Top 23+ Best Disney Movies for you to Watch

No matter what you are age is; there is no doubt that you will that one Disney movie that melts your heart away. There is no way that you have not to watch command Disney movie because this studio giant has under its wing Pixar, The marvel cinematic universe, as well as the Star Wars movie franchise. Which such big giants under its wing you cannot just proclaim that you haven’t seen even one clip from the Disney studios.  

The magic of Disney is best found in its movies, which is not just for children. Now that Disney has come up with its app having a list of the best Disney movies that you should watch and rewatch is mandatory. There are hundreds of movies out there, from brilliant animated short movies to classic fairy tales. There are even groundbreaking live-action movies as well as a powerful superhero saving the day. Some movies will tickle you with laughter and also the ones that will make you cry. Obviously, not every movie is brilliant, and there are a few that have been problematic as well as just downright obnoxious. But here, only the best of the best will be featured to help you pick the right title to spend your time with. Watch the best movies that Disney has to offer to you and see for yourself how the studio has come.  

Other than the classic Disney animated movies that warm everyone’s heart like Fantasia, Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, The Lady and The Tramp, Emperor’s New Groove, etc. to the recent ones like Frozen, Moana as well as Brave will be there on this list. Of course, one should not miss out on the brilliant Pixar movies like Toy Story, The Incredibles, or even Cars. There will be plenty of live-action movies that families can watch together on movies night. There will be plenty for the Sci-fi fan as well as the ones who are into superheroes. You can binge on every single movie from the marvel cinematic universe or check out your lightsaber and choose which side to take: dark or light? As you plunge into a galaxy which is located quite far from ours. Of course, we cannot add every single movie on this list; then it shall be a never-ending one. Some of the most famous ones are featured, so do not be disheartened if your favorite one is not there.  

As this studio expands its horizons and brings in more fresh content, the list of brilliant movies by Disney will keep on expanding. Still, till now, these are some of the best ones out there that will be enjoyed by any movie lover no matter what their age or favorite genre is, so sit back and keep digging list, maybe you will be reminded of your childhood days. The movies on this list have been arranged in no particular order. These are just some of the most remarkable Disney movies that we have seen.  

Top 23+ Best Disney Movies for you to Watch

Top 23+ Best Disney Movies for you to Watch

1. Dinosaur (2000)

People have mixed feelings about this movie as the plot of the movie is very generic and lacking in what people call the Disney magic. Still, the saving grace of the movie is its groundbreaking computer animation. Every scene in this movie is highly detailed. Of course, you cannot compare to movies of today’s date. Children can still enjoy this movie and get a lesson on good deeds triumph over evil; still, it remains quite bland. The movie is about a dinosaur named Alder who is raised by lemurs and first battle all odds to help a group of misfit dinosaurs survive.  

2. High School Musical 3 (2008)

The 3rd movie or the High School Musical installment is a must watch by all the fans of the Disney movies. Considering that the 4th movie is on the way, you must rewatch the movies. In this movie we find, Troy and Gabriella seniors who to face the reality of separation that many high schoolers will relate to; with the looming realization of getting separated, the wildcats decide to get up on the stage for one last time to showcase their life in East High. Watch this brilliant movie with some of the greatest Disney stars with incredible songs and dance sequences; it will surely remain in people’s hearts. 

3. Thor: The Dark World (2013) 

This may not be the best movie of the marvel cinematic universe, but what it lacks for in storyline makes up for in acting as some of the greatest Hollywood stars are featured in this movie. Watch Chris Hemsworth as Thor continues to save the nine realms as well as Earth. Witness his powerful Mjölnir against an ancient evil Malekith who wants to plunge the universe back into darkness. Thor has to make an important decision that forces him to risk it all and fight this enemy that even the all father and Asgard cannot stand up against. What is the mightiest avenger gets united with Jane Foster once again to save our realms from the hands of complete catastrophe?  

4. Lady and The Tramp (1955) 

Even though a new live-action movie was released last year, it can no way stand even close to the original 1955’s classic animated movie. The movie is heartwarming and will be suitable for audiences of all ages. It is a simple lesson about love, sympathy, and, most of all, friendship. In this movie, we find an unlikely pair of a pampered dog who feels neglected and a stray who is lovable as well as charming. Watch them discover the meaning of having a home and the beautiful bond they share. This movie will stay in the hearts of the audience is long after the credits have rolled.  

5. The Aristocats (1970) 

This musical revolves around a family of aristocratic cats. The film may have missed the mark, but it surely delivers with some timeless jazzy tunes. Also, the work of the voice-over artist of yesteryear is notable. Watch how a smooth-talking Tom cat helps the aristocratic families feline members get to win the inheritance, which the butler of the family tries to get it from himself after kidnapping the cats and leaving them in the countryside. It is a light-hearted comedy that will be nostalgic for the older generations. 

6. Frozen (2013)

There is no way you haven’t heard about the most popular sisters of Disney Elsa and Anna. These two sisters had managed to even thaw the hearts of even the coldest people when the movie came out in 2013. Before you watch the sequel to this movie, you must get familiarised with the adventures of the royal family of Arendelle, a fictional kingdom situated in the Scandinavian region. This movie features the brilliant Kristen Bell as Anna and the talented Idina Menzel as the older sister Elsa who struggles with her powers. She has a cool power where can freeze anything or make snow, including everybody’s favorite snowman Olaf. See how forever optimistic sister Anna will try to bring her sister back, along with the help of an unlikely hero Kristoff, voice by Jonathan greof. His best friend Sven, who just so happens to be a reindeer, is to set things right after a prophecy, comes true when Elsa freezes the whole town. This movie will teach you that true love is not what is shown in movies or read about in romantic novels. Long after the movie is finished, the most parodied song probably this decade ‘let it go’ will still be very much stuck in your head. 

7. Up (2009)

Before you watch this movie, be sure to sit with the blanket and box of tissues because you will need it. No matter how strong you are, the first few minutes into the movies, you will start brawling your eyes out. No matter how many times you watch this movie, this portion will get to you even if you not a big romantic. Carl Fredrickson is a rather somber septuagenarian who used to be a balloon salesman. As contractors threaten his house that he had built with his best friend and wife, Ellie, he decides to uproot his house and take it in a once in a lifetime journey to the wilds of South America. He attaches uncountable balloons to his house and floats away in it to the land of Paradise Falls. Unfortunately, a fearless 8-year-old wilderness ranger is also stowed away as he had been on his front porch all this while. This little explorer, whose name is Russell, is an excitable young man who sets out to help Carl fulfill his mission in a bid to earn his last badge, which will let him become a senior wilderness explorer. Will this unlikely duo be successful in combating all odds and the ferocious predators sitting out there waiting for them as they stumble across new lands? 

8. Inside Out (2015)

This Pixar movie is one of most heartfelt animated movies ever created, and its story will not only make the younger audiences smile but will make the older generations shed a few happy tears as they reminiscence about the old days. Growing up is not an easy task and can be quite a roller coaster. We all know this, and this is also the case for young Riley, who is forced to change her address from the Midwest to San Francisco when her father gets a new job. She has left her friends and hockey to come to this terrifying place where things do not go as her parents had promised her. As this young girl tries to adjust to the new settings, her emotions get the best of her. Her emotions that reside in the headquarters, which is the control center located in Riley’s mind, get all mixed up. Her main emotion, Joy (Amy Poehler) happy and cheerful and soon fails as Sadness (Phyllis Smith), takes control. The other members of the headquarters, Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Anger (Lewis Black) as well as Fear (Bill Harder) advice Joy to fix the problem caused by sadness so that Riley can ease into this new life without plunging into grief. 

9. Wall-E (2008) 

Wall-E, which is an abbreviation for waste allocation load lifter earth-class, is a lonely robot. He has been doing the same work that he had been doing for hundreds of years. Soon he finds a new purpose when he meets an enigmatic sleek robot named EVE. Wall-E’s house is a hoarders Paradise where he brings EVE. EVE soon finds out what she came for in his house, which is the key to the Earth’s future and also of humankind. After finding out a chance for life on this now post-apocalyptic planet, EVE quickly tries to go back to space to show her report to the captain of the space ship where humans have thrived after leaving Earth. The humans have changed into their structure and are leading quite a happy life in their new home, but they continue to yearn to go back to where their forefathers had come from, so they had sent EVE to find traces of life.

Meanwhile, Wall-E, who has already fallen head over heels over EVE, follows her across the galaxy, which in turn sets into motion the brilliant adventure that brings these two stars crossed lovers together. An unlikely villain is waiting to foil EVE’s mission, which makes our hero join hands with some malfunctioning hero along with his pet cockroach to save his lady as well the future of the world. Wall-E and EVE will always remain one of the most romantic couples in cinema, even though they are just robots. 

10. Cinderella (1950) 

This movie is still one of the best movies which have been created by this studio. Even though decades of decades have passed since the movie was first released, it is still one of those movies which people can watch anytime they want. The animation in the movie should not be compared to today’s standards. Still, you will be left or struck by the fact that something so advanced could be achieved then. The timeless images and the beautiful sketches of the movie is will always remain the hearts of little children who dream of fairies and magical lands. Disney’s adaptation of Cinderella is a much palatable version of the original versions, which is rather quite unpleasant. Still, if you actually consider the actual setting of the story of Cinderella, it is actually quite an unfortunate tale. Though, parents are now looking for Disney princess stories where the princess is not some damsel in distress like Moana or Elsa, who is waiting for a Prince Charming. This Disney classics will always be a fan favorite considering Cinderella’s Castle is still the main attraction of Disneyland. This animated movie revolves around an orphan girl who manages to use her charm, kindness, and beauty along with a little bit of magic to become a princess; this changes her fate, and she gets the magical Disney ending of a happily ever after. 

11. Moana (2016)

Moana is a brilliant movie that changes our perception of a Disney princess movie should be. It is directed by the famous filmmaking team of the talented Ron Clements and his partner John Musker who have also under their belt other Disney classics. It deserves a spot of their own on this list like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, as well as starring princess Tatiana, The Princess, and the Frog. The movie is not only amazing when it comes to storyline and animation; it also features some of the greatest music to have ever featured in a Disney movie by Opetaia Foa’i, Mark Mancina, and the famous Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda. The movies take us back to around three thousand years ago when the greatest sailors of the world sailed across the first Pacific ocean, discovering the many islands of Oceania. Soon, this voyageurs would stop for over a millennium. Nobody knows what caused them to settle down, but Moana is not ready to do the same. She is an adventurous, brave teenager who decides to sail across the oceans to save her people when her island encounters the curse of ancient power. On her exciting journey, Mona hu is voiced by Auli’i Cravalho meets a vain and self-centered demigod who proclaims to be the mightiest. She enlists his help to become a Master Wayfinder to fulfill the ancient quest of her ancestors. She must not only defeat enormous monsters and cross insurmountable odds in a journey to not only save the fate of her people but also to find out about her own destiny. 

12. Frozen 2 (2020)

Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel reprise their roles to come back as Disney’s favorite sisters, Anna and Elsa. Finally, the studio brings us the long-awaited sequel to Frozen. The movie was worth the wait as it not only brings us a brilliant storyline but also shows new tunes that some may consider being as cringy as let it go but in their heart of hearts they will know all the lyrics to and will to be forced to sing it whenever the songs are played. Watch how the sister duo is plagued by ancient powers that threaten the future of the world. Elsa, who was considered the strongest and most powerful, is now the world’s only hope against the unknown threat. We can only hope that the sisters can come through to save everyone. Frozen 2 also let’s meet the wonderful Olaf voice by Josh Gad. Throughout the movie, Olaf continuous to make the audience laugh with his philosophical questions and heartwarming antics. We also meet Best-friends Sven and Kristoff, who are both voiced by Jonathan Groff. 

13. Zootopia (2016) 

One of the greatest animated movies to have been ever created is Zootopia. The targeted audience of this movie may be children; it teaches great lessons on social issues like sexism, racism, as well as equality. These issues may not be overtly highlighted. Older audiences will surely get the hint. The fact that these issues have been addressed in such a brilliant manner in a children’s movie is commendable. We are introduced to a world where animals of all kinds live together harmoniously. The most advanced and well run of all the places is Zootopia is a metropolis for mammals of all kinds. Zootopia is divided into several habitat neighborhoods so that animals of diffident regions can live comfortably. We have the Sahara square along with the frigid tundra town side by side. It is a place where everyone can reside from the biggest elephant to the smallest mice, and anybody can be anything. Officer Judy Hopps, his voiced by Gennifer Goodwin, also believes this to be true. She dreams of making it big as an officer as she comes from a suburban region outside of the big city. She soon finds it quite the actual scenario to quite different and difficult. Her optimistic self tries to adjust in a world where big and strong animals comprise the police force, and bunnies like her are treated as jokes. In a bid to prove herself to be worthy of the badge, she jumps at the first chance she gets to crack a case even if it means that she has to be partner up a scam artist Nick Wilde, who is a fox. Officer Hopps must make careful decisions and choose to believe before it becomes too late. 

14. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

The movie Hunchback of Notre Dame is a beautiful adaptation of Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. This classic novel, as well as the movie, introduces the protagonist’s voice by Tom Hulce, Quasimodo. Quasimodo is not a handsome Prince charming but a grotesque young man whose beauty is deep within his soul. Disgusted by his deformed features, he was abandoned by his parents. He was later rescued by the process of Notre Dame, which is a massive cathedral situated in the heart of Paris. You have surely about Notre Dame and how this beautiful structure was burnt down by an unfortunate fire. You will be able to appreciate the beauty of this message cathedral in this movie, even though it is animated. Quasimodo works as the Bell ringer of the church but soon becomes the ward of a man who can be best described as a ‘goodly apple, rotten at the core.’ This evil man is none other than Judge Frollo, who pretends to be pious but is repugnant loathsome and abhorrence that wants to drive the gypsies out of Paris with the help of the leader of a band of troops under his command. The leader of the troop, Phoebus, has no grudge against the gypsies, especially Esmeralda, who is voiced by the beautiful Demi Moore. Watch this compassionate, charismatic, beautiful lady fight for her and her people’s rights. 

15. Toy Story (1995) 

It is the first movie of the Toy Story Franchise, which is one of the most iconic Disney movies. This series is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing Disney movies to have been ever made. It does not matter which one is your favorite; you would have to give credit to the first one to bringing this amazing concept. This movie shows us what exactly is our toys up to when we are not around. The plot of not only this but also the subsequent stories focuses on the relationship of a full string old-fashioned cowboy figure called Woody and his best friend Buzz Lightyear, who is an astronaut action figure. Watch how these two turn from sworn enemies to inseparable buddies as they try to compete for the love of Andy Davis, the child whose toys they are; their competition takes them on an adventure as they are trying to get back Andy from whom they are separated. After watching this movie, you will find surely reminiscence about the time you had a favorite toy. Do not just stop on the first film, go watch the other three and you will not be disappointed. 

16. Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)

This is the first movie of the Avengers series, and it is a must-watch. It may not have bought as much money as its last two installments, but it is one of the best movies of not only The Avengers series but of the entire marvel cinematic universe. This movie features the greatest team of some of the best Marvel superheroes comprising of Iron Man, The incredible hulk, black widow, hawkeye, Thor, and of course, the first avenger, Captain America. Watch this team settle the differences when Nick fury, the mysterious director of an international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D or the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division, puts them together to fight against an unexpected danger that can put the world into the brink of total extinction. 

17. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

This is another iconic Disney movie that has its own ride on Disney’s theme parks. It is the first installment to the many subsequent movies under this title. We are introduced to the rather kooky and bizarre pirate called Captain Jack Sparrow and his adventures on the high seas. This iconic character is played by none other than Johnny Depp. Other famous stars to be featured in this movie are Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, and Geoffrey Rush. Watch how Sparrow will fight with his nemesis Captain Barbossa who has stolen his ship, The Black Pearl. Making one mistake after the other, Barbossa captures Elizabeth, the governor of Royal Port’s daughter, and in a bid to rescue her Will Turner, who is her childhood friend, joins forces to catch up to Barbossa. 

18. Ratatouille (2007)

Everybody should watch this movie as it teaches the most important lesson that is true to keep following your dreams no matter how your or unachievable it may seem. No, the poster is not kidding you, that rat is a brilliant cook. Remy is a nice but ambitions rodent who would give his all to become a chef. His partner in crime is the hopeless Linguini voice by none other than Lou Romano, who is used as a puppet by Remy. With the help of Remy, Linguini quickly makes a name for himself in the food blogs of Paris, but they are able to satisfy Anton Ego, whose harsh comments are the fear of chefs all over the world. You can literally watch this movie a hundred times, and it won’t feel old. Watch the movie today if you haven’t already and see the magic of Disney unfold as it makes us fall in love with one of the lest favorite rodents in the world. 

19. Beauty and The Beast (1991)

Like all other Disney princess stories, this too has a prince except he is not at all charming, not even handsome. On the other hand, we have the most beautiful girl who is considered rather strange in her town, Belle. This beautiful girl is always nose deep in her books and not at all interested in men, especially the town’s most eligible bachelor Gaston. Things go South when her father, takes refuge in the palace of the prince who has been turned into a hideous beast by a witch. To save their father, Belle offers to be the Beast’s prisoner. Will the beast open up his heart to love before his time runs out? You can even watch the live-action movie that has been released featuring Emma Watson as Belle. You will even find the famous song which shares its title with the movie covered by John Legend in the new adaptation. 

20. Coco (2017) 

This movie will teach everyone a beautiful lesson about truth, forgiveness, music, and, most of all, family. Miguel is a young boy who is obsessed with Ernesto de la Cruz, who is his musical idol. Miguel wants to pursue music but is forbidden to even hum, let alone touche his guitar. Find out why his family is so so much against something as beautiful as the music. Miguel the answers he is looking for when it takes a trip to the underworld. Will his family’s strict rules overpower his love for music, or will he be able to abolish the rule once and for all?

21. 101 Dalmatians (1961) 

Pongo and Perdita are each other one true love and thankfully for them as they had managed to make their owners fall in love as well. Watch this happy family grow into a much bigger family leading them into trouble with Cruella Deville, an evil fashion designer who has no regard for animals. Will the puppies be able to save themselves from the clutches of this evil monster who wants to make a court for herself with the use of their fur? The answer is yes. Do not worry. Witness the hilarious outcome of what happens when you mess with even one of the siblings of this amazing Dalmatian family. 

22. Iron Man (2008)

Who would have guessed that after 10 years, this movie is going to be the starting point of a journey of a cinematic universe that will have billions of fans all across the world? Directed by none other than Jon Favreau, Iron Man will always remain in the top five of the best Marvel superhero movies of all time. Watch as the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist as well as genius Tony Stark builds a mechanized armor for himself and saves not only the world but also his company from falling into the wrong hands. 

23. The Lion King (1994)

This animated musical is so powerful it can even make a grown man cry. Betrayed by his own brother Mufasa dies, leaving Simba to fend for himself as he grows into a strong lion, but she has to fight for his right as the true king against his deceitful uncle Scar. The beautiful cinematography and the musical score of this movie are beyond comparison. You can also watch the sequel to this movie along with a spin-off cartoon series featuring the most beloved pair of this movie Timon and Pumba. You can also show watch the 2019 live-action version, but the true magic that is captured in the original 1994s classic will always be one of the greatest movies that the studio has brought to its audiences. 


Of course, many brilliant movies are not featured on this list. That does not mean that those movies are forgotten. Hopefully, you will have fun watching these Disney movies that you have grown up with.

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