Best French Tv Series To Watch on 2020 (April Update)

A Brief Introduction

It could be that you are stuck at home with nothing to do during your summer break. It could also be that you are in between a couple of meetings with some time on hand. You could want to increase your knowledge and learn more about motion pictures. In some instances, the curious and the intrigued would want to learn more about other cultures. To solve all the problems mentioned above, most people turn to watch movies. People may have some extra time to spend and, thus, turn to a variety of movies to learn about movie making and cinematography. 

Movies are an encapsulation of great scriptwriting, tight storytelling, and beautiful Cinemascapes. However, with the progression of home entertainment from television sets to streaming websites, movies have paved the way for TV series wherein people can spend more time on the plot development and character development.

TV series are the best replacement movies could have as they last long due to the number of episodes they have in total. Thus, there is more of the element of excitement, suspense, and gratitude that comes from watching a movie extended throughout the number of episodes that a series has. Now, people can either watch English series or choose to move over to series from other countries as well to widen their perspective. World cinema is a great place to begin for many film enthusiasts. Similarly, people who like to know about other cultures can begin somewhere with foreign films and TV series. It is an excellent place to start watching French TV series and French movies.

In the case of people who are taking up French as their elective language, watching French TV series and movies helps them a lot. This is because they can practice their language while they watch a particular French show. It improves their reading skills if they have the subtitles enabled, or they can also improve their listening skills. If you wish to learn and understand French better, then watch some of the best French movies or TV series which exist.

You can not only learn about how the French make a living, but you can also witness brilliant movie-making capabilities by various directors and screenwriters in the country. In this article, we have put down some of the best French TV shows which you can watch to spend some time with the French motion pictures. This will let you get a better grip on the lifestyle and language over a more extended period. TV shows progress at a slower rate compared to the movies. It’s easier to get a hold of the dialogue and comprehend it instead of rushing through the episodes. In the case of movies, people have to keep up with the pace. However, TV shows are more time-taking and only for the benefit of the audience.

Let Us See What All French TV Shows You Could Watch To Keep Yourself Entertained.

Best French Tv Series To Watch

1. Braquo (The Bureau)

Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Sara Giraudeau, Florence Loiret Caille, Zineb Triki, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Léa Drucker, Jonathan Zaccai. 

Covert agents and specialists are never simple to ensure their personal and professional worlds. Also, issues do not stir up with one another. The Bureau is an excellent arrangement for a thriller based on the lives of government operatives. It provides a chilling experience that is goosebump-inducing in every way whatsoever.

At the point when the security service agent, Guillaume Debailly, is also known as Malotru, is retrieved from Syria and sent to Paris on a crucial undercover mission. It turns out to be amazingly difficult for him to remain covert and hidden from the common eye for his strategic keep up. It also becomes challenging to maintain the effectively broken connection between his little daughter and ex-spouse.

Furthermore, things go upside down when his affection towards a partner in the bureau, Nadia, comes into the scene. The woman he loves who is likewise a covert operator arrives at Paris for the very same mission. The story revolves around what means he makes himself ready to deal with his private life and achieve the perilous task all at a similar time.

The audience is hooked to the show for the bone-chilling suspense that the director creates for one and all. You could watch the series for all the thrilling activity and action being alongside the emotions of a family drama. The Bureau is based on real events narrated by real people. 

Bureau was released on the 27th of April, 2015 and had a total of four seasons to it. Tune in to The Bureau if you like political thrillers with a strong emotional angle.

2. Un Village Francais (A French Village)

Cast: Robin Renucci, Marie Kremer, Francis Renaud, Nicolas Gob

It’s a TV series with an arrangement of A French Village set in the times of World War. It is a brilliant show that showcases numerous morals and virtues to be followed throughout one’s everyday life. At one point in time, when the fictional French town is taken control of by the heavily armed Germans, the occupants are forced with the German standards and ways of livelihood changing their lives right away.

While the vast majority of them pass away due to the inhumane torture, the survivors face hard days living under the reign of the Germans dreading for their lives each minute of their lives.

Story of the Un Village Francais rotates round the number of characters and their life obstacles during the rule of the Germans. The show shows each season of the detainment of the inhabitants in their town, one after the other. The question is whether they will retaliate against the Germans or will they bow down to their destiny, acknowledge their fate, and proceed under the German conquests. Do watch the TV show arrangement to know more about this wonderfully executed period drama. 

Un Village Francais was released on the date of 4th June 2009 and has a total of seven seasons till now.

3. Les Revenants (The Returned)

Cast: Anne Consigny, Frédéric Pierrot, Clotilde Hesme, Céline Sallette, Samir Guesmi, Grégory Gadebois, Guillaume Gouix, Jérôme Kircher

Everyone who enjoys watching horror and thrillers out there, The Returned is an incredible TV Show to watch. Following quite a long while of their being dead due to an accident or mishap, a large number of people return to the living scene and join their family, stunning them as they had been accepted that they were dead even by their close friends and family. The frightfulness and quotient of drama mix in when numerous individuals begin vanishing from the place.

A great deal of suicides takes place, leading to the police suspecting the ones who have returned. The ones who have returned embark on their own life, which is individually loaded up with dramatization and tension. While all of this goes on in the place, the level of water in the dam continues to drop with no explanation that is given to the engineers who are left to wonder and guess.

The show revolves around why the individuals who were marked dead are back now in the present frame of time. For an experience that packs together both nail gnawing and goosebumps-inducing suspense, one should decide to watch The Returned at night.

 Returned or the Les Revenants released on the 26th of November 2012, and it has a total of two seasons. Watch these multiple award-winning shows to keep yourself engaged through and through. Les Revenants is sure to keep you occupied as long as you are playing all the episodes one after the other.

4. Les Adventures De Tinti

It’s a well-known comic character who was created in Belgium. Contrary to the well-known belief, Tintin was not from France. This is as opposed to prevalent thinking. Make sure to watch “Les Aventures de Tintin” to remember a good portion of our cherished childhood recollections. 

The Tintin comics were made in the year 1991 from the comic book arrangement of “The Adventures of Tintin.”. The same was adapted for the television, where every episode typically went on for 45 minutes. The episodes of Tintin are as of now being cast again on the television channels for children.

Adventures of Tintin (French: Les Aventures de Tintin) is a progression of twenty-four separate Bande dessinée collections that have been created by Belgian illustrator who goes by the name of Georges Remi. He composed under the nom de plume Hergé. The comic series was one of the most mainstream European series of the previous century.

By the year 2007, which is after a century after Hergé’s birth, the Tintin comic series had been distributed in excess of 70 dialects. They were total sales of an excess of 200 million copies. On the same note, the comics had been adjusted for television, radio, film, and theater.

5. Versailles

Cast: George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos, Tygh Runyan, Stuart Bowman, Amira Casar, Evan Williams, Noemie Schmidt, Anna Brewster, Sarah Winter. 

It is a period dramatization which has been set during the era of the 1660s due to which it gives us a modest look of noble undertakings of the Spanish realm. At a certain point in time, the nobilities choose to defy the monarchy. The ruler then decides to make some move to repress the insubordination, which is a significant danger to his privileged position, power, and force. He improves and grows his new royal residence of Versailles, prompting the nobles to get dislocated from their place. The show questions the decisions of the king to take his empire free from all sorts of perils.

It’s a Franco-Canadian fiction TV arrangement which deals with historical events. It is set on the development of the Palace of Versailles during the rule of Louis XIV. The show debuted on the 16th of November 2015 on Canal+. However, this was in France while it was aired on Super Channel in Canada. In May 2016, the TV series aired on BBC Two in Britain, and subsequently, the show aired on 1st October 2016 on Ovation in the US.

The subsequent season was requested before the season one debut. Shooting for the subsequent season started in February 2016. The story of the first season occurred four years after that of the pilot season. The subsequent season debuted on the 27th of March 2017 in France and circulated from the 21st of April 2017 in Britain. 

On the 14th of September 2016, the person who produced the TV series Claude Chelli affirmed that Versailles had been reestablished for the third season, which started shooting in April 2017. On the 17th of April 2018, Variety detailed that the third season of Versailles would definitely be the final season of the show.

6. Marseille

Cast: Gerard Depardieu, Benoit Magimel, Geraldine Paihas, Nadia Fares, Stephane Caillard

Issues, along with the addition of politics, join hands with the show, retribution, drama, contempt, debasement, corruption, savagery, and much more that we can already imagine. The two characters in the show, Robert and Lucas, were once companions, and now they are enemies who would go after each other’s blood and at one another’s throat prepared for a kill whenever the time may seem fit. Even though they work for a similar faction, vengeance, corrupt nature, and temptation become part and parcel of their life in the unending search for hunger for influence and riches.

These two characters have the resistance building behind their back. Meanwhile, a catastrophe hits the city’s football team leaving everybody in awe about what is really occurring in the scenario. The individuals who have an active interest in spine chillers and suspense thrillers can give this is an unequivocal TV series a watch for sure. 

It’s a French dramatization of a web TV arrangement made by the director Dan Franck. This TV features an incredible cast featuring Gérard Depardieu and Benoit Magimel. The arrangement for television is the first-ever French language unique creation for Netflix, which requested the undertaking of such a TV series on the 10th of July 2015.

The first season with eight episodes debuted worldwide on Netflix on the 5th of May 2016. A subsequent season was requested on the 6th of June 2016. Creation for the subsequent season started on the 18th of April 2017. The following season appeared in February 2018. Netflix dropped the show after two whole seasons.

Why Should You Watch French Tv Series?

Given that we have just enlisted some of the best French series, you should take some time out to watch all of them. French TV series are some of the best series given how meticulously they are crafted. French TV series is readily available as a lot of people are fond of them all over the world. You could easily access some of the streaming websites like Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch some of the best French TV series.

You can furthermore use Arte, France 24, Filmon, Sling TV, YouTube, and many more such websites. If you are lucky, you will also find some free Torrent websites which once can be used to download the movie or series as a whole to enjoy it offline at their convenience.

French TV series are some of the best ways to learn French as a language. You can listen to the dialogues, verses, and scenes to know the language better than you already do. Apart from that, you can also learn more about French culture, livelihood, and evolution of the times. Watching French series is one of the most important things you can learn is to pronounce the French words like a professional. You learn how the words are spoken colloquially, which no French class in your city will be able to offer you the same.

Most of the French cinema and TV shows have a beautiful way of unraveling. The storytelling is very eloquent in nature. French being an exquisite language, the scenes look all the more beautiful. Even if you do not understand the language, it is not a big task to depend on the subtitles. The subtitles are meant to help you out. Besides, the language makes everything on screen seem all the more beautiful to hear.


French TV series is a blessing to the cinema world as they are made with a lot of effort and skill. They are indeed some of the best series among all the languages involved. Watch one French series, and you will know the difference.

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