16 Best Anime8 Alternatives For 2023 – Explore Other Wonderful Platforms

Realizing the vast potential of the anime market, more streaming services have been released in recent years that offer safe alternatives to Anime8. All these options provide a great range of subtitles, captions, audio descriptions and personalization features.

Some are free, while others may require you to subscribe or pay a one-time fee to access the content. It is essential to remember that while some of these are legal, others may have copyright issues, so be sure to use a safe and secure streaming service whenever possible.


Tips for Choosing Safe Anime8 Alternatives:

When choosing an alternative streaming site, it is essential to consider factors such as loading speed, customer support services, mobile compatibility and licensing agreements.

You should also look out for potential security concerns when creating your account with the service provider, especially if a payment method is required.

Moreover, ensure that the chosen service offers good quality content with several subtitles and captions available for viewers who do not understand Japanese.

Best Anime8 Alternatives:

Here are sixteen of the best and safest alternatives to Anime8 that you can explore in 2023

Anime Planet

Anime Planet

Destination Link: anime-planet.com/anime/watch-online

This website has an extensive selection of anime shows in various genres with subtitles available in English and other languages. It has a sleek user interface with streaming features such as captions, audio descriptions and personalization options.

Anime Planet is free but has premium subscriptions, providing more content access.

Anime Out

Anime Out

Destination Link: animeout.xyz

This website offers a great selection of anime shows for users from all around the world. It allows smooth streaming on computer/laptop and mobile devices, supporting Google Cast & Chromecast to make watching animes more enjoyable.

The website is free and requires no account creation, as all content can be streamed on demand.



Destination Link: kissanime.name

This service provider has a massive library of anime shows and movies in various genres, with captions and audio descriptions available for some titles. It works perfectly well on most devices, including desktops, mobiles (iOS & Android), tablets etc.

Kissanime also offers excellent streaming speeds, which make streaming smooth and seamless.



Destination Link: 9animetv.to

9anime is one of the most popular anime streaming services, providing various shows in different languages. It has free and premium options with captions available for some titles that can be streamed in multiple formats.

However, an account must be created to keep track of watched shows and customize the user experience based on preferences.


Destination Link: cartooncrazy.me

Cartooncrazy offers a variety of content for people of all ages, with captions and subtitles available in different languages. It has multiple streaming options, such as Chromecast/Google Cast, AirPlay etc., which makes it easier to enjoy shows across various devices.



Destination Link: masterani.me

This website allows users to watch anime shows on desktop and mobile devices supporting Google Cast, Chromecast and Airplay features. It also includes a variety of categories like Comedy, Drama, Romance etc., so one can search for their favorite shows easily.

Moreover, subtitles can be switched from English to other languages, and content can be streamed on Kodi & Xbox devices.



Destination Link: animeflash.org

This website has a great selection of anime shows with multiple streams in different formats. It offers captions/subtitles at the click of a button, making streaming smooth and convenient for viewers who need help understanding Japanese.

The interface is clean and easy to navigate, with various categories for a better user experience.

Dubbed Anime

Dubbed Anime

Destination Link: dubbedanime.biz

This website offers full episodes in both dubbed and subtitled versions, with captions available in several languages. It has an attractive interface optimized for all types of devices, such as desktop, laptop or mobile (iOS & Android).

The content can be streamed easily without any account creation, and no licensing agreements are required either.

The Anime Network

The Anime Network

Destination Link: theanimenetwork.com

This service provider has a great selection of anime shows and movies with captions available for some titles. It also allows users to create an account and customize their experience based on preferences, which makes streaming more accessible and more convenient.



Destination Link: wakanim.tv

Wakanim is one of the best alternatives to Anime8, with various content that can be customized per the user’s choice. The website has both free & paid options, with multiple streams available in different formats.

It also supports Chromecast & Airplay features on mobile devices, enabling smooth streaming across various platforms.



Destination Link: animeultima.su

This service provider has many anime shows with subtitles and captions for some titles.

All content can be streamed without registering an account, so users need not worry about providing any personal details or payment information to access the content streaming over this website.



Destination Link: gogoanime.dev

This website offers a great selection of anime series with captions/subtitles available in different languages. It also includes the Chromecast & Airplay features on mobiles to make streaming more manageable and enjoyable across various devices.



Destination Link: 4anime.cc

4Anime has been recently added as a viable alternative to Anime8 due to its user-friendly interface, allowing an easy-to-navigate experience for viewers. There are no subscription or payment-based options, so users can enjoy content free of cost.

Moreover, captions and subtitles are also available in multiple languages, making it easier to understand shows for users not acquainted with the Japanese language fluently.



Destination Link: hidive.com

Hidive is a popular alternative to Anime8 as it provides HD-quality streaming at no extra cost. They have a great library of anime series that can be streamed on multiple devices, such as mobiles, laptops etc., with or without an account.

They also offer a 14-day free trial, giving viewers access to a premium collection of HD anime shows with captions and subtitles in different languages.



Destination Link: animepahe.ac/animepahe.com

AnimePahe provides streaming for multiple devices, including desktops and smartphones (Android & iOS), allowing users to watch content easily without creating accounts.

Moreover, captions/subtitles are provided in various languages for titles not familiarly known by viewers who need help understanding Japanese.

Anime Out

Anime Out

Destination Link: animeout.xyz

Anime Out offers a variety of anime shows from different genres and eras, catering to viewers with varied interests.

It has an easy-to-navigate interface that provides a seamless user experience for viewers, even across smartphones (iOS & Android) and other devices like Chromecast & Airplay.

The streaming service can be accessed free of cost without creating an account or paying a one-time fee, as all content is available on demand here.

With captions and audio descriptions available for a few titles, Anime Out is a great alternative to consider when looking for safe streaming services.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming:

It is essential to use a secure streaming service whenever possible, and the best way of doing that is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

NordVPN provides security on numerous devices, hides your IP Address, and encrypts your data to ensure it remains safe and anonymous from prying eyes.

It also helps break down geo-restrictions, providing access to content only available in specific countries that otherwise would be blocked.

NordVPN Pros and Cons:

NordVPN has several advantages: high streaming speed, multiple connections on different devices, and support platforms like PlayStation 3/4, Xbox One/360, and Android & iOS apps.

However, NordVPN is quite expensive compared to its competitors. Also, there may be some minor performance issues due to the encryption process, which slows down speeds slightly.


The rising popularity of anime has led to increased streaming platforms catering to this specialized entertainment medium. While Anime8 is a notable player in this space, numerous alternatives offer a variety of features, different anime genres, and subtitle options.

Remember always to prioritize security and legality when choosing a platform. A VPN like NordVPN can add an extra layer of safety, ensuring your streaming experience remains private and secure.


The content provided on this website is not legal and may violate copyright laws. It is advised to use a secure streaming service such as Australia or Canada’s Netflix, Hulu Canada etc., instead of accessing Anime8.

How Safe is the Anime8 Site?

Watching content from the mentioned site carries risks because it could contain malicious software that can damage your device. Therefore, taking extra precautions when using these types of websites is recommended.

Which are the top Anime8 Alternatives?

The top alternatives to Anime 8 are KissAnime, 9anime, CartoonCrazy, Masterani, Animeflash, DubbedAnime, The Anime Network and Wakanim.

What happened to Anime8?

It is currently offline due to copyright issues, so it cannot be accessed anymore.

What happens if I get caught while watching anime from sources like the websites mentioned above?

You may be fined or prosecuted for breaching copyright laws, so using a secure streaming service whenever possible is advisable.

Is Anime8 Down?

Due to copyright issues, it is currently offline and can no longer be accessed.

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