An Exclusive to Remember: Ghost of Tsushima 

Once in a while, a video game releases that sends the gaming world into a shock concerning how enjoyable it is. It has happened countless times before – the release of Halo 3 or Red Dead Redemption 2 are good examples of games that have received almost universal praise by the gaming community. In addition to this, the release of Elden Ring has also proved to be an outstanding success and it is currently one of the highest-rated video games of all time. Given this, it could be interesting to look back at one of PlayStation’s greatest exclusives to consider what made Ghost of Tsushima such a great game.

 Ghost of Tsushima 

For the uninitiated, exclusive games are where releases only arrive on one platform or a group of platforms. While Xbox has developed a more inclusive approach over the years – which is something to be commended – PlayStation has doubled down and continued to release exclusive games on their platforms. Whether people think exclusivity is a good thing or not is irrelevant considering Sony’s approach has allowed it to be one of the biggest video game companies in the industry. In recent years, the rise of the video game industry has been incredible and there are other sectors in entertainment such as gambling that mirror this rise. This is because gamblers have taken to using sites like UKOCL to engage in online gambling, which appears to be the preferred way to play for most players.

Looking back at Ghost of Tsushima, it is clear that this is a game that has been developed with love and care. The development team were clearly passionate about the project, and the level of polish the game possesses will make that clear to players who load it up for the first time. Sucker Punch made a stylistic choice when designing the game to pay homage to old Samurai films and much of the Samurai culture too, and this is evident from the very first cutscene. 

Speaking of cutscenes, each moment of dialogue and narrative element is wonderfully crafted, and most beginners will find themselves engaged with Jin Sakai’s journey from the moment they first see him. This is because as well as exhibiting excellent gameplay, the narrative is also remarkable and will touch the hearts of even the toughest gamers. The full story takes gamers on an emotional rollercoaster that doesn’t stop, even after the main villain has been defeated.

 Ghost of Tsushima 

And then there is the gameplay. Here, Sucker Punch accomplished something which many studios find difficult to do: they created an outstanding combat system. Those who are familiar with the fluid combat of the Arkham series will feel right at home with this game. This is because the same feeling of fluidity and freedom is apparent when controlling Jin Sakai, who has access to several impressive skills such as Heavenly Strike and parrying.

Lastly, the presentation of Tsushima is beyond excellent and this is one commendation that has been repeated again and again on the internet. The music, world design and visuals all combine to produce one of the most beautiful video game worlds ever created. From this, it should be clear to those that have never tried playing this game that they are doing themselves a disservice.

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