29 Biorender Alternatives 2023-Find Out Which One Suits You The Best!

Biorender is a popular site used by students, professionals, and hobbyists alike. It offers an easy way to create diagrams on the basis of given data or figures. However, there are some alternatives available that can provide similar functionality or even better application features than what biorender has to offer. In this article, we will take a look at 29 life science alternatives to biorender for 2023, and how users can make an informed choice based on their needs.

Tips to Choose Safe Biorender Alternatives:

The internet is full of websites offering software or applications that claim to provide similar features as that of biorender. But not all are safe and secure for use. When choosing a viable alternative, it is important to look out for certain features in them such as mobile compatibility, loading speed, captions, subtitles and audio descriptions, personalization options, and streaming licensing agreement. It is also important to check if the software or application requires you to create an account with them in order for its use.

Best Alternatives:

Here are some of the best life science alternatives to biorender for 2023 that users can choose from based on their requirements:



ChemDraw is a powerful scientific drawing environment offered by Perkin Elmer. It has a long list of features including advanced subscripts and superscripts, chemical structure visualization, structure balance verification, a comprehensive molecule templates library, and more. ChemDraw is available for both desktop as well as mobile devices with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to create complex molecule structures quickly and accurately without the need for any prior coding skills.

Pepper Flow

Pepper Flow


Pepper flow is a diagrammatic development platform based on SVG for web and desktop that offers unlimited scalability. It has a library of customizable symbols, templates as well as an extensive array of shapes. The platform also caters to custom graphics creation with the help of HTML5 canvas and jQuery UI components.

ACTO Omnichannel Education for Life Sciences


ACTO helps you create interactive learning programs based on real-world life science data through its powerful computer-aided instruction system and comprehensive resource kits. Its collaborative features enable instructors to easily share lesson plans, set up experiments, and access data in real time from anywhere.

BIOVIA BioPharma

BIOVIA BioPharma

BIOVIA BioPharma is a cloud-based biological applications platform that enables users to create cognitive learning programs using simulated laboratory results. It also offers a wide variety of tools such as statistical analysis software as well molecular visualization and comparison capabilities for collaborative research projects.

Mind the Graph

Mind the Graph

Mind the Graph is an online visual tool that helps users create scientific presentations quickly, even without any coding experience. It has a range of customizable figures and templates for scientists to choose from. Visualization tools such as 3D graphics Modeling are also available with this platform making it ideal for scientific presentation decks and research papers



Chemix is an interactive desktop platform designed specifically for chemistry-based educational applications with over 200 elements pre-made into its library. It also provides powerful artificial intelligence capabilities to enable robust simulations and computations, no matter the complexity of your project.



SmartDraw is a useful scientific platform that allows users to create presentation-ready diagrams for both desktops as well as mobile devices. Features such as animated logos, pathways, and network structure visualization are available on this platform making it suitable even for complex projects requiring intricate visualizations.




EDrawMax is an all-in-one diagramming software for Mac, Windows, and Linux with robust visualization capabilities. It has a large library of shapes and symbols that aid users in designing professional diagrams quickly along with support for multiple layers, connecting lines, and more.

Focus eLearning

Focus elearning

Focus elearning offers interactive learning solutions designed specifically to handle complex topics such as life sciences through intuitive visuals. Its powerful analytics also helps instructors to deliver personalized feedback to their students in real time.



Canva is a powerful online platform that helps users design stunning visuals with customizable templates, drag-and-drop shapes, and advanced editing tools. With its library of icons, images, and illustrations, creating custom content for virtual meetings or scientific conference decks has never been easier.



Benchling is powerful life sciences development software with seamless sharing capabilities. It offers streamlined workflows, customized comments, and notifications that enable researchers to precisely collaborate with their team members in real-time.



SnapGene is a powerful gene sequencing application for Mac OS X and Windows platforms developed by GNS Healthcare’s bioinformatics platform. With its secure cloud environment, it enables scientists to store up to 1GB worth of data including animation details and sequence visualization from any device connected online.



Geneious is a bioscience sequence analysis application with advanced visualization tools and artificial intelligence structures. It provides biological scientists the ability to generate diagrams for their research in an intuitive manner, along with functionality such as molecular modeling, computation, data mining, and more.

Vector NTI

Vector NTI

Vector NTI from ThermoFisher Scientific is designed specifically to tackle bacteria genomics projects. Its robust learning engine and powerful algorithms allow users to track the genetic variability of bacteria in different environments for better understanding.

Genome Compiler

Genome Compiler

Genome Compiler provides a platform that helps researchers design plasmids right from the proposal through the completion stage such as annotation, protein expression simulation, and more. This software also allows integration with external tools or application development so that scientists can automate their lab experiments quickly.

Clone Manager

Clone Manager

Clone Manager is a user-friendly software designed for molecular biology students that helps them create visualizations of their experiments and save project files at the same time. It also has an integrated sequence search root that makes it easier to find various pieces of information related to clones from any web resource available.

Serial Cloner

Serial Cloner

Serial Cloner is a desktop cloning platform developed by the University of California San Francisco’s bioinformatics team. With its advanced graphical interface users can create, edit or import DNA fragments easily from a comprehensive library.

ApE – A Plasmid Editor:

ApE - A Plasmid Editor

ApE, or A Plasmid Editor is a comprehensive and versatile software application specifically designed for creating molecular diagrams of DNA/RNA sequences. It features powerful image-editing capabilities such as annotating genetic zones, editing base stacks, and auto-annotations, as well as customizable drag-and-drop tools that allow users to build even large complex diagrams quickly and easily without any coding experience. Other features include the ability to simulate experiments by running external programs directly from ApE, and simultaneous loading of numerous sequences and files as well as support for publications in major journals.

Ginkgo CADx:

Ginkgo CADx

Ginkgo CADx is a comprehensive set of biological drawing tools specifically built to enable researchers to create professional-looking scientific diagrams quickly with drag-and-drop capabilities, abundant layouts/symbol libraries, and customizable template export. Features such as real-time reproduction of simulations, and cross-device synchronization for Android, iOS & Windows make it a great choice for researchers looking to create complex diagrams without the need of any coding skills.



DNAMAN is a powerful sequence for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms designed by Lynnon. It has been tailored specifically for DNA sequencing projects with an intuitive interactive interface that enables scientists to easily analyze their data in real time without overcomplicating or slowing down the processes. Moreover, it also offers annotation tools along with versioning and log-tracking capabilities making it easier to keep track of changes in sequence data.

DNA Baser Sequence Assembler:

DNA Baser Sequence Assembler

DNA Baser sequence assembler is an easy-to-use software package that helps researchers generate and analyze a variety of molecular biology models including plasmids, ribosomal DNAs, circular or linear DNAs, etc. It can accurately align sequences even with low similar content as well allows users to export their data in different formats which makes it easier for publication purposes.



Gene Construction Kit offers scientists an array of tools they can use to construct DNA sequences quickly and accurately. It simplifies the process of building primer pairs, setting up simulated cloning experiments, and analyzing data in real time with its interactive visualization interface that provides an intuitive user experience for researchers regardless of their prior coding skills.



Lasergene makes sequence analysis fast and efficient as it offers a unified platform where scientists can view analyze, and compare different DNA/RNA sequence models. Features such as gene precision synchronization across devices, reliable search capabilities, and integration options with various web resources make it easier to find useful data or information quickly.



Labcollector simplifies the tedious process of managing laboratory supplies and samples by providing an easy way to efficiently store important scientific documents, manage purchasing orders from international vendor partners as well track inventory levels globally in real time.

Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD):

Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD)

VMD is a powerful software tool designed specifically for researchers dealing with molecular simulation projects. It can easily visualize 3-D representations of molecular dynamics simulations, material properties data , electrostatic potential maps, and much more. The intuitive visualization capabilities enable scientists to interact with their simulation results in a visual manner without the need for any coding experience.



PyMol is an open-source software designed specifically for biologists and researchers that simplifies complex molecular exploration tasks through its powerful interactive 3D graphics environment. Features such as animation controls set specific navigation modes that allow users to visualize exact changes between different snapshots of molecule structures with ease. It also allows users to save their work in many popular image formats making it ideal for publication purposes as well.

Mol* Viewer:

Mol Viewer

Mol* Viewer is a comprehensive interactive software that helps scientists create, visualize and share complex molecular diagrams easily. Features such as dynamic rotation of 3D models, undo/redo options as well access to massive libraries or structures makes it easier for researchers to use the platform regardless of their prior experience looping any data coding, etc.



Cn3D is an interactive 3-d molecular viewer available for a wide range of platforms including web, phones, and desktop devices. It allows researchers to create diagrams with accurate chemical connectivities over the internet, extract data from public databases and create animation sequences that can be easily stored or published as well.



Chimera offers access to a library of structures routinely used in research laboratories along with features such as customizable ribbon styles support for multi-chain, macro complex assemblies as well a wide range of interactive scripts to help scientists create robust visualization of their molecules.



RasMol is a popular open-source software with tools and algorithms specifically designed for molecular viewing tasks. It enables researchers to produce 3D graphics in multiple representations including ribbon models, surface & wireframe images, etc making it easier to visualize different structures more accurately thus helping in understanding the formation process better.

Protect Yourself with VPN –

A Must-Have for Safe Streaming: In order to stay safe while streaming biorender and its alternatives online, it is important to make use of a reliable virtual private network (VPN) service provider such as NordVPN. This will ensure that your activity remains anonymous on the web even when dealing with targeted ads tracking capabilities of software or applications used by big companies worldwide. Check out this detailed NordVPN guide to find out if it’s a good match for your needs.

NordVPN Pros and Cons:

NordVPN is one of the most reliable VPN services in the market today, offering users unparalleled security and privacy despite its big user base. It has densely packed server networks located across 60 countries with advanced encryption protocols that can be easily activated by simply pressing a button. On top of this, they have an impressive lineup of bonus features such as double-hop connections, split-tunneling, and more. Although, they offer 24/7 customer service support unfortunately lack in their unblocking capabilities as compared to some of the other VPNs available in the market.


Biorender is just one of many great life science alternatives for 2023, and the number of options available can make it difficult to choose the right one. By keeping in mind some important factors such as platform compatibility, user-friendly features, and security measures, users can be sure they’re choosing applications that provide great functionality without compromising on safety. We hope this article has provided enough information on various life science tools available today making it easier for researchers to make an informed choice.

Biorender FAQs:

Yes, Biorender is legal. It uses a verified payment system for its user’s safety and it also follows copyright policies to ensure that content being shared on site is used with proper license.

How Safe is Biorender Site?

Biorender is safe to use as it embraces safety measures like encryption of communication, a secure payment system, and complete user privacy protection. It does not permit malicious activities or third-party trackers that can compromise your online security.

Which are the top Biorender Alternatives?

ChemDraw, Pepper Flow, ACTO Omnichannel Education for Life Sciences, BIOVIA BioPharma, Mind the Graph, Chemix, SmartDraw, EDrawMax, Focus eLearning, Canva Benchling, SnapGene Geneious and Vector NTI are some of the best alternatives to Biorender for 2023.

What happened to Biorender?

In 2020 Biorender changed its name to Pepper Virtual Assistants due to an increase in demand for their services. Their application allowed customer service agents to handle huge volumes of customer inquiries and queries.

What happens if I get caught while watching Biorender and its alternatives?

It is unlikely that you will get into any kind of trouble for streaming from Biorender or its alternatives as long as the material being streamed is legal. However, it is important to use a trusted VPN in order to stay safe while streaming online

Is biorender Down?

No, Biorender is up and running.

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