14 Boxing Streams Alternatives for 2023: Your Comprehensive Guide to Safe Streaming

Boxing Streams are one of the most popular ways to watch live boxing matches.

However, due to copyright issues and legal implications, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable alternatives that don’t present privacy risks or require payment on behalf of users.

This article provides an extensive list of 14 boxing stream alternatives for 2023 that offer safe and reliable online streaming experiences.

These include options like Crackstreams, StreamEast, Buffstreams and more.

We also outline tips to choose a safe alternative and discuss why protecting yourself with a VPN is essential when watching Boxing Streams or their alternatives to stay secure while streaming.

Boxing Streams

Tips to Choose Safe Boxing Stream Alternatives

Some essential criteria to consider for a safe and reliable boxing stream alternative exist.

  • Firstly, check that the website is compatible with various mobile devices so you can watch your chosen match at any time on the go.
  • Secondly, pay attention to loading speeds, as streaming services with slow loading times will lead to frustration and interruptions in viewing quality.
  • Thirdly, ensure the platform provides captions, subtitles, or audio descriptions if required.
  • Fourth, look at personalization options like creating profiles with account features to store your preferred content or watch lists.
  • Fifthly, when necessary, you will want to read up on the payment system and subscription fees.
  • Finally, it is essential to consider whether a streaming service has licensing agreements with respected sports organizations to stream its content legally.



Destination URL: crackstreams.biz
As one of the most reliable streaming services for boxing, Crackstreams provides comprehensive coverage of fights, with smooth streaming and unbeatable HD quality.

It provides access to all major boxing matches, including UFC, PFL and ESPN+, plus you can watch on multiple devices in different locations simultaneously.

Additionally, it is free to use with no subscription fee or account sign-up required.



Destination URL: https://streameast.live
StreamEast offers high-quality live sports streaming across platforms like iOS, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

It could be an excellent choice for those that want to watch boxing matches on their smart devices or wirelessly transmit them directly in HD through smartphones, tablets and PCs.

There is also cross-platform support so you can watch the exact match simultaneously across different devices.



Destination URL: buffstreams.tv
Also providing coverage of significant fight events such as UFC and ESPN+, Buffstreams has one of the most extensive collections in variety.

It supports multiple devices and provides free access to live streams plus replays. Plus, subscription options for extra streaming capabilities or higher-resolution video quality are available.



Destination URL: stream2watch.is
One of the top boxing stream alternatives is Stream2Watch which offers blazing-fast buffering speeds and a diverse selection of international broadcasts without pop-up ads.

You can watch HD-quality matches simultaneously on four devices and access content from channels like ESPNU and BT Sport 1 with just one account.



Destination URL: freeintertv.com
An excellent option for boxing fans is FreeInterTV which offers no subscription fees and a wide selection of channels fully available in HD resolution or higher without rules or restrictions on bandwidth.

You can also access the app on iOS and Android, meaning you can take your favorite boxing fights wherever you go.

Live TV

Live TV

Destination URL: livetv.sx/enx
Another of the top alternatives for streaming boxing matches is Live TV which has a great selection of live sports coverage, including significant fight events such as UFC and ESPN+.

It offers fast buffering speeds to ensure smooth streaming, continuous viewing quality, and access to replays and highlights.

VIPRow Sports

VIPRow Sports-boxing

Destination URL: viprow.me
VIPRow Sports is an excellent platform for watching boxing fights with no sign-up cost or subscription required. It offers high-quality feeds from major networks such as BT Sport 1, FOX and ESPN+, so you can always stay updated with all the most significant matches worldwide.

The service also provides streaming on PC, mobile and smart TVs for comfortable viewing wherever you are.



Destination URL: daddylivehd.com
For a comprehensive library of Boxing Streams and live matches, DaddyLiveHD is the perfect alternative with no subscription fees or account sign-up needed.

With this service, you can access unlimited replays, archived content, plus all major fights, including those from UFC and ESPN+.

Plus, it supports multiple devices to enjoy your favorite matches wherever and whenever.


Destination URL: boxingstreamlinks.com
This platform is an ideal source for those who want to watch Boxing Streams worldwide without any subscription fee or account registration required.

It provides a well-cataloged selection of live matches and replays from major networks such as BT Sport 1, FOX and ESPN+ plus, it has support for multiple devices so you can view it anywhere, anytime.



Destination URL: boxingbite.net
Offering a vast selection of Boxing Streams, BoxingBite provides access to live and archived content and replays from major networks such as BT Sport 1 and ESPN+.

It features smooth streaming with no delay in loading time, plus you can watch across any device, so you never have to miss out on the action.



Destination URL: reddit.com/r/boxingstreamsway
If you’re looking for a comprehensive source of live Boxing Streams, BoxingStreamsway is the perfect option, with no subscription fees or registration needed.

It offers access to replays and highlights from significant fights, including UFC and ESPN+ and streamlining streaming speeds so you never miss out on the action.

FirstRow Sports


Destination URL: firstrowsports.net
FirstRow Sports is an excellent alternative for watching all major boxing fights worldwide with no subscription fees or registration necessary.

It provides convenient streaming services over PC, mobile and smart TV plus, you can also access multiple replays from ESPN+ and BT Sport 1 events, meaning you’ll always keep up to date with what’s happening in the ring.



Destination URL: sportsurge.to/boxingstreams
SportSurge is an excellent online streaming alternative with no subscription fees and a massive selection of Boxing Streams worldwide.

It currently provides access to content from MajorFight Events, including UFC, PFL and ESPN+, while offering multiple device support so you can watch on any platform without interruption in quality.



Destination URL: 123tvnow.com
An outstanding source for streamed boxing matches, 123 TV provides access to a wide selection of streams from significant networks like BT Sports 1 and ESPN+.

The service is known for its speedy buffering speeds and smooth streaming, meaning you can always enjoy your favorite fights without interruption. Plus, it’s compatible with most devices, so you never miss out on the action.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

When streaming boxing matches or their alternatives online, a good VPN (Virtual Private Network) is essential for keeping your personal data and online activities safe.

A trusted provider like NordVPN provides encryption and anonymous IP addresses that protect you from malicious surveillance or informers and provide reliable service in countries with restrictive internet regulations.

Plus, it guarantees 24/7 private access to Boxing Streams without buffering due to its light-speed server processing power.

NordVPN Pros and Cons


Nord VPN offers numerous benefits, such as its no-log guarantee that all user data is safely secured and only used for system maintenance.

Plus, it has an extra layer of security with the Double VPN feature, which adds an encrypted tunnel over your existing link so you can be on top of whatever fight happens to come up next.

NordVPN enables access to content from over 100 streaming sites worldwide, including major US networks like ESPN+ and All Fight Network.

However, the downside to this service is that speeds may be slower in certain countries due to server overload.

Boxing Streams FAQs

Boxing Streams’ legality and their alternatives depend on the jurisdictions restricting or permitting streaming solutions.

Some countries may not allow streaming services as it circumvents content protection laws, so it is best to check your local regulatory requirements before subscribing to any service provider networks.

How safe is the Boxing Streams site?

Boxing Streams and its alternatives are generally considered relatively safe if you take appropriate security measures like using a trustworthy VPN provider like NordVPN.

This will help protect your data from cyber-attacks, malicious surveillance or even informers who may try to access streaming services without authorization.

Which are the top Boxing Streams alternatives?

The top boxing streaming alternatives for 2023 include Crackstreams, StreamEast, Buffstreams and many more.

These services provide access to significant fight events such as UFC, PFL and ESPN+ and allow HD-quality streaming across multiple devices, including iOS and Android.

What happened to Boxing Streams?

Boxing Streams have faced many legal issues due to copyright regulations in certain countries, making it difficult for users to stream content legally.

As a result, it is no longer available, and many users have switched to reliable alternatives such as StreamEast and Crackstreams.

What happens if I get caught while watching Boxing Streams and their alternatives?

Suppose you are streaming content from an unlicensed source in countries with strict regulations against illegal streaming activities.

In that case, there can be legal repercussions like fines or even jail time, depending on the severity of the offense. Consequently, always use a trusted VPN provider like NordVPN to protect yourself while streaming.

Are Boxing Streams down?

Due to copyright and illegal streaming issues, Boxing Streams have been taken down in the past few years.

As a result, users have had to turn towards safe alternatives such as Crackstreams, which provide access to all significant fight events plus HD quality live streams across multiple devices for convenient viewing experiences anytime, anywhere.


Finding reliable and safe alternatives to Boxing Streams can be challenging due to copyright issues. Still, with the comprehensive list provided in this article, it should not be difficult for users to find an online streaming service that suits their needs.

It is essential for subscribers of these services to also maintain secure connections by using trusted VPN providers like NordVPN, as this will keep away malicious surveillance or informers attempting to access content without proper authorization.

By implementing all the necessary measures, you’ll be sure to enjoy a safe and secure streaming experience.

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