Bolly4u (2023): Top 17+ Similar Sites Like bolly4u

Once upon a time, there were no options available for those who missed movies in the cinema halls. They used to repent but now the scenario has been changed and there is no need to repent at all. One can watch as well download their favourite movies form Bolly4u instantly, and at any point of time. This torrent website is one of the most visited websites by the users for downloading movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and famous south Indian movies. This website is preferred by millions of users who are very much willing to download their desired movies. 

One can also download dubbed movies from here in just 300 MB which is efficient and less time taking. All these features of this website make this the most visited and preferred torrent website for downloading movies. This website is full of content and one can find almost everything of their need in terms of movies and other videos. If you are a movie lover then you must visit this website if you want to download any of your favourite movie which you have missed to watch in the theatre. This movie download website is undisputed on the internet as it serves according to the need of the user and they can download any of their favourite movies in minutes.

What is Bolly4u?


Bolly4u is a torrent website that is used to download movies by the users in the best HD format like in 720p or 1080p. movies from Bollywood, Hollywood and south India are available here and one can download it from this junction in just 300 MB. A large number of people are there who failed to go to the theatre for their favourite movie. But on this website, they can live to stream their favourite videos and movies without paying much attention to the data as it will consume only 300 MB of data. What makes Bolly4u one of the best websites for downloading movies is its feature like from here can download movies in dual audio and Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies. 

If a user is wandering for a website from where he can download Hindi dubbed movies, especially for their android set then they can visit Bolly4u. all the movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, South India are uploaded here for free and any of the users who know the procedure of downloading can download the movies easily and conveniently. one thing should be known by the visitors that this site is illegal in India and people access it by using VPN software. One can download other things from this junction like videos, trailers, tv serials, web series, documentaries, dramas, etc. Those who are using this website must know that nothing can be best than this website when it comes in terms of downloading movies.

How does it work?

The website works very simply and anybody can use this website without having any problem. One can use this website for downloading movies as there is no need to create an account for this or there is no need to sign up to download any of the movies. If you are visiting this website then you would be quite amazed to see that this website contains a large number of newly released movies and all of them are available for download and in a good format like 720p or 1080p. one important thing about this website is that it is completely illegal in India and the handlers are quite unknown to this website. 

Besides being illegal, users use this website for downloading movies by using the third party by using the software for a VPN. Considering this serious issue in concern, one should abstain to visit this website for downloading movies as they can be in danger if caught by the legal authorities and chances are there that you can be penalised by the legal authorities.

How to download movies on mobile using Bolly4u?

What makes this torrent website more interesting is that it can be used to download movies on mobile phones and one can enjoy watching movies on phone. One can download all the latest and Hindi dubbed movies on their phone by following these simple steps.

  1. Open one f the active or working domain of the
  2. Search for the movie which you want to download and then click on it.
  3. After clicking on the desired movie’s name, it will redirect you to the third-party ads.
  4. Once again click on the movie name and this time you will find the screenshot of the same movie which you have searched for.
  5. After that, you will find three options to download movies such as torrent link, high-speed link and normal download link.
  6. Choose one of the options and then click on the download link.
  7. After that click on the unlock links and then the download link will be generated, and finally, the link will be available with the help of which you can download the movie.

Following these processes, one can download the movie from Bolly4u on their phones. But one thing should be kept in mind before downloading movies from this website that this website is completely illegal in the eyes of law and one can be in serious trouble if caught using this website for downloading movies. This website contains a large number of movie lists that can tempt the users to visit this website and download movies, but sometimes users found themselves in trouble after using this illegal torrent website.

Why Bolly4u is famous amongst the users?

Bolly4u is famous amongst the users just because of its attractive feature this website is giving to its users. Million of users and visitors are there on this website. One of the prominent reasons behind the visit to this website in millions is its free service. One can download movies, videos, documentaries, dramas, tv serials, web series, etc. for free here. This website doesn’t charge a single penny for any of the downloads. Just 300 MB of data is required for the users and they can get their desired movies in their preferred format of 720p or 1080p. 

A large variety of movies are available here on this website from Bollywood, Hollywood and other south Indian movies. Movies in different languages are also available here like Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Panjabi, English, etc. the website is known to all in terms of leaking newly released movies to the users in free. This illegal website was banned by the Indian government but recently it has been unleashed once again. The admin of this website is completely unknown as they handle this website from different sources. 

People who are looking for the movies which they have missed by mistake or in the lack of time, those movies can be downloaded by them with the use of this website and that will be free. All these things are there about this website which makes it famous among the users and perhaps this is the reason why millions of users are there on this website.

Android App for Bolly4u

Bolly4u is available as a website and android app. One can use it as per their convenience. People who are using mobile phones prominently can download movies on their mobile phones by using the application of Bolly4u. People can use the application of Bolly4u to download Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed movies and in other Indian languages. As per reports, the Bolly4u application was banned due to some legal issues but it has been restored once again and it is serving users actively nowadays. This application is currently available for android users. 

The application has segregated each category very beautifully making it easier for users to search for their desired movie names. Before you start downloading the application of Bolly4u, you must know that the application for this website is not available on google play store as this is an illegal website. One can download the application of this Bolly4u by using third-party sources. One should be careful if they are going to download movies using the application of Bolly4u as this will consume a large amount of data. That’s why users are suggested to use WIFI if they are going to download movies using this website.

No, it is unsafe to download movies by using the website, Bolly4u. the website is illegal in India and also banned by the Indian government because of the content uploaded on it is of copyright. One can be in serious problems if they are caught using this website for downloading movies and they can be penalised by the legal authorities for using this website. This website acts as a spoiler for those hard-working actors and other people indulged in the film industry. The website leaks the newly released movies of Bollywood and Hollywood and uploads it on their website which is free for everybody to download. With all these things and websites, the film-industry suffers a lot every year.  Besides being advantages, there are disadvantages to this website. 

Some of the movies are completely ruined because of these websites. Just before the theatrical release of them, this website uploaded the download links of the movies for free, and thus film failed to do the expected business in the cinema halls. These things are really bad morally because it has ruined the endeavour and hard work of those people who were working day and night for the movies. Considering all these things, one should stop using this website as it is spoiling the career and hard work of actors and actresses. Instead of using these illegal movie downloading websites, one can go for some of the legal websites available, where one can watch and enjoy the same thing as they were getting on Bolly4u but they have to pay for it. But, if something is coming for free, then nobody would like to pay for any website even if it is legal.

Features of Bolly4u 

This website is undisputed undoubtedly because of its service and the way it is assisting people in getting their desired movies for free. A large number of features are there for the website, Bolly4u which should be known by the users if they are going to download movies using this website. Some of the features of this website are.

  • One can download their desired movies, web series, tv serials, dramas, and other videos using the Bolly4u website.
  • The latest version of this application has fixed all the bugs and the application is free to use by the users.
  • The application of Bolly4u consists of some of the super-fast servers with which helps in the fast downloading of the movies and stream online videos.
  • The interface is very much easy and the user can feel easy while downloading movies from this website.
  • The size of the application of Bolly4u is of very small size and it works on all android phones with equal efficiency.

These are some of the features offered by the Bolly4u website and application. They are highly helpful for the people who are trying to download something using this website. 

Best Alternatives for Bolly4u

As we all know that Bolly4u is an illegal website and its use is completely illegal in India. This website is also banned by the Indian government and one who will be caught red-handed using this website can be in trouble and can be questioned or penalized by the legal authorities. These websites are spoiling the career as well the business of the film industry and every year film industry bears a loss of 1800 crores due to these illegal websites. The website provides movies for free download and if something is there for free then nobody would pay for the same. That’s why there are some of the legal and official websites available for downloading movies instead of Bolly4u

1. Netflix


Netflix is one of the top-rated websites where one can watch some of the most popular web series for free if they have an account on Netflix. Netflix is used by almost everybody in India for the live streaming of videos without having any break. This website is undisputed in the market and famous web series are available here for fun and entertainment.

2. Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Videos

If you are looking for an alternative to the Bolly4u website, then Amazon Prime Videos can be the best option as this is the top-rated American website, run and managed by Amazon. One can watch their favourite videos and they can also online stream if they have a prime membership. Instead of using Bolly4u, you can use this website for watching your favourite web series and movies.

3. Mx Player

Mx Player

If you are using an android phone, then you are not required to download the Bolly4u application. One can download the application of Mx Player and can enjoy the same features which they were enjoying on Bolly4u. this website is mostly used by those who are using mobile phones mostly. People who are using mobile phones prominently can use this website for the best results.

4. Hotstar


Hotstar is an off the top-rated streaming service owned by the Novi Digital Entertainment service. This is a subsidiary of star India. One can watch live streaming here in different languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, etc. The headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

5. Sony Liv

 Sony Liv is a trending website that can be the best alternative to the Bolly4u. One can use this website to download movies and tv serials. Almost all of the famous tv serials and dramas are available on this website. Almost all the Indian tv serials are available here and segregated in episodes.

6. HDO

HDO is a website that can be used by movie lovers and users to watch their all-time favourite movies. One can watch tv shows here and this is a legal website that allows the users to watch the movie for free. This website is from America. Using Bolly4u can be a little dangerous and everything is not available there, so one should use this website for the best results.

7. LookMovie


This website is also coming into the category of the legal website where one can watch movies and videos. One of the most important qualities of this website is that it allows the viewers and users to watch HD movies and videos. One can use this website as a substitute for Bolly4u. Now there is nothing to worry about because using this website you can get your favourite web series and movies.

8. YesMovies


YesMovies is a streaming service that allows users to watch online videos and movies. The quality of the movies will be HD. This website facilitates the users with HD movies from Bollywood and Hollywood both. One can also watch old and new tv shows here. On can use this website in place of using Bolly4u for downloading movies from Hollywood and Bollywood.

These are some of the alternatives for Bolly4u and users are supposed to use these websites instead of using the Bolly4u website. Using this website will help those hard-working people behind movies and videos.

9. Project Free Tv

Project Free TV

It is a site where you can watch movies and tv shows online without paying for them. If you love to watch tv shows, then you will be the happiest to know that project free tv holds a vast collection of tv shows. The only thing about this site is that it shows several pop-ups while watching a show.

10. Khatrimaza


It is an illegal site for downloading movies. This site lets it’s users download films from all around the world for free. Not only downloading but also if you want to watch videos online, you can do it anytime and anywhere. You can download Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood movies from this site. Regional language movies are also available on this site.

11. Prime Wire


It is a trending website designed for movie lovers where they can watch their favorite movies and presentations as well. Apart from watching videos online and downloading them, this site allows it’s users to chat with other movie freaks who use this website. It is a secure platform to talk and increase your knowledge about movies. Another great feature of this website is that this website is available in different regional languages, which makes it friendly to all user’s.

12. CinemaVilla


If you have an intense love for Telegu movies, but you are tired of going through various sites looking for your favorite movie, then your wait is over. In the cinema villa, you get the latest and classic Telegu movies for free. Download your favorite movie or watch it online in your free time.

13. 9xmovies

9xMovies 2020

It is an illegal site for downloading videos. People use it to download Hindi, English, South Indian movies for free of cost. If you want to explore the cinematic world, then it is the best site for you. You can download movies from different regional languages. You can download in HD quality too.

14. Movierulz


It is one kind of online movie downloading site that allows you to download Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, Punjabi, etc. movies without sparing money. There is a massive collection of pirated movies available on the site.

15. MadrasRockers


If you love South Indian movies, then you deserve to know about this site. Madras Rockers is a treasure site to all the south Indian movie lovers because there are Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, etc. movies available on the site. Enjoy your video with a high-quality picture.

16. 1377x


It is an illegal site for downloading movies or shows that holds a direct link to torrent and magnetic links for its users.

17. Tamilyogi

Tamilyogi 2020

Tamilyogi has now emerged to be one of the most popular movie streaming platform on the internet. The site brings to you the latest movies of all languages. Not only that, but the site’s collection of contents also consists of web series, tv shows, award functions, trailers, music videos, etc. All movies found on this site range across all genres, language, culture, theme, era, etc. You also get Hollywood and Bollywood dubbed movies for free streaming and downloading. The site provides users with the downloading links at one click. The site’s well-designed interface is one major reason for its growing popularity. People prefer this site because they find exploring this site extremely easier. 

Using google tricks to download movie

Using illegal websites for downloading movies is considered as a crime. Those who are indulged in the business of using these websites for downloading movies can be in serious trouble. One can use some of the easy google tricks for downloading movies and videos of their choice. Following some of the google tricks, one can conveniently download a movie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Bolly4u

Q1. What is Bolly4u?

  • Bolly4u is a movie downloading website. This website is used by millions because of its attractive feature but apart from all these features, this website is illegal and its use is a crime in India.

Q2. What types of movies are available on Bolly4u?

  • Bolly4u provides almost all the newly released movies for download. One can download movies from Bollywood, Hollywood and south India.

Q3. Why Bolly4u is not safe for downloading movies?

  • Bolly4u is not safe for downloading movies because this is illegal and banned by the Indian government. Those who are using this website can be caught and punished by the legal authorities.  

Q4. What is the reason behind the millions of users of Bolly4u?

  • There are millions of users of this website and this is because it serves on both website and android applications. One can also access this website on its phone in the form of a mobile application.

Q5. What are the features of Bolly4u?

  • There are a lot of features of this website like it gives movies in HD qualities that are in 720p or 1080p. one can download any video, drama, movies, web series, etc from her.

Q6. Who is the admin of the Bolly4u?

  • The admin of this website is completely unknown. They handle this website from different sources.

Q7. What are the other alternatives to Bolly4u?

  • A lot of alternatives are available for Bolly4u. Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, Sony Liv, etc are the alternatives for this website.

Q8. How Bolly4u is hampering the film industry?

  • Bolly4u is hampering the film industry by leaking movies before their release. Every year the film industry bears the loss of 1800 crores.

These are some of the points about Bolly4u which should be known to everybody if they are going to download movies or videos from this website. This website is completely illegal and the user can be penalized by the legal authority for using this website.


By writing this article, we are not intended to promote any of the torrent websites. The only motive behind writing this article is to aware the users with the truth and aftermath of using Bolly4u for downloading movies and watching live videos.  

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