13 Top Animixplay Alternatives for 2023 – Stream Movies, Series & Anime Safely

Animixplay is an online streaming service that allows visitors to watch movies, series and anime from different streaming sources in one place. However, this popular platform was shut down by its owners due to copyright infringement claims and other legal issues. To continue with the same experiences without taking any risks or worries about the legality or safety of your data/ identity, these13 alternatives to Animixplay are here for you.

Tips to Choose Safe Animixplay Alternatives:

While selecting a good alternative for Animixplay, ensure it is trusted and use basic privacy protections like download filters, parental control tools, enable two-factor authentication settings etc. In addition, make sure the streaming site offers a reliable customer support desk in case of any issue arises. Also, confirm online reputation/reviews before committing to any Animixplay alternatives.

Best Animix Alternatives:



Destination URL: crunchyroll.com
Crunchyroll is one of the most popular and trusted streaming services that offer a high-quality video viewing experience with excellent subtitles, themes, voiceovers and music selections! Moreover, it allows you to add accounts and mark put shows as watch later lists to be more organized during your viewing experience. Its free version contains around 10,000 episodes from thousand of different series with advertisement interruptions. For paid subscription plans, it offers no ads and supports Android & iOS mobile apps for streaming, among other devices.



Destination URL: funimation.com
Funimation is the perfect choice for those who love to view dubbed or subbed anime series with additional audio tracks in multiple languages option exclusive access to its content library up to anime series databased worldwide with no ads. It provides streaming services to Android and iOS mobiles with monthly, quarterly & yearly subscription plans.



Destination URL: animedao.to/
AnimeDao is known for its super smooth streaming services that allow you to watch high-resolution videos even on low bandwidth connections without any buffering issues, along with excellent subtitles options and the ability to select audio quality from 240p–720 p. Moreover, the platform provides access to the latest episode, ratings & reviews, including all anime categories like romance, horror and action with no electronically signed agreement required for streaming service.


Anime Planet

Destination URL: anime-planet.com/
Anime-Planet is one of the leading websites offering a user-friendly interface with secured private data and regular automated backups that quickly respond to any display breakdowns or technical difficulties while streaming videos within minutes after the incident. Moreover, it can be accessed both from desktop and mobile apps. A free version of its membership plan allows users to stream anime series with no extra fees and release dates info.



Destination URL: viz.com/
A popular streaming service that provides an audio-visual platform for watching interactive anime episodes and manga comics while gaining access to influential titles across genres such as action & adventure, music fantasies etc., by having its membership member. It offers free versions and paid subscription plans with bonus features like Blu-Ray and digital downloads, movie screenings etc.



Destination URL: gogoanime.com/
A unique streaming platform that provides a hassle-free watching experience for the entire viewer by offering a simple user interface design along with an added feature of adding subtitles on videos to make each episode more interactive, such as the latest news for the fans and release dates. It also offers a free version of membership plans and limited and full access to catalogs of movies, series & anime by providing a transparent range of download links, including 1080p and some titles.



Destination URL: animelab.com/home
AnimeLab provides HD streaming even at low internet speed without any interruptions, along with built-in social features like user profiles, friends list, forums etc., allowing its viewers to have a better & interactive experience while streaming its regular world-famous anime series. It also provides a mobile app with flexible subscription plans for seamless access on Android and iOS mobiles.




Destination URL: .hidive.com/
Hidive offers two versions for different viewers, one of which is free with limited options, exceptional HD video quality, and great titles from genres such as horror & sci-fi covering sub/dubbed anime episodes. At the same time, the other is available only for premium members with full access to its library, simulcasts from Japanese TV airings and ultimate video quality up to Certified HD.



Destination URL: animefreak.video/
An excellent streaming platform featuring the latest titles with the enhanced feature of keeping your view list log known as the ‘My Watchlist’ option allows users to sync their account across the web platforms along various devices like tablets and smartphones. It considers itself a free streaming service, meaning it doesn’t require any registration or money from the user side to access its contents, though some ads may be displayed on the page.



Destination URL: myanimelist.net/
An excellent choice for anime fans looking to join a fandom-type community, where members can discuss their favorite series by creating & sharing personalized profiles concerning their likes and preferences. This perfect platform keeps updated on all episodes released daily, which is almost like distributing a paperless newspaper and downloading facility from third-party sources.



Destination URL: animetribes.ru/
A great streaming website for anime fans from Russia, providing popular crime & horror serial dramas without limitation in language or content format. It operates friendly user-interface buttons that allow its viewers to navigate easily through its contents as well option of directly downloading each episode without any 3rd party websites



Destination URL: 9anime.to/
This website is known for allowing users to access a rapid speed-watching experience by eliminating long buffering delays between video streaming. Moreover, it contains an ever-growing data library from various genres and classifications with reliable server uptimes. It provides sync options across multiple devices, such as mobile, laptop etc., along with subscription plans, both premium and unpaid versions.



Destination URL: yugen.to/
This is an excellent website for anime lovers where you can watch thousands of episodes in HD with join a community forum discussing topics related to the anime genre along with different updates on the latest releases as well availability of subtitles & audio tracks in various languages such as French, German, Spanish etc.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

With so many legal issues related to pirated or copyrighted streaming, consumers should use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for both protective/privacy purposes and potential cost savings. VPNs help protect users from ISP throttling, malicious hacking & identity theft attempts and provide access to restricted websites by hiding the user’s IP address when browsing the web. NordVPN is one of the best recommended global online security providers with military-grade encryption and well-designed mobile applications compatible with any device for a supreme customer experience.

NordVPN Pros and Cons

NordVPN offers a highly secured gateway with AES-256 encryption and Open VPN protocols, making it very hard to break as access through the MFA module grants extra security coverage along the unblocking restricted websites such as Netflix and YouTube while being connected to the same device. However, one drawback is its average speed indicating that buffer-style streaming may not be suitable for this service if viewing requires watching content on 4K resolution.


With the demise of Animicxplay after a series of copyright issues, viewers are shifting to these safe & reliable alternatives for streaming their favorite anime series without worrying about getting into or facing fines later. Therefore always ensure your safety and others connected to you before accessing any streams from these third-party sources, as in some countries, pirating online content is illegal. Moreover, use an appropriate VPN to protect yourself while streaming content off the internet and consider community reviews & ratings if you require subscription plans before committing yourselves to it.


No, as per no copyright laws internationally recognized, it is illegal to download any copyrighted material without consent from the owner or license holder for creating financial loss and can result in being involved in civil lawsuits or criminal prosecution cases.

How Safe is the Site?

It is unsafe as its contents are streaming illegally, and copyrighted material can be loaded with some threat of viruses, bots or scam targets into users’ devices, making it vulnerable to injuries or damage.

Which are the top Alternatives?

The best alternatives include Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeDao, Anime-planet, VIZ, GoGoanime, AnimeLab, HID IVE, AnimeFreak, MyAnimeList, AnimeTribes, 9anime and YugenAnime as these platforms are reliable & safe with secured access multiple devices across regions.

What happened to the Site?

The site was shut down by its owners due to numerous copyright infringement claims against it; therefore, no further activities are taking place on this platform.

What happens if I get caught while watching Site and its alternatives?

It depends upon which country you are streaming these contents, which may lead to face punishment like possible fines or even imprisonment in some cases.

Is the Site Down?

Yes, the Site is no longer running but can be used through third-party websites that do not provide safety & privacy from authorities.

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