Can Tech Help You to Travel without Traveling?

A healthy lifestyle isn’t complete without travel. Sure, you might not be Sir Edmond Hilary, the climber who was the first man to scale Mount Everest along with Tenzing Norgay, but you’re not a hermit either. For instance, the odds are high that you love to go on vacations, whether in North America or around the world as the thrill of exploring different cultures and relaxing in stunning surroundings never waivers.

Unfortunately, it’s not as if you can pack your bags and disappear. Firstly, there is the money situation to figure out – the average holiday costs around $3,500 for a family of four. Secondly, in 2018, CNBC reported that Americans were given only ten days of paid vacation leave, compared to over 20 in Europe. The reality is, travel opportunities are fewer and farther between than most people realize. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t fly away to a bar in far Bombay. Thankfully, technology is so advanced, people can now experience what the world has to offer without leaving their homes. Here’s how.

Gaming Software

The first port of call isn’t the Pacific coast of Mexico or the Great Barrier Reef – it’s the online casino equipment. The interactive entertainment industry has come a long way since the first Nintendo and Atari, to the point where the sector is almost unrecognizable due to how much diversification occurred within the entertainment industry. Just to put it into, perspective, it is estimated the market was worth $148.8 billion in 2019. Gaming’s eye-watering growth isn’t down to luck, though. Instead, it’s due to the industry’s ability to spot assets and invest in them, such as the latest software and hardware.

A prime example is the release of Everest VR, a title that attempts to show you the majesty of the tallest mountain in the world without the training by encouraging people to throw on the headset and make the hour-long slog to the top. Alternatively, a virtual reality headset allows you to swim with whales and dolphins as if you were snorkeling in the Philippines. But Oculus and Vive aren’t the only providers to offer a lifelike experience that you would find in another country since online casinos are also provide authentic programs that enhance the playing experience.

A live stream is all it takes to transport people onto a Las Vegas casino floor as the video link gives viewers access to smartly-dressed croupiers and palatial surroundings. PBS showcases the demand by highlighting how 38% of all U.S. residents had visited Vegas in 1996, with the figure estimated to be larger now. Of course, America isn’t the only nation with gambling ties, which means you can sample more than a staycation by picking your game selections with more care. Andar Bahar, for example, is India’s favorite card game that is played by millions of people, and you can now play it via Betway’s live casino function because it’s available on the platform to players who want to experience Andar Bahar live through real dealers, giving you the feeling of being at an Indian casino, but with the convenience of remaining at home. 

Movie Magic

Have you ever watched a film or read a book and been transported from your living into another dimension? Lots of people have experienced the phenomenon as certain media platforms are excellent at leveraging “narrative transportation, a sensation that encourages audiences to become intertwined with the plot, even after the story is over.

The experience is so powerful that researchers have found evidence to show that people who have greater levels of transportation are impacted more by the content of the story. Other studies go further by highlighting a link between movies and their ability to inspire audiences to aspire towards positive qualities. So, when you hear the term “movie magic,” you should consider taking it quite literally since watching travel movies, TV shows or documentaries will deliver the feelings you are craving for while you can’t travel.

The same also applies to books, especially with a rise in people who now use mobile devices to read. According to stats roughly 20% of Americans consume e-books and audiobooks.

Research & Development

Depending on your circumstances, you’ll have a method that encourages you to feel at one with the world. The rich and famous turn to philanthropy, seeking to give back to society by offloading their fortunes. Less privileged people can’t afford this tactic, which is why it’s tempting to invest in your family, or you if the opportunity presents itself

As a traveler, you can invest in the research and development of your next trip. You won’t be alone as PR Newswire believes a massive 70% of Americans and Canadians plan to take a trip in 2021, with 99% of people ready to travel again at some point. Not only is R&D essential to ensure you don’t lose out due to demand, but it will bring you closer to your target by invoking memories of previous adventures and excitement for what you plan to do when you travel overseas. Of course, putting plans together has never been simpler now that the internet exists. Whether you browse flights and accommodation on your phone, tablet, laptop, or other gadgets, there’s no excuse to let a golden moment slip through your fingers.

Technology is effective at bringing you closer to travel without taking a step outside of your house. Still, nothing beats the emotion of deboarding a plane and waiting for the warm air to hit your face, which is why it’s essential to arrange your next trip sooner rather than later.

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