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As the whole world was busy celebrating the new year eve, little did they know what the year 2020 had in store for them? Blind to the knowledge of the impending doom, there were merrymaking and celebration throughout the globe. However, the year brought with it a pandemic. Coronavirus, a virus that causes breathing problems ranging from mild to severe to fatal, was the reason behind the pandemic. The symptoms of the disease overlap with the ones of flu or common cold and hence makes it difficult to distinguish between. Another thing about the disease is that it has a very high incubation period, the symptoms do not appear immediately after the person is affected. An affected person may be unaware of the fact that he or she is affected and in a way spread the disease further. The mortality rate is however low for the disease. 

Some of the affected persons may not even notice that they are at all affected, they simply remain as the carrier of the disease, while for some the disease proves to be fatal. 

The arbitrariness of the disease scares all. The only possible way to prevent the spread among further people is to distance oneself as much as possible from others. We can only, however, take precautions. The disease reached Latin America comparatively later than other continents. Brazil hence had time to learn from others’ mistakes. However, it is only the human tendency to take last-minute precautions. 

Brazil COVID-19 tracker: 

Brazil was hit by the pandemic comparatively later. Its first recorded case was in about February 2020. However, from then, the number of confirmed cases has been only increasing. The government too is at a loss of what further instructions to give. In the meantime, Brazil has started its own Brazil coronavirus, live trackerBrazil COVID-19 live tracker records and shows the number of confirmed cases, deaths, recoveries as well as Brazil coronavirus COVID-19 live cases. This helps to keep the people informed about the current situation. 

[COVID19-TICKER country=”Brazil” ticker_title=”Brazil” style=”vertical” confirmed_title=”Confirmed” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered”]

The tracker is being used in many other countries too. The best thing about the tracker is that it keeps updating the information. That way, the common people world know the exact numbers of cases, get a grasp of the actual scenario instead of basing one’s knowledge over social media news. Even though not all news doing the rounds in social media is false, many of their sources remain unknown and many of such news are shared without prior investigation about the truthfulness of the issue. Hence, in situations such as now, providing the public with the truth is the duty of every government. This tracker helps in the same. 

[COVID19-LINE country=”Brazil” confirmed_title=”confirmed” deaths_title=”deaths” recovered_title=”recovered”]

Confirmed cases and deaths in Brazil:

[COVID19-SLIP country=”Brazil” covid_title=”Coronavirus” confirmed_title=”Confirmed” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered” active_title=”Active” today_title=”24h” world_title=”World”]

It is indeed minded crackling as to how a primitive organism such as a virus could cause such levels of disarray in the human world, apparently the most evolved organisms of all. Brazilians were no exception to this. The first case was found around t5he end of February, and since then the numbers have been on the rise. 

Here are the statistics of the country as known latest. There are about 146K+ confirmed cases, around 55K+ recoveries, and about 9K+ deaths. The only way to stop the further spread in the masses is to maintain social distancing following the rules issued by the government in the public interest. 

Brazil Map:

[COVID19 color=”red” confirmed_title=”Cases” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered”]

The Brazil Map consists of all the confirmed cases and recoveries and deaths for different states in the entire country. It has a state-wise statistics to keep the people aware of the actual scenario. In such situations of crisis, it is only natural that the masses anchor their hopes upon any and every other news they receive in the market. To curb panic that arises from such false news, the government must take it in its hands to keep the public aware of the actual scenarios.   

Brazil Bar Graph:

[COVID19-GRAPH country=”Brazil” title=”Brazil” confirmed_title=”Confirmed” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered”]

This gives a comparative study of the statistics of the states in Brazil. It gives the common people a track of where exactly they stand in the pandemic. Panicking on such situations only just on part of the people who do not know much about the real statistics. If the people are made aware of where exactly they stand, they would then set a logical understanding of the situation. Also, if they know how grave their situation is you could even take proper preventive measures as well. This system hence helps the public to a great extent. 

States affected by COVID-19: top 5 affected states: 

[COVID19-ROLL title_widget=”Worldwide” total_title=”Total” country_title=”Country” confirmed_title=”Cases” deaths_title=”Deaths” recovered_title=”Recovered”]

There are many reasons for the spread of the disease throughout the world. While hearing some grave news, we never think that we could be in the situation too. We hence take no precautions whatsoever to deal with the situation, were the situation to ever occur. The first and foremost reason is that some countries were hit severely and the earliest and thus had not much time to take enough precautions. Others, on the other hand, were a bit too reckless in their behaviour and did not take the graveness of the matter as seriously. Brazil falls under one such case:

  1. State of São Paulo has 41K+ confirmed cases and about 3K+ deaths. 
  2. The State of Rio de Janeiro has up till now experienced 15K+ confirmed cases and more than a thousand deaths. 
  3. State of Ceará has 14K+ confirmed COVID-19 cases out of which there have been about 966 deaths. 
  4. The state of Pernambuco has 11K+ confirmed cases and about 927 deaths. 
  5. The State of Amazons has as of yet seen 10K+ confirmed cases and more than 800 deaths. 

Following instructions issued in the public interest is the most that we can do as of now. Panicking in the situation has led people nowhere till now and will not do so in the future either. However, we must be well aware of the graveness of the situation and maintain instructions as far as possible. 

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