A new alternative to PUBG developed by Tencent already topping the charts

All the economic interest led to the urgent meet stringent regulations. Tencent, which is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world launches its new game this Wednesday called Game of Peace and it is making a lot of buzzes.

According to the statistics, this game is one of the top downloaded games in the Apple App store in China. This data is collected from the Sensor Tower data. This is the reason why people have estimated that Tencent’s softening gaming revenue will soon follow a licensing freeze in China. According to estimates, the application Game for Peace can generate about $1.48 billion in revenue annually for Tencent.

Tencent can license their game Players Unknown Battleground from the country South Korea. The Players Unknown Battle Ground was previously known as Bluehole in the year 2017 and later on Tencent released a test version in the mobile market in China. The game which is released by Tencent is only available to users who are above 16 years. This step has been taken because of all the problems related to children’s mental health which are caused by excessive gaming.

Tencent told the that the two games that they have released are very different from each other, but users have felt that both the games are more or less same and the only reason the company has released Game of Peace is to make sure that Players Unknown Battle Ground is substituted. On the 9th of April, Game of Peace received all the license they required to sell the in-game items.

It has been found that Players Unknown Battle Ground users have directed to download the game and it has also been announced that PUBG will be closing soon. The achievements are also being transferred from the old game to the new one which implies that the PUBG will no longer be available to the people in the future.

A PUBG player came out and said:

 “It’s basically the same game with some tweaks. The new game does not end up hurting the gamer experience.”

The new game is a bit different in some aspects. The muzzle flash is replaced with a gore. In the new game, when a player dies, they kneel down and surrender their loot box themselves which is a fun thing to watch.

The gamer also added:

 “It’s what we call changing skin. The gameplay stays largely intact. I don’t think this is the correct decision from the regulators. Getting oversensitive in the approval process will prevent Chinese games from growing big and strong.”

Chinese authorities are very strict when it comes to the reinforcement of rules. Most of the content creators can decipher regulators. One of the rules which do not make sense is that the name of the game should not contain any kind of word which does not simplify to Chinese. The gaming companies are not allowed to obscure any of the core values of the country.

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