20 Actvid Alternatives For 2023- Exciting Picks To Stream Anime

Actvid is one of the popular websites when it comes to watching anime. It became famous among anime lovers but recently got shut down due to copyright infringements and other legal issues. In this article, we are going to discuss the various alternative sites available for streaming good-quality content.

Tips For Choosing Safe Alternatives:

Before choosing any website for streaming, it is important to make sure that the website is safe and legal. Some sites have malicious content or may engage in illegal activities like copyright infringement, which can be dangerous. It is also important to check if the websites offer a license agreement so one doesn’t get into trouble while using them.

Best Actvid Alternatives:

Now let’s take a look at some of the best alternatives to Actvid which provide free as well as paid content.



It is one of the most popular streaming websites available today and provides good quality free and commercial content for anime. They also have an app which makes it very easy to access the website even on mobile devices. One thing to keep in mind while using this site is that copyright infringement might be a possibility if you don’t correctly follow their licensing agreement.



It is another great alternative for Actvid with a larger content library. They offer both free as well as commercial anime shows and their licensing agreement is fairly reasonable for users. The downside to this site is that the loading speed can be slow, making it difficult to watch your favorite show uninterruptedly.


This website has a large selection of animes which include dubbed episodes too. It also offers some features like personalization, tracking user’s episodes watched, creating manga collections etc., However, it might be difficult to find the latest episodes on this website.



This is a great alternative for Actvid as they offer an extensive library as well as good quality content. They also offer support for subtitles and audio descriptions which make watching anime easier even if you don’t understand Japanese much. Unfortunately, there are some issues with loading speed at times when watching the shows on their site or app.



This website contains a wide range of anime content and older series too. They also offer some unique features for personalization and account creation, which makes watching easier for people who love to follow particular animes. The only downside is that their free version may contain malware or malicious advertisements which make it unsafe to use especially on mobile devices.



It has one of the largest libraries when compared with other Actvid alternatives since users are able to find good-quality episodes even for older series. It also provides streaming directly to the users, saving some time and energy as opposed to downloading each episode. Sadly, it can take a long time for new episodes or series to be added to its database which makes this website slow in loading up contents



Produced by Madman Entertainment, It offers a wide range of content from its studios that has the latest shows. The downside would be for those who want older series, it might not be able to provide for them.



It is preferred by many users thanks to its huge database which includes both the latest and older animes. The website also provides streaming without signing up or creating accounts. The downside here would be the lack of availability on mobile devices since they don’t provide an app yet.


This website offers almost every anime content and has a large selection for users with their own streaming platform. It also provides support for audio descriptions and subtitles. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, one needs a VPN when accessing this website from some countries.



It is another great option if you want to watch animes in high quality without spending any money as they provide both free and paid content. They also have apps available on different platforms like Android etc., which makes it easy even on mobile devices. One issue would be slow loading speeds for some episodes, which can be a big hassle.



It is another great site in its own right with a large content library. They also have support for subtitles and audio descriptions as well. One downside here would be that they don’t offer commercial content yet, but still works fine if you are looking out to watch something without spending any money on it.



This offers 1080p HD quality content along with high-speed loading. It also provides some great features for personalization, account creation and tracking which makes the streaming more convenient for users. One downside is that due to copyright laws, it has low availability in certain countries which makes the accessibility limited.



This website offers both new and old series in good quality but unfortunately, its loading speed can be slow at times. It also supports subtitles and audio descriptions, but no app available on different platforms yet.



This website has a wide selection of both new and old series in decent quality. It also provides support for subtitles and audio descriptions. The downside here is that the loading speed can be slow on some episodes making it frustrating to watch without many interruptions.



If you are looking out for animes which are hard to find on other websites, then this could be your go-to place as they have a huge library packed with exclusive content. They also provide support for various platforms and languages, which makes sure that everyone is able to access their website. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer any apps yet.

Anime Ultima:


This website offers a wide selection of both new and old series with good-quality video streaming. They also offer some nice features like personalization, account creation and tracking which makes it easy to find particular animes or episodes even if you don’t remember what it was about. However, their policy for copyright infringements is a bit strict and can be dangerous if not followed .

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming:

It is essential to use VPN while streaming from any of these alternatives, as it can help protect one’s data and IP address. Furthermore, using a VPN when streaming anime on sites like Gogoanime or KissAnime becomes even more important due to copyright infringement issues.

NordVPN Pros and Cons:

NordVPN provides secure encrypted connection which makes one safe while surfing the web or streaming content online. They also provide a money back guarantee, so if you don’t like their services then you can always claim a refund. But they might not be as fast compared to other VPN providers and have certain restrictions on usage capabilities which make it difficult for some users .


Even though Actvid was shut down due to legal issues regarding copyright infringements, there are still some great alternatives which can be used to watch anime. One has to just make sure that they follow the legal procedures while streaming so that there won’t be any trouble later on. It is also important to use a good quality VPN for secure and safe streaming of these contents online, for it will keep your data and IP address safe from cyber criminals or other malicious threats as well.


No, Actvid is an illegal streaming website due to copyright issues and was shut down recently by the authorities.

How Safe is Actvid?

Since Actvid is an illegal streaming website, it can be dangerous to use as the content might contain malicious and harmful links.

Which are the top Actvid Alternatives?

The top Actvid alternatives include Crunchyroll, Funimation, Anime-Planet, and 9anime etc.

What happened to Actvid?

Due to copyright infringement issues concerning anime content that violates US laws, it was recently shut down due to legal issues.

What happens if I get caught while watching Actvid and its alternatives?

You might be subjected to civil lawsuits or criminal penalties under US laws so it is better to stay away from such illegal streaming websites.

Is Actvid Down?

Yes, the website was recently shut down by authorities due to legal violations and hence cannot be used anymore.

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