31 Top-Rated Animepisode Alternatives for 2023: Which is Right For You?

Animepisode is a popular website featuring links to full-length episodes of many different types of anime. Fans submit these linkers with access to torrented or otherwise illegally shared content.

While the website contains some well-known titles, it is primarily fan-sourced content and not approved by legitimate anime licensing companies. Unfortunately, this means that the website can also pose certain legal risks when choosing to watch an episode from it.Animepisode-1

Tips to Choose Safe Animepisode Alternatives

With so many streaming services in the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you and your needs. To find a good alternative to Animepisode, here are some of the important factors that need to be considered before deciding:

* Mobile Compatibility– The streaming service should support Android and iOS devices. The apps should also provide quality streaming without any glitches.
* Loading Speed and Quality– Streaming services should offer good loading speed and provide high-definition quality video streaming for a smooth user experience.
* Subtitles, Captions and Audio Descriptions – A great Animepisode alternative should provide subtitles, captions and audio descriptions that make the show understandable for everyone, regardless of language or geographical origin.
* Personalization – Look for features such as creating personal playlists or bookmarks to keep track of the shows or episodes you have watched.
* Free Vs Paid – Both free and paid streaming services are available in the market. Depending on your budget, find out which one offers more value for your money.
* Licensing agreements – Make sure to pick a reputable streaming service with a legitimate licensing agreement to stream anime show content legally.
* Sign-in/Account creation (if required)– If signing up is necessary for any streaming service, go through their terms and conditions before registering.

Best Animepisode Alternatives for 2023


Destination Link: viz.com/watch

VIZ offers on-demand streaming of popular anime shows such as ‘Naruto Shippuden,’ ‘My Hero Academia,’ and “Attack On Titan: Final Season” among many others. The site allows you to search for anime by genre, season, or network.

It is available on the website and in mobile app formats for Android and iOS users. The free streaming service offers a vast selection of subtitles, captions, and audio descriptions, along with personalization features like ‘My List’ to keep track of your watch progress.


Destination Link: hidive.com

This streaming platform provides access to a variety of non-exclusive titles as well as original content. It offers English dubs, a range of captions and subtitles. With the subscription plan, users can access more than 500 titles, with new shows added regularly every month.

The service is available on both the mobile app format for Android & iOS devices, plus all the latest web browsers.


Destination Link: vrv.co/=

This ad-supported streaming platform hosts content from Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, Cartoon Hangover, etc. It also offers exclusive titles such as “Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World” and “BanG Dream!”. The service is available on all web browsers plus both Android & iOS mobile app formats.


Destination Link: animelab.com

This streaming service from Madman Entertainment provides access to a library of hundreds of anime shows with the addition of new episodes within minutes after they have aired in Japan on websites like Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

Besides movies and OVA’s, it also offers original content like “Monster Musume” and “Mermaid Festa.” The service is available as a mobile app for both Android & iOS devices, plus all the latest web browsers.


Destination Link: tubitv.com

This free ad-supported streaming platform covers anime shows, films, documentaries, etc. Users can access titles from major networks such as Funimation and Anime Network, with new episodes added regularly. It offers subtitles for some of its catalogs.

The service is available on all web browsers and Android and iOS devices.


Destination Link: retrocrush.tv

This streaming service features anime, classic cartoons, and cult films from Asia. It also provides access to late-night J-dramas and Korean variety shows with English-subtitled versions tailored to North American audiences.

Please note that it primarily hosts non-exclusive titles. The service is accessible as an app on Android and iOS devices, plus all the latest web browsers.

Midnight PulpMidnight Pulp

Destination Link: midnightpulp.com

This streaming service is regarded as a subsidiary of its parent company, Shudder, meaning users will get access to films from that platform, like cult classics “Shin Godzilla” or “Blood Mania,” etc.

It is available on all supported web platforms plus mobile app formats for Android & iOS devices.


Destination Link: aniwatcher.com

AniWatcher offers one of the most extensive selections of anime titles, with new episodes added almost within minutes after they have aired in Japan.

This streaming platform will not disappoint you, from series to movies, as it hosts tremendous exclusive and non-exclusive content from Hulu, Funimation, etc. The service is available on Android & iOS mobile app formats plus the web browser version.


Destination Link: animefrenzy.net

This online streaming platform offers a massive catalog of non-exclusive titles and series from Hulu, Viz, Crunchyroll, etc., with episodes added almost within minutes after the episode airs in Japan. The service and all supported web platforms are available on Android and iOS devices.


Destination Link: animepark.net

It offers a subscription model that provides access to thousands of anime episodes and some great movies. With fewer ads compared to others, this spot will not disappoint hardcore anime fans. It’s available on both web browsers and mobile app formats for Android & iOS.


Destination Link: animetv.biz

This streaming platform offers a mix of exclusive content along with non-exclusive titles from Funimation, Crunchyroll, etc. It provides access to some specialties like Imagine Drama or Audio dramas, too.

The service is accessible as an app for all Android & iOS devices plus supported web platforms.


Destination Link: app.darkanime.stream

This streaming platform offers a decent free selection of titles, including dubbed and subbed versions. The service is available on web browsers plus mobile app formats on both Android & iOS devices.


Destination Link: ryuanime.com

It features exclusive content such as “Anime World” and “Hetalia,” along with non-exclusive titles. However, the mobile experience is still in development, with its mobile app only available for Android devices. It’s expandable to iOS soon.


Destination Link: twist.moe

This free ad-supported streaming platform offers a decent collection of recently aired anime episodes, including subs and dub options! It also added the Revival series as well. The service is accessible on all web browsers plus both Android & iOS devices.


Destination Link: animepahe.com

An independent streaming platform offers thousands of episodic content in HD format, focusing on non-exclusive titles only.

It allows users to download single episodes and complete Anime series with English subtitles available for some shows. It’s still relatively new but is expanding its catalog rapidly.


Destination Link: otakustream.tv

Being an anime-centric streaming service, this spot features non-exclusive titles from Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc., with dubbed and subbed versions. It also offers a vast selection of movies to choose from.

The service is available for streaming on web browsers plus mobile app formats for Android & iOS.


Destination Link: crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming services with a vast and diverse selection of titles, original content, simulcasts of currently airing shows in Japan, etc.

It offers users access to subtitled and dubbed versions of its library, making it accessible to all Otaku fans! Furthermore, users can use their “Premium” membership to watch anime before anyone else with some excellent special perks.

It’s available as an app on Android and iOS devices, plus a web browser version.


Destination Link: funimation.com

Funimation is one of the leading streaming services for anime fans around the globe, providing users with access to exclusive shows, ad-supported content, subtitled and dubbed anime titles, etc. This spot also offers a vast selection of movies.

The service can be accessed from all supported browsers plus mobile app formats for Android & iOS devices.


Destination Link: myanimelist.net

This online social community platform allows users to keep track, view, and share all their favorite anime shows in one place.

It also provides access to reviews by others so that you can know what’s worth watching and what’s not, but this spot doesn’t allow streaming of any video content. Instead, other sites are recommended for that purpose.

The service is accessible through web browsers with an Android mobile app format available, too.


Destination Link: anilist.co

This streaming platform supports web browsers and Android devices, providing users with access to tons of anime titles in multiple languages and movies. Social media also allows users to comment, reply, etc., making it more interesting.

Anime-PlanetAnime Planet

Destination Link: anime-planet.com

One of the oldest streaming spots, Anime-Planet, offers many anime titles. It also provides suggestions from the community so that users can keep up to date on the best shows and movies.

The site doesn’t require registration or fees to access its contents, available in subtitled and dubbed formats.


Destination Link: 9anime.to

This free streaming platform allows users to watch movies, TV series, etc., without registering. It offers dubbed and subbed versions, but unfortunately, videos are only available in 480p resolution.

It is one of the top spots for hardcore Otaku fans looking to stream their favorite titles in different languages.


Destination Link: gogoanime.so

This spot provides users access to thousands of HD anime shows and movies with subtitle support for non-English viewers.

However, it also features ads, which can be a bit frustrating. No account creation or fees are required, and Android & iOS users have access to the mobile app format.


Destination Link: kissanime.ru

This free streaming platform offers access to a tremendous selection of anime movies and series with English subtitles for non-English viewers. However, this spot is also ad-supported, making it quite annoying if you are not using Adblocker.

The website can be accessed from all web browsers and through its Android App.

AnimeHeavenAnime Heaven

Destination Link: animeheaven.ru

AnimeHeaven is a great streaming platform that provides access to anime movies, but the selection for TV series still needs improvement. Also, this spot doesn’t have an iOS app yet, but users can use the web browser version available on Safari or Chrome.


Destination Link:  chia-anime.me

This spot offers all sorts of anime genres, from Drama, Comedy, Mecha, etc., with English subtitles, making it accessible to non-English viewers.

It doesn’t require any registration or fees for streaming its contents in both subbed and dubbed versions on all internal browsers plus the Android App.


Destination Link: animetake.tv

This free ad-supported site offers users access to some great anime titles and movies but needs improvement on the series selection. However, the search engine works well, meaning you can find what’s required quickly.

It is available as an app for both iOS & Android devices, plus a web browser version.


Destination Link:  animedao.to

AnimeDao is an excellent spot for watching subbed and dubbed series with popular cartoon titles. It also features some movies as well but needs improvement. The website can be accessed from its Android & iOS app or web browsers.


Destination Link: animekisa.tv 

Offering thousands of different anime genres, AnimeKisa is one of the best spots for fans looking to watch classic and the latest series. It also provides an extensive selection of dubbed versions with captions available. It can be accessed from both the App & browsers.


Destination Link: animefreak.tv

AnimeFreak is one of the largest selections of both subbed and dubbed versions, featuring almost all popular titles and some significant manga collections. The site doesn’t require any sign-up fee or registration, allowing users to access tons of content without any hassles.

It’s available as a mobile app for both Android & iOS plus web browsers too.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have For Safe Streaming

For those willing to use any of the above Animepisode alternatives, staying aware of your online safety and security is always essential. Stream on the safe side by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to connect to anime streaming sites and Animepisode.

Especially if you’re accessing from a region that heavily blocks these services or has strict copyright laws, a VPN will protect your personal information when using public networks etc.

NordVPN Pros & Cons

One of the most popular VPNs is NordVPN, which offers features such as DNS leak protection, Tor-over VPN, double encryption ad blockers etc. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS etc.

Though it is pretty affordable, there have been complaints about its customer service from some quarters.


Animepisode is a popular website for streaming Anime, but due to its pirated content and copyright infringement issues, it raises certain online security risks.

Fortunately, many legal alternatives available in the market provide an equally convenient and safe way of watching your favorite anime shows without getting into trouble. Choose wisely depending on your device compatibility, loading speed, captions/subtitles availability etc .

Stay safe by using VPN to connect to streaming sites and enjoy your Anime adventures!


No, the Animepisode site is not legal as the sources are pirated and often breached copyrighted.

How Safe is Animepisode Site?

Animepisode site poses risks to online security like malware infections, identity thefts etc

Which are the top Animepisode Alternatives?

VIZ, Hidive, VRV, and Animelab are some of the best alternatives to Animepisodes

What happened to Animepisode?

It was shut down in 2019 due to copyright infringement issues.

What happens if I get caught while watching Animepisode and its alternatives?

Depending upon the country’s copyright law, this can put you into legal trouble. in some cases, it may even lead to imprisonment or hefty fines.

Is Animepisode Down?

Currently, Anime Virus is not down, but as of now, many users are facing problems when trying to access any of the content on the website.

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