Black Clover Chapter 248 Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks: Luck will be Badly Injured in the Dark Triads Fight

Chapter 248 of Black Clover: Leaks, Spoilers, and Release Date 

Since the last few chapters, the main story of Black Clover has encountered several twists, and the new one, too, probably will come with a banger. In the previous episode, we saw that the Dark Triad was getting ready to attack the Heart Kingdom. However, this time, there is no one available in the kingdom that could save it from the assault. Thus, you can expect that the Heart Kingdom is going to experience some hard moments this time. 

Anyways, this is something that almost every fan could guess by reading the previous chapters. Hence, in this post, we will be focusing on the things that you do not know or cannot predict. So, let’s get started with it. 

Release Date 

The newest edition of Black Clover will be available in the upcoming release of the Shonen Jump magazine. The officials group had taken a week off as Coronavirus had infiltrated in their office and affected a member. However, they will be returning this week with all of your favorite mangas, including Black Clover. 

The new chapter of the manga will be released on April 26, 2020 (Sunday). However, the raw scans of the chapter will be available two to three days before it. So, if you cannot wait for it anymore, then you can buy this version. However, be aware, the translations of these versions are not really accurate. So, it might have a negative impact on your reading habit.

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Where Can You Read It?

Black Clover Chapter 248 Release Date

You can read the manga from several sources. For starters, you can buy the Shonen Jump magazine, which is the most authentic source. Secondly, you can go to the official website of the magazine. Furthermore, you will also get a copy of the newest chapter of Black Clover in Viz Media. So, you can read it from there too. 

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Spoilers and Predictions

The chapter 248 of Black Clover is going focus on an evil group named Dark Triad. They are very powerful and use forbidden dark magic to do their bidding. We have seen the limit of their power in the 247th chapter of the manga, where they had defeated four powerful guardian spirits with just 50% of their total power. Now, this group has set Heart Kingdom to be their next. Hence, as there is no one available, the Heart Kingdom is surely going to have a hard time against the triads.

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However, Lolopechka, somehow, has gotten the news about this attack. Hence, we have seen him asking Luck and Noelle to help him with this situation. At the end of the chapter, we had seen that Luck has agreed to help Lolopechka with this job. However, later, he gets engaged in a battle with the powerful dark mage, Svenkin. While their battle was such a brilliant masterpiece to cherish, but, in the end, Luck gets badly injured in the process of defeating Svenkin. Thus, he probably is not in the right shape to defend the Heart Kingdom. 

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So, these are all we can offer you about the new episode of Black Clover. But, if we get to know about anything else, then we will be sure to let you know.      


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