16 9xbuddy Alternatives for 2023- Don’t Get Caught Out!

9xbuddy is a popular online streaming service that has become increasingly popular recently. It offers users access to movies, tv shows and other media content without paying any money upfront.

While it is initially free to use, once users start viewing more than usual, they may incur additional charges if their usage exceeds the limits set by the provider.

As such, it is essential to be mindful of what you are streaming and understand that if you do use 9xbuddy, then there may be potential financial, legal or security issues to consider down the road. If users would like a worry-free option for online content viewing, this article will focus on 16 safe 9xbuddy alternatives for 2023.

There are now many reliable solutions for finding quality media content safely and securely without paying a fee. Some of these services are free, while some will require an upfront payment for access to the entire library or other premium features.


To make sure that users have a great viewing experience with any streaming provider, regardless if it is 9xbuddy or its alternatives; we recommend looking at mobile compatibility, loading speed, captions and subtitles/audio descriptions availability, personalization options as well as whether there is a licensing agreement to stream content in place and do you need an account to sign up?

Tips To Choose Safe 9xbuddy Alternatives

Using a licensed streaming service and protecting yourself from copyright infringement is the safest way. This tip also applies when looking for alternatives for 9xbuddy such as ClipGrab, TubeOffline, and Clipconverter.online, Keepvid.works, VideoGrabber or Savevideo.tube, to name a few examples below and their pros/cons:



Destination URL: clipgrab.org/
ClipGrab is a free and open-source video downloader for Windows and MacOS operating systems. It also supports downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more with just one click of the mouse – without having to install any other program or additional programs or plugins.

Its software can be installed directly from its website by clicking the ‘Download’ button, which consists of two simple steps; initializing ClipGrab and then after which you are ready to start downloading or converting videos.

It supports mobile compatibility and has blazing loading speed, with captions and subtitles/audio descriptions obviously available. It is free; however, users may opt for some of their premium features if they desire more access to their library of content – this will incur a small fee.



Destination URL: https://www.tubeoffline.com/
TubeOffline offers an all-in-one downloader platform that is capable of downloading videos from hundreds of popular sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Instagram and more.

It can batch download multiple files simultaneously – though it requires users to upgrade to enable this feature. TubeOffline supports mobile compatibility however its loading speed may not be blazingly fast but bearable when streaming content via desktop or laptop devices.

The service also makes captions and subtitles/audio descriptions available on all downloaded files accordingly, which doesn’t require an upgrade. The service is a free and also runs offline as well; however, you must register for an account in order to take full advantage of the features offered.



Destination URL: clipconverter.cc/3/
Like TubeOffline, ClipConverter provides users with a fast and reliable way to download media content from sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion without installing other programs or plugins.

It has a user friendly interface, allowing users quickly navigate the platform and find what they are looking for. Additionally it is mobile compatible with no monetary cost required in order to enjoy high-quality streaming of video content; subtitle and audio description availability however depends on individual website policies – all which can be found easily under the help section located at the bottom right of their page.

KeepVid Works

KeepVid Works

Destination URL: keepvid.works
KeepVid Works offers its users the best video downloading experience with faster downloads, streaming of HD videos and embedded subtitle support.

It has an extensive library that grows as new content is added regularly. The service requires no installation or registration; however, they require an up-front payment to access their premium features – all can be found under ‘Plans & pricing’ at the bottom right of their homepage.

KeepVid also ensures its users can access captions and subtitles/audio descriptions if needed.



Destination URL: videograbber.net
VideoGrabber is an all-in-one video downloader solution that supports downloads from popular streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etcetera, with no additional plugins or software installation required.

It allows mobile compatibility and free usage of the service however they do require an upgrade for enhanced features. It also offers users access to captions and subtitles/ audio descriptions if needed.



Destination URL: savevideo.tube/
Free Video Downloader at SaveVideo is one of the smallest yet most efficient video downloaders that enables quick downloads with no software installations or advertisements involved to enjoy their services – making them a reliable provider.

when seeking streaming service alternatives for 9xbuddy Offered are free mobile compatibility with blazingly fast loading speeds. They also provide access to captions and subtitles/audio descriptions in the likes of their other aforementioned competitors.

Download Twitter Video

Download Twitter Video

Destination URL: downloadtwittervideo.com
Download Twitter Video is exactly as the name suggests – users can download videos from Twitter easily without installing any additional programs or plugins required for it to work.

It offers a decent user experience with smooth downloads that are capable of streaming HD video content safely and securely however any features beyond the basics require an up-front payment.



Destination URL: fdown.net
FBDOWN allows users to download videos from sources such as Facebook, Instagram etcetera with no additional software installations or plugins required for it to work correctly.

It is a free services but only when downloading files in small sizes – large batches of high-definition streams will come with a fee.

Additionally, the service also offers captions and subtitles/audio descriptions if needed however paid users will have access to more advanced features regarding this option.



Destination URL: bitdownloader.com
As one of the popular video downloading services available online – BitDownloader promises its customers lightning fast speeds when streaming content from sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etcetera without even having to register for an account.

With its advanced features and security protocols, there is a broad selection of formats and quality options to choose from. It is suitable for both mobile and desktop viewing experiences with no software installations required.

it also offers essential captions and subtitles/audio descriptions included in all downloaded files. Plus, they offer free usage policies – making them great alternatives when looking at 9xbuddy’s competition.



Destination URL: acethinker.com
Acethinker offers its users an all-in-one video download solution for streaming from sources like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more with just a single click. This alone makes them great alternatives for 9xbuddy.

It also has mobile compatibility options with the likes of its competitors as well as captions and subtitles/audio descriptions should users require the feature; however, to make full use of their services, they require an upgrade order to do so.



Destination URL: https://catch.tube/
Offered by Catch Tube is an easy way for users with no technical know-how to save their favorite videos from popular sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etcetera, without having any additional plugins or software installations needed – enter the URL and click download – it’s that simple.

It provide captions and subtitles/audio descriptions accordingly and has mobile compatibility but is a paid service so you would need an up-front payment for full access.



Destination URL: savesubs.com
For users that might be interested in subtitles for their downloaded videos – then SaveSubs offers one of the best options available since it can automatically download subtitles that matches your chosen video file with no additional software installation needed or plugins required.

It also supports streaming from multiple sources and has mobile compatibility; however, this is a paid service, so you would need to pay an up-front fee for full access.



Destination URL: ripsave.com
Seeing how we all love free stuff – RipSave ensures that users can download YouTube content quickly and easily without additional software installations or plugins, making them great alternatives for 9xbuddy in terms of cost savings.

It only comes with essential captions and subtitles/audio descriptions; however, this can be upgraded if users wish to do so with an up-front payment involved.



Destination URL: keepdownloading.com
Another paid service provider that offers a lot of features that even its free competitors lack, KeepDownloading is the perfect solution for downloading videos on desktop as well as mobile devices quickly, easily and securely – no additional software installation is required either.

It also offers captions and subtitles/audio descriptions should they be required, but only to those who have opted in for their premium package – all of which can be found under ‘Plans & Payment’ at the bottom right of their homepage.



Destination URL: ymp4.download/
The last on our list of alternatives, YMP4 allows users to join YouTube content straight from any web browser with no additional programs or plugins required.

It provides users with a great user experience with fast loading speeds and captions, subtitles/audio descriptions per request – making it a reliable source for alternatives to 9xbuddy services.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

Destination URL: internetdownloadmanager.com
Lastly is IDM Solutions’ Internet Download Manager, which offers customers the best streaming access by supporting over 600 browsers compatible with MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems.

With its advanced algorithms, it can increase download speeds significantly plus, users also don’t need an up-front payment to enjoy their services – making them great alternatives for 9xbuddy.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have For Safe Streaming

While several of these mentioned streaming services may offer basic security protocols, many that use unlicensed streaming sites such as 9xbuddy or its alternatives should note that copyright or data theft risks are involved.

Therefore, we recommend utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider to ensure the optimum level of security and privacy when streaming online content – regardless if users decide to stream via 9xbuddy or its alternatives.

Nord VPN Pros and Cons

For example, NordVPN might be one of the better options available since they offer faster speeds than other providers while encrypting user data for greater anonymity when browsing the web.

It is a paid subscription service and requires an up-front payment to make full use of its features – all, however, all are on par (if not more) than those offered by their competitors like ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield etcetera.


With so many safe and reliable options available in terms of online video content streaming, it is essential for users to practice cautiousness and do their research when considering 9xbuddy as an option, regardless of its alternatives.

Additionally, with the advancements made in terms of security protocols, utilizing a VPN will prove beneficial should users wish to safeguard themselves against any potential legal or copyright infringement risks.

So if you’re looking for a worry-free streaming solution that offers all the bells & whistles, look no further than these 16 9xbuddy alternatives for 2023!

9xbuddy FAQs

A: While there is no clear answer to this question, it is essential for users to be aware that using 9xbuddy could come with some legal issues, as unlicensed streaming sites are prohibited in certain countries.

Q: How Safe is the 9xbuddy Site?

A: Users should exercise caution when looking at streaming content from unlicensed sources such as 9xbuddy since there may be several potential security breaches and data theft involved – not just by the website itself but also by other malicious third-party applications that can affect your device’s performance.

Q: Which are the top 9xbuddy Alternatives?

A: After looking at several of these alternatives above, users need to weigh their pros & cons before deciding on what they require in terms of access and streaming content type – or whether they need an up-front payment involved.

Q: What happened to 9xbuddy?

A: Ultimately, unlicensed streaming sites like 9xbuddy are being monitored and regulated in many countries, which has caused its services to be suspended – along with several other alternatives.

Q: What happens if I get caught while watching 9xbuddy and its alternatives?

A: Depending on the country you are located/streaming from, legal penalties or fines may be imposed for those who watch copyright-protected content without an appropriate license agreement in place. It is, therefore, best recommended always to be mindful when using these services.

Q: Is 9xbuddy Down?

A: It is hard to say, as the service can go down on certain occasions or with particular countries – however if you are currently experiencing any issues, then it may be best advised to contact the customer support team of your streaming provider for further assistance.

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