Baddies South Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More

The much-anticipated Baddies South Season 1 is making waves in the entertainment industry. This season promises to be packed with drama, intrigue, and excitement.

For those who are eagerly waiting for more information, this article will provide insights on the release date, cast, plot, and much more. Let’s dive right into the details.Baddies South Season 1-1

Baddies South Season 1 Release Date

Baddies South Season 1 premiered on June 12, 2022, on the Zeus Network. The season consists of 14 episodes and ended on September 18, 2022. It is the second season of the reality television series Baddies, which follows the lives of a group of female reality stars as they live together in a house.

Baddies South Season 1 Cast

The cast of Baddies South Season 1 is a mix of seasoned actors and fresh faces, promising powerful performances that will resonate with the audience. Let’s take a look at the characters that will breathe life into this thrilling series:

  • Jane Doe takes the center stage as the main protagonist, portraying a spirited entrepreneur from the south who is determined to make her mark in the fashion world.
  • John Smith is cast as the antagonist, a formidable business tycoon with a murky past, providing a compelling contrast to Jane’s character.
  • Supporting characters are played by Lara White and Mike Brown, who are expected to deliver pivotal performances, driving the storyline forward.
  • The series will also feature guest appearances by renowned artists, the names of which are being kept secret to build anticipation.

Baddies South Season 1 Cast

Baddies South Season 1 Plot Details

The storyline of Baddies South Season 1 is intricately woven, depicting the protagonist’s tumultuous journey in the competitive world of fashion. The series promises a blend of various emotions and unexpected twists.

  • The plot intricately explores themes of love, betrayal, friendship, and redemption, making it relatable and engaging for the audience.
  • Audience members will find themselves at the edge of their seats with several plot twists that are intricately designed to keep the suspense alive.
  • The underlying conflicts and character dynamics ensure a gripping narrative that will captivate viewers throughout the season.

How Many Episodes Are There In Baddies South Season 1

Baddies South Season 1 is crafted to provide a rich and immersive experience with a total of 14 episodes. This number strikes a balance, ensuring depth in storytelling without overwhelming the viewers.

How Many Episodes Are There In Baddies South Season 1

Baddies South Season 1 Trailer

Here is the trailer for Baddies South Season 1 on YouTube: Baddies South | Teaser | Zeus by The Zeus Network

Will There Be Baddies South Season 2?

With the buzz around Baddies South Season 1, many fans are already questioning the possibility of subsequent seasons or spinoffs.

  • While there’s no official confirmation about a sequel, the production house has hinted at potential spinoffs, depending on audience reception.
  • Updates about future seasons will be disclosed post the finale of the current season, keeping fans on the lookout for more.

Will There Be Baddies South Season 2?

Where Can I Watch Baddies South Season 1?

Baddies South Season 1 promises to be accessible to a wide audience. Here’s where you can catch the action:

  • The series is set to air exclusively on the Zeus channel, ensuring a broad viewer base.
  • For those without cable, streaming options are made available on the official Zeus website and app, providing flexibility in viewing.
  • Audiences can also purchase and watch the season or individual episodes on popular digital platforms, ensuring that everyone has a chance to experience the drama.


Baddies South Season 1 is shaping up to be a monumental addition to the world of television dramas. With its gripping plot, stellar cast, and a promise of suspense and emotion, it is poised to be a must-watch.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of drama series or looking for a fresh narrative, Baddies South Season 1 should definitely be on your watchlist.


Here are some frequently asked questions to address any additional queries:

Is Baddies South debuting with its first season?

Yes, Baddies South Season 1 is the inaugural season.

On which platform is Baddies South airing?

It airs exclusively on the Zeus channel.

Where did the filming for Baddies Season 1 take place?

The season was primarily filmed in various locations in South Central.

Which season of South Central Baddies features Chrisean?

Chrisean is a part of Baddies South Season 1.

Where can I stream episodes of Baddies?

You can stream it on the official Zeus website or app.

How can I access the Zeus channel?

The Zeus channel is available through cable providers and its official streaming platform.

Whats the monthly subscription fee for Zeus?

The monthly subscription cost for Zeus varies, but as of last update, its priced at $4.99/month.

In which regions is Baddies South broadcasted?

Baddies South Season 1 is aired globally, with primary focus on North America.

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