15 Anilinkz Alternatives for 2023- Find the Safe and Best Platform For Streaming

Anilinkz is a video streaming platform that offers users anime content such as series, movies etc. It has existed since 2012 as a popular choice for many watching Anime.

However, due to increasing restrictions caused by piracy and licensing issues, people have started looking for alternatives.

For this purpose, users look for other platforms and websites with similar or even better streaming options than Anilinkz.

Tips to Choose Safe Anilinkz Alternatives.

When choosing alternative sites, one must consider particular factors such as device compatibility (mobile phones, laptops etc.), the loading speed of videos and contents, captions/subtitles in various languages, audio descriptions available on the platform etc.

Furthermore, it is also essential to determine whether the website/platform offers its content completely free or charges customers on a specific basis.

This helps to find the most suitable streaming platform according to the user’s requirements and budget.

Best Alternatives of Anilinkz in 2023



Destination URL: kissanime.com.ru

Being one of the oldest anime-streaming sites, kiss anime is an excellent alternative to Anilinkz. With a vast genre selection and a regularly updated content library, this site has one of the best streaming options available in captions, subtitles and audio descriptions in various languages.

It easily supports all devices, including mobiles & PCs, without causing any buffering or other related issues.

However, it doesn’t help to license agreements; thus, most likely not safe to use, according to some authorities worldwide.



Destination URL: gogoanime.ai

GoGo Anime is also a well-known anime streaming platform that resembles Anilinkz in many respects. It supports easy navigation and browsing with various categories to define a list of contents according to the user’s preference.

With captions & subtitles support, as well as audio descriptions, this site provides users with a massive library full of the latest titles & releases regarding the anime industry, all available completely free without charging customers on per basis or requiring account setup.

The site is mobile-compatible and provides users with smooth streaming without causing buffering.



Destination URL: funimation.com

When sharing experiences with Anilinkz, nothing will match up with the fan base of alternatives like Funimation.

This platform offers content licensed in two countries, Japan & USA, while also supporting both pcs/laptops and mobiles simultaneously, thus making it the best choice for users.

The ultimate content library of Funimation boasts various categories making it the perfect choice when looking for an experience similar to Anilinkz.

It requires setting up an account and offers subscription basis streaming, such as monthly/yearly membership, whereas free trials are also available in some regions worldwide.



Destination URL: hulu.com/

This site is more of a general streaming platform that goes beyond boundaries established by Anilinkz & other anime streaming platforms.

With a massive library of catalog shows, movies, kids’ programs and documentaries, Hulu offers a unique experience to its users, thus making it a great alternative for Anilinkz.

It supports both mobile & pc devices with license agreement access in certain regions worldwide.

thus providing a safe way to move up animes without causing any piracy issues in the background or exposing system security through dangerous links like most would find on many similar sites being presented as alternative.



Destination URL: 9animetv.to/

Considered one of the biggest platforms for Anime streaming, 9Anime is an excellent alternative if you are looking for an Anilinkz experience in different manners.

It offers many genres and categories along with updated content such as subs/dubs & captions/subtitles support, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking out to try something new or explore the anime industry a little differently from its ordinary context.



Destination URL: animefreak.video

This is another great alternative that comes to mind whenever someone tries out streaming various animes, movies & TV shows assorting from genres similar to the original Anilinkz offering without charging much for it.

as most of its content is available for free in the public domain thus understandable why it quickly rose the ladder becoming one of *most popular choices amongst people.

It offers mobile friendly setup with fast loading speeds, making it a great choice if you are looking for a reliable streaming service with quick successions.



Destination URL: animeheaven.ru

Anime Heaven boasts thousands of titles from its massive catalog, thus replacing many alternatives available at Anilinkz with convenience.

It supports various anime market features like subtitles and captions with audio descriptions providing the perfect platform to anyone, regardless of their native dialect or region worldwide.

Furthermore, most of the content is free, eliminating the need to worry about any budget restrictions regarding streaming.


Destination URL: chia-anime.me/ 

Chia-Anime is an excellent alternative replacing Anilinkz with its massive array of licensed and original content in diverse genres like action, romance, comedy etc.

It supports various devices such as PC/laptops & Mobiles with quality audio descriptions & subtitles/captions, making it a unique streaming platform worldwide.

Like any other, this one also requires setting up an account so that users can connect with their favorite content and series in a fraction of a second without visiting different websites or sections.



Destination URL: animedao.to

Animedao is considered a perfect alternative when looking for something similar to Anilinkz, such as a free access site full of anime catalogs focusing on various genres.

It supports both PC & mobile devices, with captions/subtitles and audio descriptions allowing users to watch their favorite animes without missing a beat.

It is also one of the safest options available due to its free and licensed content, all determined simultaneously.



Destination URL: animelab.co

Anime lab is another streaming service just like Anilinkz, hosting hundreds of anime series and movies that can be easily accessed by its users who set up accounts with this platform which also notifies them of new releases, availability updates etc.

It supports all types of devices, such as mobiles, PC & laptops, thus doing it the perfect streaming service for anyone seeking something similar to Anilinkz.



Destination URL: crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll is another excellent alternative that replaces Anilinkz in various areas.

It provides access to an immense library of anime feature films, dramas and series that include coverage of genres such as action, comedy, romance etc.

thus outranking original Anilinkz with ease in terms of depth & length when it comes to offerings made by the streaming platform itself.


Anime Planet

Destination URL: anime-planet.com

Anime Planet offers users various subscription plans which allow them to watch content in free or premium versions.

Added with captions & subtitles supported by audio descriptions, it makes an excellent choice for anyone seeking anime streaming services compared to Anilinkz and similar services like Kiss Anime & GoGoAnime.



Destination URL: masterani.me/

Masterani is considered a safe alternative where users looking out for content similar to Anilinkz can find it without worrying about setting up an account on-site, thus making them relive the same experience with less fear of being tracked.

Furthermore, it also presents users with various genres & categories when they go beyond the menu page provided by anime streaming services.

thus providing a level of depth unseen in many similar services available online today.



Destination URL: animeultima.to/home

Anime Ultima is widely popular amongst people looking for a great free alternative to Anilinkz. Even their websites provide a complete Anime Library with options for downloading content if desired. It supports PC, mobile & laptop devices as well.

Though it does not include captions or audio description support, it still can provide great videos with favorite series, just like any other service.



Destination URL: aniwatcher.com

Ani watcher is known for its reliable replacement of Anilinkz present in the market today by adding lightening fast speed, captions & subtitles support, and audio descriptions that can be toggled in one click.

Users can easily watch their favorite anime titles on any device, whether a laptop, PC/ or mobile. It also offers diverse genres, given the basic preferences of the user’s choice.

Protect Yourself With VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming


People looking out for trusting streaming services similar to Anilinkz while being sure they would be safe from various threats that could result in legal actions must protect themselves by using a virtual private network(VPN).

This shields their IP address and other identifying information while accessing the streaming website, thus providing safe access. One such trusted and reliable VPN provider is NordVPN which offers people a free service trial.

NordVPN Pros And Cons


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable subscription packages
  • Incredible speeds for streaming and downloading content


  • No free version is available.
  • It complicated the setup procedure.

Anilinkz FAQs

It is not advisable to use Anilinkz as it may violate the copyrights of particular contents offered by the site.

How Safe Is Anilinkz Site?

It is not recommended to use Anilinkz due to security issues, as the website is full of ads and malicious links, which can harm your system if you click on or download anything from them.

Which Are The Top Anilinkz Alternatives?

There are many alternatives for Anilinkz, such as KissAnime, GoGo Anime, Funimation, Hulu and AnimeFreak.

What Happened To Anilinkz?

Due to piracy concerns and licensing issues in certain regions, Anilinkz is no longer functional; hence, many users have turned to its alternatives for streaming.

What Happens If I Get Caught While Watching Anilinkz And Its Alternatives?

You may face legal actions for illegally streaming content from Anilinkz and its alternatives. It is recommended to use paid VPNs and follow the terms & conditions of the streaming sites to be safe from any such issues.

Is Anilinkz Down?

Due to various piracy issues, the website has been shut down with no set a date for revival on its official domain.


In conclusion, there are many safe and legal alternatives to Anilinkz in place of the original website.

It is essential to ensure that you use a reliable VPN while streaming such content, as it reduces the risk of being caught due to piracy concerns.

Moreover, one should look for features like audio description & captions/subtitles support and mobile compatibility when choosing an appropriate alternative for Anilinkz media streaming service.

All these measures will help one stream their favorite content without worrying about legal issues or data theft.

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