21 AudiobookBay Alternatives for 2023: The Best Sites Reviewed

Audiobooks are growing in popularity, as they provide a convenient way to “read” while commuting, exercising or carrying out other activities. Consequently, the demand for audiobook websites and services has been on the rise over recent years. One of the most popular audiobook websites out there is audiobookbay, which offers a wide selection of audiobooks. However, with so many alternatives to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start streaming.

Tips to Choose Safe audiobookbay Alternatives

When it comes to finding good quality audiobooks, there are some important criteria that should be taken into consideration when picking an alternative website or service. These include mobile compatibility, loading speed and captions.

Mobile Compatibility: All of the alternative websites or services that have been included in this article have a good selection available to stream on both desktop and mobile devices, so you can choose whichever suits your needs best.

Loading Speed: Some audiobook alternatives might take longer than others to load audio files or books, depending on the size of each video file. Make sure you check out these websites before signing up as they’ll help determine how quickly you can enjoy your audiobooks.

Captions: Not all audiobooks are available with captions, so make sure to check the availability of such features before paying for a subscription. Captions and subtitles can prove especially helpful if you’re learning something new or trying to improve your foreign language skills when streaming audiobooks.

Best Audiobookbay Alternatives

Here we look at 21 AudiobookBay Alternatives. After reviewing each one, you’ll have a better understanding of which website or service is right for your needs.


Audible provides an extensive library of audiobooks and original audio entertainment that can be accessed from any device, including mobile phones and tablets. This makes the books more accessible to users who need portability, convenience and ease of access. Audible also has a wide range of genres and includes both free and paid content with various audible channels, allowing users to have more control over what audiobooks they can listen to. It is worth noting that an Amazon Prime membership gives customers unlimited access to Audible for no additional cost.


LoyalBooks provides audiobook streaming services similar to Audiob ooksBay. The website offers a huge selection of free audiobooks, which can be downloaded in mp3 or ogg format for use on any device. Subscribers also enjoy great discounts and access to interactive audio books that include descriptions and discussions.


This Audio Book site offers a wide variety of genres from classic fiction to science non-fiction. It is unique because it includes thoughtful conversations , a blog and podcast that help listeners engage deeper with the material they are streaming. ThoughtAudio also provide great audio editing and narrating services at an affordable price.


This website is dedicated to giving all children access to high-quality, free audiobooks and stories in various genres such as adventure, fiction Fairy tales, mysteries etc that help encourage their imagination through interactive storytelling. Storynory also provides original stories, audio dramas and activities for kids to keep them engaged in books They’re streaming

Extra Torrent


Extra Torrent is a service that can help listeners find the latest audiobooks through their suggested search engine. The website has an impressive collection of torrent files, which makes it incredibly easy to locate the book you are looking for without taking up too much time.


This platform connects listeners with their local library to stream thousands of audiobooks for free. Overdrive provides readers access to a variety of genres from romance, adventure and children’s books, as well as popular fiction and non-fiction titles without having to hunt around different libraries in your neighbourhood or city sot find the perfect book. Additionally, users also get the chance to be part of virtual and physical book clubs hosted by professionals.


This non-profit AudioBook website provides free access to audiobooks in multiple genres and languages, such as romance, history, short stories etc. Unlike other streaming sites or platforms that require registration Librivox doesn’t log any user information when they’re accessing a book which helps protect their privacy. They also have a great selection of spoken word audio such as lectures and speeches available for streaming.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Similar to Extra Torrent, the Pirate Bay is an online database full of indexed torrent files that can allow its listeners to access audiobooks at no cost. This website skips out lengthy registration processes, allowing users to jump straight into searching and locating what they are looking for.


This community-based site provides a great collection of audiobooks as well as applications and games for different devices. Most of the files on this website are free to access, making it an economical option for those who enjoy audiobooks on the regular. In addition, Mobilism members have increased control over what type audiobook they’d like to stream thanks o its extensive library selection


The Eye is an open-source resource for finding free and reliable Audiobooks as well This platform provides several search features that enable its listeners to find Books in specific languages or genres with ease. Similarly, The Eye also offers audiobook streaming services on the go through their mobile-compatible website.


This site provides reviews on audiobooks, platforms and apps. AudioBookReviewer is great for those who are just getting into audiobook streaming as it allows you to access an immense collection of audiobooks along with reviews from other users that can help narrow down what suits your interests the best

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital

Offering more than 8 million titles across all genres and in multiple languages, Hoopla Digital provides an impressive library of audiobooks for any reader. What makes this streaming site unique is its user-friendly interface, which allows readers to stream Audio books as well as movies, music and comic from the same platform with no registration required

Open Culture

Open Culture

This online cultural hub provides a large selection of free audiobooks in multiple languages ranging from classics such as Shakespeare to Japanese literature and Chinese short stories etc. Open culture is a great source for listeners who are just getting started in the life of audiobooks.

Project Gutenberg

This non-profit website has one of the largest collections of free audiobook titles in multiple languages, sorted by authors or genres that makes sure there’s something suitable for any taste. Project Gutenberg also offers several other related services such as a database of film and TV classics and classic literature that can all be accessed without registration or cost

Free Classic Audiobooks

This site provides its listeners downloadable audio book streams on over 6,000 titles from authors like Tolstoy , Hardy etc. All Audio books present in this website are narrated by different volunteers, which gives unique depth and distinction to each story. Furthermore, the site also offers a wide selection of international works from authors such as Tagore and other Latin American writers


This audiobook platform offers classic literature adapted into audio streams that are highly educational but entertaining at the same time This provides a great learning experience for kids or those who want to brush up on their literary knowledge. The books available in this website have been adapted by the University of South Florida and can be used at no cost


This online streaming platform gives readers access to thousands of amazing audiobook titles from authors around the world along with several other reading materials such as eBooks, articles and magazines etc It also has a great selection for children’s literature, which can help secure their future as readers.


This streaming platform offers customers access to over 80,000 best-selling titles from various categories that include new releases and classic classics from popular authors around the world. With a variety of membership plans that are affordable, it is an attractive option for those who need great audiobooks on the go or at home.


Similar to Audiobooksnow, this streaming site provides a large selection of audiobooks along with genres for all tastes available in different plans and subscriptions Some memberships even provide complimentary Add-ons such as free credit points once you complete your subscription, which can be used to purchase more audiobooks from the platform


This online streaming platform offers a huge selection of audiobooks from various genres and authors with no waiting required between titles. Downpour also has a great selection for low-budget listeners, as it provides flexible rental periods that allow payment per rental rather than committing to full subscriptions plans etc

Protect Yourself With VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

To ensure a secure streaming experience, it is always wise to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when accessing audiobook sites or any other kind of media platform. A dedicated VPN will encrypt your internet traffic and allow your IP address to remain hidden while you roam the web anonymously. However, You should be careful as different providers offer different features so make sure you choose wisely

NordVPN Pros and Cons

As one of the biggest names in the VPN industry, NordVPN offers a great balance of features at an affordable price. The service has over 5000 servers available across 59 countries and allows users to stream popular media platforms such as Netflix and BBCplayer with bypassed geo-restrictions However be wary of the slow upload speed associated with this product

audiobookbay FAQs

No, AudiobooksBay is not legal to use as it offers pirated versions of audiobooks available for download.

How Safe is audiobookbay Site?

AudiobooksBay comes with many risks, such as a high risk of downloading a virus or malware from the website’s servers. Additionally, using this service may result in copyright infringement violations which can come with severe penalties.

Which are the top audiobookbay Alternatives?

As discussed throughout our article, some of the safe alternatives to Audiobooks Bay include Audible, Loyal Books, ThoughtAudio, Storynory, Extra Torrent and Overdrive etc .

What happened to audiobookbay?

The website was shut down in 2018 due to copyright violations by distributing pirated content. It is currently inactive on the web but there are still many other similar services available for streaming audio books.

What happens if I get caught while watching audiobookbay or its alternatives?

Using a service such as AudiobooksBay could result in copyright infringement violations which may lead to legal actions taken against you.

Is audiobookbay Down?

Yes, the Audiobooks Bay website is currently offline. However, there are many other streaming sites and services available for download that provide similar audiobook content.

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