Adam22 Net Worth: Here’s How Much Adam22 Earns! [2023 Updated]

Net Worth$10 million
Monthly IncomeVaries
Date of BirthNovember 24, 1983
Height1.8 m
ProfessionYouTuber, Podcaster, Record Label Owner

What is Adam22’s Net Worth and Salary In 2023?

The buzz around Adam22’s net worth has been steadily growing throughout 2023. Currently, his net worth is pegged at an impressive $10 million. This multifaceted individual has ventured into various domains to establish multiple income sources.

From YouTube to podcasts, and even a record label, Adam22 has leveraged his passion and skills to amass wealth.What is Adam22's Net Worth and Salary In 2023?

How Does Adam22 Make Money?

Adam22’s primary source of income is his YouTube channel, No Jumper, boasting over 2.5 million subscribers. This platform serves as a significant revenue stream, primarily focusing on interviews, podcasts, and discussions related to hip-hop culture and up-and-coming artists.

Adam’s entrepreneurial spirit is also evident through his record label, Adam22 Records, which further augments his earnings and solidifies his position in the music industry.

Adam22 Business Ventures & Investments

Adam22 has not limited himself to just entertainment and social media. He has ventured into various business avenues and made strategic investments. His record label, Adam22 Records, is a clear testament to his business acumen.

By tapping into the music industry through this label, he has ensured a continuous flow of revenue. Such strategic business decisions and investments have significantly boosted his net worth over the years.

Adam22 Business Ventures & Investments

Adam22 Assets

Adam22 Real Estate

Although specific details about Adam22’s real estate ventures remain undisclosed, it’s a well-known fact that many affluent individuals diversify their investments by plunging into the real estate sector.

There’s a good chance Adam22, with his vast resources, has made some smart moves in this arena, thereby increasing his assets and net worth.

Adam22 Cars

Luxurious cars often signify success, and it’s quite common for celebrities to indulge in amassing a collection of high-end vehicles.

While Adam22 has kept the details about his car collection under wraps, it’s reasonable to speculate that he owns a few prized vehicles that contribute to his overall net worth.

Adam22 Assets

Adam22 Early Life

The journey of Adam22, before he became a sensation, remains largely under the radar. However, it’s clear that his path was paved with unique experiences and challenges, which have played a crucial role in molding his career and the brand he represents today in the music and entertainment industry.

Adam22 Career

Adam22’s YouTube channel, No Jumper, has been the cornerstone of his career. The channel is renowned for its raw, unfiltered interviews and podcasts, garnering a loyal fanbase. This platform has solidified Adam22’s stature in the entertainment world, especially within the realms of hip-hop culture.

Adam22 Career

Who is Adam22?


Adam22, primarily known for his No Jumper YouTube channel, is a force to reckon with in the music and entertainment sectors. Beyond being a YouTuber, his entrepreneurial ventures, particularly his record label, underline his versatile influence in the industry.

Age and Date of Birth

Adam22, whose full name is Adam John Grandmaison, was born on November 24, 1983. As of today, he is 39 years old.

Who is Adam22?


Adam22’s height is 1.8 meters.

Adam22 Personal Life

Family [Siblings/Spouse]

However, it is known that his father, Philip, has played a significant role in his life. On the other hand, his mother worked as a librarian, a profession that highlights a stark contrast to the criminal associations connected to his father.

Adam22 grew up with a sister, and their close sibling relationship has been a significant part of his life. He also has a nephew named Henry, whose presence in his life has likely added to the familial bonds that he holds dear.

Adam22 Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Adam22 was married to Lena The Plug (Lena Nersesian), who is also a social media personality and YouTuber. They were known for their open and candid approach to their relationship on social media. They had one child together, a daughter named Penelope.

Adam22 Personal Life


What is the primary source of Adam22’s income?

Adam22’s main source of income is his YouTube channel, No Jumper. Additionally, his record label, Adam22 Records, significantly contributes to his earnings.

Has Adam22 ventured into the real estate sector?

Although specific details are elusive, given his wealth, it’s plausible that Adam22 has invested in real estate, a common practice among affluent individuals.

Does Adam22 own any luxury cars?

While details remain undisclosed, it’s likely that Adam22, like many successful individuals, owns a collection of high-end vehicles.

How did Adam22 start his career?

Adam22 began his career primarily through his YouTube channel, No Jumper, which focuses on hip-hop culture, interviews, and podcasts.

Is Adam22’s net worth primarily from his YouTube earnings?

While YouTube is a significant contributor, Adam22’s net worth also stems from his business ventures, investments, and record label.

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