Apalimarathi: A Place for Movie Lovers

Apalimarathi: A Place for Movie Lovers

If you are an ardent fan of the Marathi film industry then you must have heard about Apalimarathi. It is a torrent movie site that provides you with the best of Marathi films of all time. In our daily struggling lives, we seldom find time for ourselves to attain to our entertainment and desires. Nothing suits a better mode of entertainment other than re-watching or watching some of your best choices of movies and some of the best movies of all time. However, people must be well accustomed to the language in which the medium of entertainment is served. 

We are going to talk about one such torrent site that caters to the desires of a specific audience, the Marathi audience. Not many sites provide you with exclusively Marathi movies only. Apalimarathi is a site that caters to such demands of the audience. If you are such a fan of the movies and have come wandering onto here then the chances are this is untrodden territory for you. However, fret not and read along as here we have discussed all the intricate details about the site: 

Features of Apalimarathi:


Each torrent site has some distinguishing features that help them stand out from other torrent sites. Apalimarathi does not have as such a big market to compete in provided that it contains predominantly Marathi movies only. However, for it to keep its audience entertained, it has some mind-blowing features to accompany its good name in the market. 

All latest Marathi movies available here:

Any Marathi movie that has in recent times released in the theatres would be here by a short period. Apalimarathi provides you with not only the latest Marathi movies but also the classics from throughout the timeline of Marathi cinema. 

Video qualities: 

The site has videos in all formats and qualities. All devices cannot support very high-quality video formats. The site hence has a wide range of video formats for the user to choose from. Apalimarathi, of course, has a high definition (HD) videos as well, and the format can be used in devices that can support it. 

Range of content:

The site has a wide range of content for all of its users. Apalimarathi consists of not just movies but also television shows, dramas, music, and so on, but all of them predominantly in the Marathi language. Not all sites provide such exclusive content. Hence for die-hard fans of Marathi films and other entertainment shows, this site is one of the best choices to go for. 

Easy to use user interface:

Certain torrent sites have functions that are not easily understandable. But not Apalimarathi. Its instructions are quite easy to understand. Its user-friendly interface is, in fact, one of its most popular features behind its popularity. You can just reach the site and then by the application of a bit of common sense you could easily figure out how to download content from there. No extra knowledge of technology or experience in the field is required. 

It is free:

The contents you get on Apalimarathi is absolutely for free. The question arises from where do they earn the money, and well that they do via pop-ups. These can be exasperating at times but you can install an Ad Blocker to avoid getting interrupted by them. You can hence enjoy unlimited movies from all genres of the Marathi cinema without spending even a single penny!


The site has movies that have subtitles for people who may not be well accustomed to the language. This increases the reach of the site to a yet greater audience. The films hence could be enjoyed by a greater mass of people rather than just the ones who know the language. A fair deal indeed! 

Category of movies on Apalimarathi:

Different kinds of movies are available on the site. It may seem that the people using the torrent site may have fewer options as they are bound by the chains of just one language. However, what they lack in the versatility of languages, they make up for it with movies from a wide set of genres. The public hence has quite a great range of choices to choose from. 


Laughter can manage any and every situation well and when the time gets tough humour comes to our rescue. Well if you are having a bad day, you can always count on Apalimarathi to provide you with some films that would ensure some good laughs. 


If you are someone who loves thrillers then you are in luck. The site has some of the top-notch thrillers from the Marathi film industry. 


In today’s daily hectic lives we seldom get time to read books about stalwarts or other great men who have made significant contributions to humankind. Apalimarathi makes our job easier as it provides us with a wide array of such biographies and documentaries, making the experience fun as well. 


Love transcends boundaries and unites people. No matter how long your day was, you can always trust Apalimarathi to provide you with some good old romantic movies from the Marathi film industry to give your long day a good and dreamy end. 

The site has a lot more to offer than what is mentioned above. Login and download movies yourself to see the immense range of movies and other content the site has in store for you. 

10 alternatives for Apalimarathi:

Say for some reason the site cannot be reached, would that mean an end to your customised Marathi film-watching experience? Of course not! For situations such as those here are some alternatives you could use:


Copying any kind of content without due permission from the creator of the content is both morally as well as legally an offense. Morally speaking if you are taking a content created by someone without paying proper tribute to the creator it is justly wrong on your side. Also if and when caught this may be charged as a criminal offense and accordingly dealt with. The site in no way encourages or influences plagiarism in any form. It rather encourages its viewers to keep themselves away from such activities as well. 


Is the site legal?

No Apalimarathi is not a legal site. It is a torrent movie downloading site that lets you download Marathi Movies for free. 

Does it require registration?

No, the site does not require any registration. You can visit the site and download the movies of your choice for free to watch in your leisure. 

Is the site safe?

The site is not legal. Apalimarathi hence lacks any form of concrete safety or security techniques. You thus need to be more careful so as not to download any malware whole trying to download some other content. 

Does the site have films of other languages?

Well, no the site does not contain films of other languages. However, it does have dubbed and subbed versions of popular movies from other languages as well. 


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