Award Winning Rangoli Designs, Easy Freehand Patterns For Diwali With Diya Images, Pics, Photos & Flowers PDF

Diwali is an important Indian festival that is celebrated all across the country. On this special occasion, people decorate their homes and offices with the best rangoli designs.

Rangoli forms an important part of the festival. The word ‘rangoli’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘rangavalli.’ Rang means colour and aavalli means drawing lines or rows.

Rangoli designs are mainly painted in the courtyard or at the doorsteps. It is done to welcome the goddess Lakshmi to bring prosperity to the homes. You can create any pattern you want with rangoli. You can check out some of the best rangoli patterns and ideas for help.

Award-Winning Rangoli Designs For Diwali With Diya Images, Pics, Photos & Flowers PDF

Award-Winning Rangoli Designs

What is rangoli?

Beautiful Diwali Special Rangoli Pictutre

Rangolis are often considered to be religious and spiritual. In the Hindu dharma, rangoli is associated with celebrations. It is the creation of a design on the floor using flower petals, sand, rice, etc.

The tradition of making rangolis is deep-rooted in India. During festivals like Diwali, people draw rangolis outside their doorstep. Rangolis can be of any size and shape. There are various patterns you can paint. The place where it is drawn is considered to be auspicious.

What is the significance of rangoli?

Beautiful Rangoli Designs For Diwali Festival

In simple terms, rangoli signifies auspiciousness. It has great importance in Indian festivals in the Hindu culture. People make preparations before they start making rangolis. Whether it be Durga puja or Diwali, rangolis are a part of every main Hindu religious festival in the country.

The main purpose of drawing rangolis is to attract positive energy and to welcome deities in the house. In Lakshmi puja, rangoli is painted to welcome the goddess of prosperity. During Diwali, people make rangoli to celebrate the return of Lord Rama. Festivals in India seems to be incomplete without rangolis. It adds colour and makes the event more auspicious.

Rangoli is also considered to be positive and pure. People draw it outside their doorsteps to attract positive energy to their house. Almost every festival in India has a story behind it. It is said to defeat the power of evil and negativity. By drawing rangolis you are inviting positivity to your house.

Apart from that it also serves as a form of decoration as well. Rangolis, as the name implies, are colour designs and patterns that make your house look good. It increases the aesthetic value of your house. It brings togetherness as it brings people together.

What are the types of rangolis?

Designer Rangoli For Diwali Festival

The main type of rangoli that we all know about is Kolam. This is a simple type of rangoli that are drawn on Diwali.

Rangoli is known by different names in different Indian cultures. People also call it Alpana and Chowk Purana. The style of making rangolis have evolved over the years. The special thing about rangoli is that it brings people close to complete a single task. It also marks the beginning of something holy.

Rangolis are a constant important part of Indian festivals. The tradition has been there for long and it is here to stay for the years to come.

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