Black Ops Cold War Cheats by IwantCheats

With an increasing number of games making the transition to eSports and competitive online multiplayer format, it’s understandable why cheating has become so popular. This includes iconic franchises like Call of Duty. The cheats from Call of Duty Black Ops help players beat the system and stand victorious after each round. IWantCheats Black Ops Cold War Cheats are just one of the developers that have proven able to help players do just this.

For many cheat developers, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War provided the ideal testing ground when in beta mode. Developers were already seeing over 12,000 subscribers just in beta. While these developers were aware that there would be updates needed when it was time to launch, for many of these developers, it would only take as little as a few hours to modify accordingly.

Using cheats when playing Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War makes gaming full of fun, not to mention smoother. They ensure that you cross each level and reach the highest targets. By following them faithfully, you don’t need to worry about being banned, as the cheats are undetected. They ensure that the enemies you’re targeting are more visible, regardless of how far away they are. Here are some of the best cheats available.


ESP ranks among the most critical parts of Cold War hacks. It allows you to see your enemies though wars and is needed for you to formulate workable strategies. It’s also useful when enemies attempt to surprise you, as you can intercept their plans and avoid being a victim of them. That way, you’ll never be fooled by the element of surprise. The ESP cheat offers you the following benefits:

  • The ability to see the names of nearby items so you can take those needed and leave the others without hustles because of items ESP. You can more easily find weapons and explosives, along with supply crates.
  • Find other players via BB ESP. This places boxes on other players, which allows you to see them easily, along with their names, health, and distance.
  • And more


The clearance cheat is another great hack. Here, you can reverse the disturbance and damage created in fights to give you clear maneuvering and maximum visibility. It clears the recoil, smoke, and fog so that you aren’t affected.


These enable players to change the properties of barriers and walls. This can allow them to see through a wall or maybe even shoot right though one. Using this kind of obvious hack might see you receiving complaints from your fellow players, so some players use this hack to ambush or to plan ahead. This optimizes the extended vision. A wallhack combined with ESP can offer a layout of the area that comes with transparent walls and labeled enemies, providing a clear path to victory.

There are multiple motivations for players to use hacks in a first-person shooter game. Such games can be extremely competitive, especially when in multiplayer mode, with each mode looking for an advantage, and consistent wins can need a boost. As there can be as many as 40 gamers playing simultaneously, along with the Zombie mode, where surviving against hordes of Zombies is the one thing that counts, defeating an enemy as fast as possible is the way to ultimately survive.

Some players like to use hacks to enjoy playing without having to spend hours taking the long route. For example, the campaign storyline is estimated to take around six hours. A player can move a story along more quickly when applying a hack or ESP.

Cheats Warnings

Cheats might exist to help you out when you’re attacking, but they can also help you when defending. The warning signal makes you safer from a sudden attack from your enemies. These hacks work with the aimbot in a defensive way,enabling you to receive warnings when an enemy draws close through a proximity warning, as well as to receive warnings when you’re being aimed at by an enemy.

There are numerous free hacks available, but it isn’t wise to just go ahead and install them and hope for the best. They can be easily detected or contain viruses, resulting in you being immediately banned. Using undetected cheats from a top designer is the way to win consistently without being caught.

If you want to make the most out of your gameplay, while completely obliterating your enemies, try these cheats and experience a performance that makes you practically unbeatable.

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