates, reviews and other related information reasonably easily while streaming from here at no cost whatsoever!

3. MangaNelo:


Destination URL: https://manganato.com/

Next on this list is MangaNelo, another excellent platform to get manga content quickly and safely, unlike other comics. Fun alternatives, this site offers more than 500 new mangas every day for free in different genres such as Action & Adventure, Comedy & Romance, Horror and Fantasy, so users can easily find what’s trending around the world with just a few clicks!

4. MangaFreak:


Destination URL: https://w11.mangafreak.net/

This website has provided its users with high-quality manga content since early 2012 without any cost whatsoever. With over 800+ mangas to date, this is the perfect destination for those who love reading various genres of manga! It also offers captions in multiple languages, making it convenient for users from different regions & age demographics.

5. Mangakakalot:


Destination URL: https://mangakakalot.com/

As far as Manga content providers are concerned, Mangakokalot stands out among them, given its immense popularity and credibility across countries like Japan, Thailand etc., where they offer an array of features such as audio descriptions, subtitles and personalization or favorites for free.

6. Webtoons:


Destination URL: https://www.webtoons.com/

Another great comic. A fun alternative is Webtoon which has now become a hub of all sorts of comic content from around Asia & north America providing unlimited streams for its users in over 40 languages! It allows you to access both old and newest releases with no limitation whatsoever either through web browsers or mobile platforms that too on minimum bandwidth consumption, giving an optimal streaming experience every time!

7. Kissmanga:


Destination URL: https://kissmanga.com/

This unique website provides manga content from across the web in one destination! It has an interactive user interface along with systematic sorting & navigation results for quick access to your desired genre with all necessary details like synopsis, authors etc., very clearly communicated, making it easier and hassle-free to get what you need without much effort!

8. Comic Book Plus:

Comic Book Plus

Destination URL: https://comicbookplus.com/

CBP is another excellent online catalog of comics created over time, offering around 60K+ entries for free! The uniqueness of this site lies in the fact that it allows you to access multiple formats like pdf & cbz depending upon your device, making it easier to access content from wherever you want, regardless of the platform or medium being used.

9. Manga Reader:


Destination URL: http://www.mangareader.net/

Known as “the best application for the manga,” this website gets updated daily with new releases and latest version updates so users can avail all their favorite titles within a single place while also giving them personalized options such as favorites, bookmarks etc. making it a must-have for all who involve their time in online manga streaming.

10. Mangapark:


Destination URL: https://mangapark.net/

This is an excellent source of Manga indexes, comic strips, and other related Anime & Cartoon content! It contains over 20K+ titles sourced from multiple languages such as Japanese, Chinese & Korean, making it the most sought-after platform to access diverse types of entertainment under one roof without much effort or cost!

11. Kurozora:


Destination URL: https://kurozora.to/

Anime /Manga/Game Tracker: This is another incredible website offering over five thousand active memberships and 40K+ Manga content distributed across different types such as action, adult & horror for free! It also provides reviews of various hit series like Naruto to make readers more aware of what they are up to while streaming from here.

12. ComiXology:


Destination URL: https://www.comixology.com

Comics & Graphic Novels: Last but not least on this list is comixology which has become the ultimate source of top-rated comics & graphic novels from around the world available in both digital and paper formats which can be bought after signing up with its website for free!

13. MangaOwl:


Destination URL: https://mangaowl.io/

MangaOwl is an excellent alternative for comics. Fun that provides free access to over 6000+ manga titles and allows content streaming in a high-definition quality without cost! Its advanced search feature helps users to narrow down their required results further. At the same time, it also offers a ‘My Library’ section through which you can add favorites & continue from your ongoing series anytime. The Mobile-friendly interface makes it a hassle-free & smooth experience whenever streaming from here.

14. Manganelo:


Destination URL: https://ww6.manganelo.tv/

Manganelo is also a reliable source of high-quality manga content, with around two million+ series available in various languages, including French & Spanish! It offers impressive features, such as cloud sync, professional translations and a virtual library option, making it easier for its users to keep up with what they stream without interruption!

15. Comic Connect:

Comic Connect

Destination URL: https://www.comicconnect.com/

An advanced alternative for comics.fun; Comic Connect lets readers purchase their desired titles along with a unique project feature, which allows them to keep track of their favorites & store them in the virtual library for easy access later. It also provides frequent contests, promotions & giveaways, making it an excellent source for those who love comics!

16. GetComics:


Destination URL: https://getcomics.org/

A modern alternative to comics.fun; Get Comics has over 10K+ titles and makes downloading manga content from websites like iTunes and Google Play significantly easier through its advanced features, such as a file search engine and no ads subscription, so users can enjoy uninterrupted streaming anywhere!

17. Digital Comic Museum:

Digital Comic Museum

Destination URL: https://digitalcomicmuseum.com/

For those who are looking for comics. Fun alternatives with richer content; Digital Comic Museum helps them access legendary titles such as Asterix, Judge Dredd & Tintin, among other traditional comics, for free without hassle! It also supports multiple platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux and helps users download their required files faster than ever!

18. Newsarama:


Destination URL: https://www.gamesradar.com/newsarama/

This is a well-known website based on American comic books. It features exclusive content, interviews with prominent writers & artists, reliable reviews, and other related information enabling its users to stay informed about up-to-date comic book news.

19. DriveThru Comics:

DriveThru Comics

Destination URL: https://www.drivethrucomics.com/

An excellent source for manga readers since 2003, DriveThru Comics has provided exceptional virtual shopping experiences through a digital comics library! It contains various tag categories based on developers & graphic novel titles, enabling browsing your desired content without cost!
Graphite Comics: Founded in 2016, Graphite Comics is another excellent website that provides access to over 250+ titles & series worldwide and offers additional features such as multi-language support, cross-platform compatibility & personalized library management feature.

20. Daily Kos – Comics:

Daily Kos – Comics

Destination URL: https://www.dailykos.com/blog/Comics

Known for its wide range of comics on economy, politics & culture, among others, Daily Kos mainly focuses on providing exciting new content every day through its dedicated portal available in multiple languages!

21. Comic Crusaders:

Comic Crusaders

Destination URL: https://www.comiccrusaders.com/

Last but not least, Comic Crusader lets its users get unlimited access to titles from different countries, including comics, mangas & cartoons and keeps them updated with reviews & news regarding upcoming releases for free! Apart from that, it also allows members to be eligible to participate in various contests.

Tips to Choose Safe comic.fun Alternatives:

The critical point while choosing a suitable alternative to stream content safely is that you must go through some online reviews or comments posted by different users who have already tried out these services before making any final decision to identify various loopholes or risks associated with them beforehand. Secondly, it’s always better to opt for websites with interactive features such as captions & audio descriptions along with flexible payment methods so that you can avail of all necessary services as per requirement without any hassles!

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming:

Due to the increased number of regional piracy restrictions and other concerns regarding copyright protection, using a top-quality Virtual Private Network (VPN) should be your prior priority since it helps in mask your IP address and thus provides you with a secure encrypted connection from whatever location you are streaming to keep your identity hidden allowing for better privacy & security.

NordVPN Pros and Cons:

Nord VPN is one of the most popular services for safe streaming, as its high-grade encryption technologies, 6000+ servers across 59 countries, and dedicated zones for different service types (e.g., Netflix) make it easier & safer than ever! Also, its “Double Data Protection” encrypts & stores user data twice while being transferred through servers, ensuring maximum security at all times!

The only downside is that its subscription plan costs a bit more than similar VPNs available.


We hope this article provided a comprehensive view of 21 Comick.fun alternatives that offer the utmost safety & security while streaming content without unwanted interference from outside sources. Do use these tips to choose the best option as per your requirement without any risk, and also make sure to keep yourself protected with a high-grade VPN for added security. Happy Streaming!

comic.fun FAQs:

  • Is comic. Is fun Site Legal? – ComiXology is one of the most popular and recognized manga streaming sites on the Internet today, but it’s not entirely legal and requires users to purchase a subscription.
  • How Safe is Comic? Fun Site? – ComiXology is considered an incredibly safe site, as it uses advanced encryption technology to protect user data from hackers or cyber intruders.
  • Which are the top comic? Fun Alternatives? -The most popular alternatives to Comixology include MangaDex, MyAnimeList, MangaNelo ,MangaFreak , Mang akakalot, Webtoons , Kissmanga, Comic Book Plus,Manga Reader , Mangapark & Kurozora.
  • What happened to the comic? Fun? – Amazon acquired ComiXology in 2014 and has since stopped its free membership options.
  • What happens if I get caught while watching Comic?  Fun and its alternatives?- It ultimately depends upon the country you live. Still, generally speaking, there are laws criminalizing copyright infringement which can be punishable by fines or even jail time, depending upon the severity of the violation.
  • Is comic.fun Down? – Not all the time, and if it’s down for you, you may need to check your internet connection.
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