Brawl Stars Tier List V13.0 By KAIROSTIME [September 2022] Updated

Have you thought of what the children in the ancient times did for their entertainment? What should have been their sports? Where would they play? And, what would they play? Sports has always been an integral part of our civilization. Sports has not only shaped the human understanding of themselves as a society but has also helped in individual progress and growth. We have had many sports. 

They have been categorized broadly under two categories – indoor games and outdoor games. Indoor games would include Ludo, Carrom, Chess, etc. Outdoor games would include Football, Hockey, Kho Kho, Cricket, etc. But, we have encountered the growth of a new category of games called digital games or video games. It can be played on personal computers or mobile phones. There are many different varieties of games available. From racing games to shooting games and also from spy to hunting games.

Brawl Stars Tier List V13.0 By KAIROSTIME [September 2022] Updated

Brawl Stars Tier List

What are video games?

Video games have nowadays become the source of making money as well. And most of the favourite games are available to be played online. Earlier online games were not in vogue. People sitting in different places even different countries play together in the same game. The video games are very engaging and interesting. The different genres in the video gameplay can keep the players indulged in the gaming process. Earlier, the trend of video games has been started by the youth players who were enjoying every part and sequel of video games so interestingly that the market has gone up now.

They can look into each other’s powers and skills and anticipate the proceedings to make the game more interesting. We can also found several kinds of lists of the ranks of the players available online on various websites, for instance, we can find out written brawls stars tier lists or pubg’s top ten rank team lists, and so forth. Globally, video games are over-rated. Nowadays it has taken the form of mobile games such as Pubg, mini militia, call of duty and many more.

What is the Brawl Stars game?

There is a game Brawl Stars which is about killing the opponents and winning in a various set of ways whichever you prefer to play within the category of the games available. Like, every other game is also based on winning the fighting and defeating others by hook air by crook. The brawl stars list of the players is revealed to the players. The players after knowing the weaknesses and strengths of the rivals and the opponents try to tackle them with their tricks and methods of warfare. This game is very interesting as it also allows the players to select the category fro the lists for their convenience and thus allows greater depth into the art of warfare and planning skills.  

Playing games is not just about time pass nowadays rather it has become a great source of earning the pocket money. We can ha e several players in one game and they might be from different spheres of life as well as from different stages of life. The brawl stars tier lists are more or less equal to the lists of the cricket team”stop playing eleven cricketers.

We are always in a hurry to know the records of other fellow performers in order to evaluate ourselves. Such facilities are provided by certain elegant websites whose function is to provide us with the Brawl Stars Tier Lists For Competitive Meta. This list is available for all the genres or categories of the games available. Following are the few symbols that can be used to denote the grades of the players :

  • “S” is used for excellent.
  • “A” is used for great.
  • “B” is used for good.

Two important things to note are:

  1. Brawlers are never revealed.
  2. Brawl Stars tier list is only designed for the competitive meta.

The following are the lists of the tiers:

  • ‘S’ tier –  Carl, Bibi, Bruke, Gene, Penny, Parley, Bu
  • ‘A’ tier – Pamm, Daryl, Crow, Spike, Colt, Nita, Peeper.
  • ‘B’ tier – Bull, Primo, Shelly, Tara, Jessy, Frank, Mortis.

There has been a constant fight among g the Ayers and each one has always tried to overthrow the dominion of the others. And the cut-throat competition is a crucial part of our life as well as the main propaganda of this kind of games. But the most interesting thing about the game is it’s tier lists.

There are various ways of saying this game and therefore we have various tiers lists based on the module of the game selected.  Many categories of games are designed and they have their own particular tiers lists. 

Following is the table which has been given here due to its importance in the game: 

The Gem Grab tier lists

The Gem Grab tier lists

The Showdown tier lists are as follows:

Showdown Tier List

The Duo Showdown tier list:

Duo Showdown Tier List

The Bounty tier list:

Bounty Tier List

The Heist tier list:

Heist Tier List

Brawl Ball tier lists:

Brawl Ball Tier List

The Seize tier list:

Siege Tier List

The tier lists Infographics V13.0

brawl stars tier list v13

Brawl Stars Tier List V13.0  by Kairos Time (Detailed Explanation)

Every time, the lists keep changing. We have come up with a great list and we are to look at who all have moved forward from their previous positions and who have to hone further down and who remains stable through all categories. Following are the summarised sections of what happened in every genre of the play:

Gem grabber is a game in which we have to collect gems and the one who collects the more wins the game. 


Bibi– Bibi is jumping from B tier to the S tier that is she has jumped a very long length. Now the threat is lively at Nerfs including Carl, Gene and Rosa. Bibi is going to win this game in the next season.

Bo- Bo has jumped from B tier go S tier. Now he can play more powerfully with the powerful ranged gem carriers at Gene’s end. Bo is perfectly fit into this position due to his recent bluff with supercharged and heck damage.

Penny – Penny moving up to S tier from the A tier. She also benefits from Gene”s nerf lime Bo did. Bo also benefits from her. Penny has incredible star power with her.

Rosa – she has moved down to A tier from S tier. She has not been able to recycle her superpowers naso she felt down on to that level.

Carl – he also has been moving downwards from S tier to the A tier. He lost his place by just a small number. His shots went in vain that is the reason for his being less competitive.

Tara – She is on the borderline of A tier and S tier. She very nicely and effortlessly tackled Rosa and thus secured her position. Now Rosa is a lesser rival than she used yo be earlier.

The overall tier list

Carl is the overall champion in all the formats. He that knows the rules of the game very well will always win whatever the formats whichever the circumstances. The best thing about being at the top is not the pleasure of obtaining that place but the force required to maintain the position.  Version 13 has found out that the champion is Carl. He used to be at the S tier golden but now he has improved his position and always remains in the S tier or the A tier. Bibi quarrelled hard and now he finds himself on the top of the world. From tier A he has moved to tier S. He has played brilliantly in probably all the formats and has mad ethe rest of the players restless.

Penny also moved from very below to the highest – from B tier to the tier S. He moved up with lightning speed.  He has played outstandingly in every format. Bull has been moving down always. This time from the A tier to the B tier.  He has misused his superpowers. We also have with us the two bottom liners Tara and Jessy. They both have failed to achieve a higher tier. But they have played brilliantly and will surely move ahead in the next season.

The Conclusion

Having found the role played by each player in the game we have arrived at the point that the one with the most judicious ability to decide the attack has moved forward with great pace in this season. This is an interesting game where every player gets an equal opportunity to display their skills. Everyone is a winner but the one with the higher tier unto his name is the Carl. He was marvellous this time.

The best thing about looking at the tier table list is that we come to record the progress of the players as they move beyond their ability and bypasses the expected line of control. So it is better to have a record of the development scale and that is made possible through this tier lists. Keep playing.

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