20 Cartoon Crazy Alternatives for 2023: Unveiling Safe, Free and Quality Streaming Options

Cartoon Crazy is an online streaming website specializing in providing viewers with animated TV shows worldwide. It has managed to stay ahead of its competitors due to its extensive library of titles, options for customization, decent loading times, and more.

Cartoons have been a significant part of many people’s childhood. Thanks to technological advances that have enabled streaming services to emerge, users are given access to various cartoon shows worldwide.

Cartoon Crazy is one such website that allows its user base to stream cartoon content with fast loading speeds on desktop or mobile devices.

Tips To Choose Safe Cartoon Crazy Alternatives

The first step for any user should be to ascertain and understand what copyright laws may apply in their area or state before accessing streaming services such as cartoon crazy. As some of the famous sites might offer copyrighted shows, users need to ensure streaming safety and legality by below steps:

  • Always Use a High-Speed VPN connection when streaming cartoons from Cartoon Crazy.
  • Research the safety norms of every alternate website thoroughly before subscribing.
  • Look for websites that offer original cartoons and not copyrighted ones.
  • Read reviews of other users about a particular streaming service before subscribing to it.

Now that you have understood the basics of safe online streaming let us take a look at some critical Cartoon Crazy alternatives that can help you stream your favorite episodes with ease:

Best YouTube Alternatives For 2023


YouTube is one of the most popular streaming services due to its excellent loading speed, massive collection of cartoon titles, option for personalization, and compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.

However, there are specific programs that may not be available on YouTube. It doesn’t have a licensing agreement either.

Best Watchcartoononline Alternatives


Watchcartoononline offers users various shows with no annoying ads and captions. Although it provides a massive library with plenty of worldwide cartoons, Watchcartoononline is known for its heavy loading times.

Best Kimcartoon Alternatives


KimCartoon allows users to stream cartoons for free on both desktop and mobile devices. It has excellent buffering speeds, which ensure you experience smooth flow every time you use it, but there’s a lack of captions, subtitles and audio descriptions.

Best Supercartoons Alternatives


SuperCartoons is another streaming website that offers cartoon and anime content for free. It has decent loading times but lacks basic features like personalization. There’s no licensing agreement too.

Best Cartoonson Alternative


CartoonSon is an outstanding streaming service with a great library of classic and latest cartoon titles. It also provides a preview option for users to check whether the show is good. Unfortunately, it only works on desktop platforms.

Best Cartoon Crazy Alternatives

Cartoon Crazy

CartoonCrazy has been one of the leading animated streaming services in recent years because of its excellent library and buffering speed. Still, unfortunately, there’s no mobile compatibility, as well as captions, subtitles or audio descriptions.

Best Wcostream Alternatives


WCStream is a reliable streaming service with an extensive library of animated shows. It provides phone compatibility, subtitles and captions for better comprehension, which makes it an excellent option for viewers who are not native speakers of the language.

Best Gogoanime Alternatives

GogoAnime has become one of the most beloved animated streaming services, providing excellent loading times, captions and subtitles. Unfortunately, phone compatibility is still missing.

Best Toonjet Alternatives


ToonJet offers a great selection of cartoons for free with no annoying ads. It will give you the best viewing experience but lacks personalization options.

Best Cartoon Network HQ Alternatives

Cartoon Network HQ

Cartoon Network HQ is a streaming service that provides viewers with cartoon entertainment, classic shows and unique content. It also has an app on Android and iOS, but the site’s loading times may not be as fast.

Best Boomerang Alternatives


Boomerang is famous for providing retro classics for all ages. Viewers can easily switch between different platforms related to cartoons, like Kids’ TV shows, Movies and series. Still, since the content is available with a strict license agreement, it’s unsuitable for mobile devices.

Best Disneynow Alternatives


DisneyNow allows viewers to discover and watch complete TV series of all their favorite characters, like Mickey Mouse and his friends. It provides phone compatibility but lacks subtitles or captions.

Best Nickelodeon Alternatives


Nickelodeon has become a must-watch streaming site for kids around the world. It offers excellent loading speed, phone compatibility and inclusion of all significant animated shows, but there’s no license agreement to stream content.

Best AnimeLand Alternatives


AnimeLand is home to some great anime titles, movies, and TV series with exceptional loading speeds, which can give viewers an uninterrupted watching experience. The only downside of this service is that it is not available across all territories.

Best AnimeHeaven Alternatives


AnimeHeaven offers six different categories to fit its users’ preferences. It also has no licensing agreement and is free for everyone, but this streaming service provides captions or subtitles.

Best GoGoAnime Alternative


GoGo anime allows fans from worldwide to access and stream their favorite anime titles with surprising loading times. It includes phone compatibility, captions and subtitles, but there’s no license agreement to stream content.

Best WatchDub Alternatives


Watch Dub is one of the most popular streaming services due to its huge collection of cartoon shows, which can be easily accessed on desktop or mobile devices. Unfortunately, there are no captions or subtitles provided by WatchDub.

Best JustDubs Alternatives


Justdubs is an excellent source for watching cartoons on the web. It provides an extensive library of content, excellent streaming speed, and captions or subtitles, but unfortunately, there’s no phone compatibility.

Protect Yourself With VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

When streaming cartoon shows from sites like cartoon crazy, you must protect yourself from online threats like hackers, viruses, or malicious sites by using a VPN service.

This can effectively keep your identity and personal information hidden from prying eyes as it creates an encrypted connection between the user and the server.

NordVPN Pros and Cons


  • Military-grade encryption ensures secure, hassle-free streaming.
  • NordVPN is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.
  • The service offers more than 5,000 servers in 59 different countries.


  • Occasional drops in the connection may be observed during peak hours.


Cartoon Crazy was a popular animated streaming service that provided its users with a vast library of shows, but since it’s close down, users have to rely on alternative services. Some sites may not be legal, so using a safe VPN connection is highly recommended while streaming your favorite cartoons online.

This article provides you with a detailed list of alternatives offering safe and quality streaming services without licensing agreements. We hope it will be easy for viewers to select the best Cartoon Crazy alternative.

Cartoon Crazy FAQs:

Cartoon sites such as Crazy Streaming are not illegal. However, some media files you can download from the service may be copyrighted.

How Safe is cartoon crazy Site?

Like other streaming services, protecting your identity and data is essential when using cartoon crazy. Make sure to use a VPN for safe streaming.</p/>

Which are the top Cartoon Crazy Alternatives?

The best alternatives include YouTube, WatchCartoonOnline .bz, Kimcartoon, Supercartoons, Cartoonson, Wcostream, gogoanime, Toonjet, Cartoon Network HQ, Boomerang Disney Now, Nickelodeon and AnimeLand.

What happened to Cartoon Crazy?

After facing copyright infringement claims from animation studios, cartoon crazy has shut down its services. Users now have to rely on other alternatives for cartoon streaming.

What happens if I get caught while watching Cartoon Crazy and its Alternatives?

If caught streaming copyrighted content, your ISP may block the website or decrease your internet speed. Therefore, it is recommended that users protect themselves by using a VPN.

Is Cartoon Crazy Down?

Although cartoon crazy has shut down its services, some working sites are hosted elsewhere with similar features.

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