21 Brighteon Alternatives for 2023- Here’s What You Need To Know

Introduction to brighteon and its Alternatives.


Brighteon is a central streaming platform that offers many services like news, radio, music, etc. However, due to privacy concerns and copyright issues in some countries, finding an alternative is always a good idea when using the internet. This article will introduce you to the 21 best Brighteon alternatives for 2023.

The criteria for choosing these alternatives include but are not limited to mobile compatibility, loading speed, captions and subtitles, audio descriptions, personalization options (ability to customize), free or paid versions of streaming services, plus account creation process. We have carefully researched each alternative so you can decide which is best for your needs.

Tips to Choose Safe brighteon Alternatives

When streaming content online, you want to ensure that the service providers are legitimate and do not break any laws or regulations of your local country. It is essential to thoroughly research any provider before signing up for an account. Consider factors such as how reputable they are, what type of security measures they have in place if their services require payment or a subscription fee, etc. Additionally, when using brighteon alternatives, stay safe by investing in a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN will protect your personal information, such as passwords, IP address, location and browsing history, from exposure. It is also essential to ensure that the services you choose have a licensing agreement to stream content; otherwise, your account may be shut down when using illegal streaming sites.

Best Alternatives for Brighteon

Here is a list of 21 popular alternatives for brighteon in 2023:

1) YouTube


YouTube is an American video-sharing platform where users can watch, like, share and comment on videos uploaded by individuals or media companies. It is also one of the most popular streaming services, with millions of visitors accessing it daily. The website has a great selection of content, including news channels, instructional videos and more; however, ads may be displayed frequently during your viewing experience

2) Vimeo


Vimeo is a streaming service similar to YouTube but without advertisements. It allows you to upload, watch and share High Definition (HD) videos. This streaming service offers users limited tools to customize their uploaded content, such as adding captions or subtitles.

3) Dailymotion


This platform was founded in Paris, France. It is one of the most popular streaming services available online today, with over 4 billion video views per month; however, they do have ads while watching content on the website. They also provide webm file format support and faster loading speeds than other streaming sites.

4) Rumble


Rumble is a privately owned streaming site based in Canada, similar to YouTube and Vimeo, but focusing on providing content that authenticates online conversations and debates. This service has built-in copyright protection, so you won’t have to worry about your uploaded content being reported or taken down; however, ads may be displayed during viewing times.

5) BitChute


BitChute is a free video hosting website that focuses on user-submitted content and has a wide range of categories available for streams. They also allow you to upload files from other sources like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

6) Odysee


This website was founded in 2020 and is similar to BitChute with its free video hosting service. Instead, it focuses on supporting technology called Cinematic Blockchain, which can authenticate copyright infringement claims and be used for payments and monetization options.

7) Gab TV

Gab TV

This streaming service is owned by the company Gab; it mainly focuses on news, politics and entertainment-related content, with some channels dedicated to religious topics.

8) BrandNewTube


This website was founded in 2018 and has seen rapid growth since its launch due to its focus on original user-submitted content without any restrictions or monitoring from corporate entities. They have a website and an app available for download so you can access their services more conveniently while out and about. 9) LiveLeak: This website provides real-life footage and news-related content with various genres. However, ads may be displayed frequently during watching times, and some content can also become explicit, so if you’re not comfortable with that, this platform might not suit you.

10) PeerTube


With its open-source software, this streaming site offers abundant user-submitted media, allowing people to host independent media websites without relying on corporate companies for monetization.

11) Brighteon. tv


While this Site may not be an alternative, it is still worth mentioning as a streaming platform because it was formerly known as Real. Video, and they offer news-related content with no censorship in place so that you can get uncensored sources of information.

12) NaturalNewsTV


This streaming service provides educational programming with topics related to health and nutrition plus environmental issues; some ads are presented during watching times but are minimal.

13) Banned. video


This website has gained popularity due to its focus on censored content being provided without any restrictions or censorship of shared information; they offer free access but also require a monthly membership fee for extra benefits such as downloading videos and no ads when streaming.

14) The Liberty Daily TV

The Liberty Daily

This platform focuses primarily on politics with current news about international affairs, the US economy and other related issues. They also have free and paid versions of their services, allowing people to access premium content such as live streams, video downloads, etc.

15) The Epoch Times TV:

The Epoch Times TV

This streaming site provides news from countries across the globe along with entertainment videos related to culture; this website also offers its users both a free and paid membership option for extra benefits during viewing times.

16) Rokfin


This on-demand service requires its viewers to pay for exclusive content with no ads and monthly access to all their videos.

17) Trovo Live

Trovo Live

This website offers gamers a place to record and share gaming moments which include strategies and gameplay tricks for various genres like FPS (first-person shooter), RPG and more; this is different from the other platforms mentioned in our list because you can get paid directly from viewers depending on your subscription model chosen.

18) UGETube


USGTube is similar to YouTube but without any censorship. It offers its users a free and premium subscription option, allowing you to download videos, no ads while streaming, etc.

19) LBRY.tv


This website provides its viewers access to their digital content library, including audio, video and images; they offer their services for free but require a fee if you decide to download files from their platform.

20) MindsTV


This service provides news about politics, business and more plus entertainment such as music videos, sports and gaming; however, you need to sign-up for a premium account to access their exclusive content.

21) Free Speech TV

Free Speech TV

This service focuses on progressive politics with topics related to civil liberties, economic justice and pluralism; they offer both free streaming options plus an array of paid services that provide extra benefits like personalization features while viewing your favorite genre content.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is necessary for safe content streaming using Brighteon alternatives. A VPN will protect all your browsing activities, such as passwords, IP address and location, from any third parties who may be snooping on you during video streaming.

NordVPN Pros and Cons


NordVPN is one popular software type that provides excellent security measures when browsing the internet. Its pros include anonymous web surfing, no data or bandwidth limits and access to over 5000 servers in 60 countries worldwide. Additionally, this VPN service supports Mac OSX, Windows, iOS and Android devices; however, r some conmaybebe its high cost compared to similar solutions and slow connection speeds when connecting to remote locations.

brighteon FAQs

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about brighteon and its alternatives:

Brighteon is a legitimate streaming service; however, some of the content available on their platform may be copyrighted in certain countries or regions, so they recommend that their viewers research any applicable laws before deciding to watch videos on it. Additionally, it would be best to constantly stay safe while browsing using a VPN like NordVPN when accessing Brighteon alternatives.

How Safe is brighteon Site?

Brighteon is generally a safe streaming service; however, as with anything online, risks are always involved when sharing personal information or viewing content. To ensure the highest level of security and safety, you should use a VPN whenever accessing Brighteon alternatives to protect your identity from being exposed.

Which are the top brighteon Alternatives?

The 21 best Brighteon alternatives discussed in this article include YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Rumble, BitChute, Odysee, Gab TV, BrandNewTube, LiveLea.k
PeerTube, Brighteon.tv, NaturalNewsTV, Banned.video The Liberty Daily TVThe Epoch Times TVRokfinTrovo LiveUGETubeLBRYMinds Free Speech

What happened to brighteon?

Brighteon was formerly known as Real Video and offered a variety of content,t including news, radio, music and more. However, as with many streaming services, they have been subject to legal issues in some countries due to copyright infringement, so it is advised to do research before pouring on any brighteon alternatives.

What happens if I get caught while watching brighteon and its alternatives?

You may face serious legal consequences if you are found using Brighteon or any of its alternatives for illegal activities,s such as downloading copyrighted material without permission. To stay safe, using a VPN such as NordVPN and researching local laws before streaming on brighteon or its alternatives is recommended.

Is brighteon Down?

Brighteon is not down; however, if their service becomes unavailable, you can try accessing one of the 21 best Brighteon Alternatives discussed in this article instead.


Brighteon is an excellent streaming service that provides users with a variety of content; however, due to copyright infringement or privacy concerns in some countries, it may not always be feasible for everyone to navigate the website. This article has discussed 21 of the best Brighteon alternatives available in 2023 and tips on choosing safe and secure streaming services. Please ensure you research local laws before accessing brighteon or its options s stay protected while watching by investing in a Virtual Private Network ( VPN) like NordVPN.

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