Benefits Of Online Gaming

More and more people are entering the world of virtual reality every day. Both adults and children are interested in online games on Game Karma. Such enthusiasm most of all alarms and frightens parents. After all, children can play for hours on a computer, forgetting about everything in the world.

Are online games really only harmful? Those that contain scenes of violence – definitely yes. However, there are not so many of them. The rest can and should be put to good use. Let us see how games can negatively affect a child and how to turn his passion for virtual reality into a useful activity.

Consequences of too much gaming

Of course, excessive enthusiasm for virtual reality can be harmful:

  • the sense of time is lost, it is used irrationally – the person is so captivated by the game that he does not understand how much time he spent on the computer;
  • social skills are deteriorating – some gamers prefer to spend more time online than chatting with friends;
  • aggression increases – the nervous system suffers from a large number of violent scenes in popular shooters;
  • there may be health problems, in particular with vision.

Complete protection from gadgets will not work. Given current trends, this will not be beneficial, but will only bring harm. The task is to perceive technology correctly, use the computer as a tool, and games as a simulator for the development of logical thinking and motor skills.

Beneficial online games

If you want the games to be useful, you should independently figure out which ones to choose for online leisure, and which ones are better to refuse.

Games are divided by genre, style, and number of players. There are also restrictions on the age of players. When choosing a genre, it is worth considering the temperament and capabilities.


If a child prefers calm games, strategies will suit him. You can learn how to manage a factory, build cities, and extract resources. Such entertainment trains perseverance develops the skill of assessing the situation in real time, and thinking for the future.

Logic games

This is another pastime for calm children. They can solve puzzles, make drawings, and look for differences in pictures. Such games train motor skills, memory, and logical thinking.


These online games are suitable for active children. The plot of a popular fairy tale or adventure film is most often taken as the basis. The main character must reach a certain goal by overcoming obstacles in their way. Quests help develop intelligence and imagination.


These online games simulate space or sailing ships, planes, and cars. They trace the smallest details of the mechanisms to create maximum realism. Such entertainment increases the speed of reaction and develops spatial thinking.

Logic games and simulators do not have a storyline, so they are not addictive. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to what useful skills the game develops, and whether it corresponds to the age of the child. To prevent health problems, you should observe the temporary regime, fully equip the children’s workplace, and perform gymnastics for the eyes. These simple guidelines will help minimize the harm and benefit from spending time on gadgets.

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