20 9anime.to Alternatives for 2023- Find the Best Ones and Stay Safe!

Introduction to 9anime.to and its Alternatives:

9Anime is an online streaming website featuring cartoons, animated movies, Japanese anime series, etc.; it has gained popularity due to its vast content library – classic and new releases.

However, with fast-changing cyber laws and government regulations, 9Anime is no longer free to access or even available in some countries.

This creates a need to find suitable 9anime Alternatives that are safe, secure and provide the same user experience as 9Anime.

9anime.to Alternatives

Tips to Choose Safe 9anime.to Alternatives:

In choosing alternatives for watching Anime series and movies online, you must bear specific criteria: mobile compatibility, loading speed and buffering time, captions and subtitles for language translation, and audio descriptions for the hearing impaired and blind people.

Additionally, personalization options such as the ability to track shows that you watch frequently, preferences like anime wanted list etc., decide whether a website is worth your time or not.

The decision of free versus paid content also comes into perspective regarding streaming sites – so bear this in mind before making any decisions too.

Best 20 9anime.to Alternatives for 2023

Crunchyroll – Mobile-Friendly and User-Focused PlatformCrunchyroll

Destination Link: crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll offers free and paid membership options, allowing users to enjoy a vast library of anime series, manga comics, music videos, etc.

Perfectly equipped with an intuitive search engine plus captions in different languages, the website boasts over 6 million active viewers worldwide. With mobile apps for both iOs and Android, Crunchyroll has it all to keep you entertained.

KissAnime– Unbeatable Variety in Anime Serieskissanime

Destination Link: kissanime.ru

A trusted source of trouble-free streaming services, KissAnime provides a rich marketplace for Japanese anime lovers.

It boasts fantastic search filters offering flexibility to users when it comes to enjoying their favorite series – whether through adventure, romance or horror genres.

Moreover, its user-friendly interface and no ads or pop-ups make KissAnime a great alternative to 9anime.

GoGoAnime – HD Content and Loads of GenresGoGoAnime

Destination Link: gogoanime2.org

With loads of genres varying from action, comedy, and fantasy to horror, GoGoAnimes’ cutting-edge technology makes it one of the best Anime streaming services.

The website also houses movies based on popular Japanese manga series, plus language translations with captions and subtitles in 35 different languages.

What’s more, video quality is always HD for every anime or movie – so you get the best viewing experience no matter what.

AnimeHeaven – A Combination of Best FeaturesAnimeHeaven

Destination Link: animeheaven.ru

Be it captions coupled with a language translator; or options to resume previously watched videos and compile them into playlists, Anime Heaven stands tall compared to its peers in terms of features provided by this website.

With both free plus paid membership subscriptions, this website offers the latest anime episodes quickly, making it a winning choice amongst other 9anime alternatives.

Hulu – Easily Accessible Anime ContentHulu

Destination Link: hulu.com

Known for its library of Japanese content, Hulu is easily accessible through any supported device like laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Starting at just $5.99 per month plus lower subscription rates with bundles, you can now watch classic to recently released anime series comprehensively and in real time.

Moreover, if you’re on the go – streaming your favorite show through Hulu mobile app guarantees an uninterrupted connection with top-notch audio and video.

PrimeVideo– Meant For Movie LoversAmazon Prime Video (amazon.com:primevideo)-

Destination Link: amazon.com/gp/video/storefront

From classic animated Japanese films to contemporary ones, Prime Video is an excellent choice for those movie connoisseurs looking forward to an immersive experience in watching their favorite anime series or movies at lightning-fast speeds.

It supports laptop and mobile viewing purposes – however, Prime Video isn’t free and requires a payment plan to access its content library.

AnimixPlay–Quick Navigation ServicesAniMixPlay

Destination Link: animixplay.to

Optimized into categories ranging from genres, season releases etc., Animix Play is excellent for quickly navigating website controls.

Perfectly built and neatly organized, the website houses anime shows and movies you won’t find anywhere else on mainstream sites like Hulu or Crunchyroll.

All its content is available without charge and subscription – so you have an ideal 9anime alternative at no cost.

Manganato– Active Forum For Anime LoversChapmanganato

Destination Link: manganato.com

Considered heaven for hardcore anime fans, Manganato offers original manga works with captions plus subtitles, helping out those who prefer not to understand Japanese fully.

Bearing the exact name of a renowned magazine in Japan, this website excels in offering both comics and anime directed with user interaction capabilities through its active forum.

DarkAnime– Rapidly Growing WebsiteDarkanime

Destination Link: darkanime.stream

A rapidly growing Anime streaming site, DarkAnime sets itself apart from others in regularly updating its library and offers TV series that come up daily.

Accompanied by a fantastic chatroom feature, you can share your watch experience with fellow users while comparing genres preferences or the latest releases.

Destination Link: animeheros.com

Legal in terms of content, Anime Heros offers animation, manga and all related content that will satisfy your streaming needs.

Starting from classic works, modern anime series and upcoming movies – you can enjoy everything through a functional layout that is easy on the eyes and convenient for navigation.

AnimeUltima– Easily Accessible SoftwareAnimeUltima

Destination Link: www1.animeultima.to

AnimeUltima provides its users with a modern and innovative user interface for streaming services. The website offers anime shows, movies and much more from different countries, which can also be streamed on software like Roku.

Also a free service, Anime Ultima is excellent for those who prefer viewing material through subscribed services with low or no rates.

Aniwatcher– Finest Quality 3D EffectsAniwatcher

Destination Link: aniwatcher.com

Featuring the finest possible quality of 3D effects, Aniwatcher is the first choice amongst 9anime alternatives for streaming content with top-grade audio and video qualities.

This website also offers excellent search features plus language translations, which enhances its reliability by providing a seamless user experience.

AnimeDao– Content Updated RegularlyAnimedao

Destination Link: animedao.com

Offering an excellent series library including classic and latest releases, AnimeDao gains popularity amongst viewers as it boasts updates every other week – so you can be sure not to miss any of your favorite anime series.

The website also has a straightforward design plus interface, making the navigation process even more comfortable.

AnimeFreak – Unmatched Quality ContentAnimeFreak

Destination Link: animefreak.tv/home

Though Anime Freaks supports subscriptions for its content library, this doesn’t matter when considered against supreme quality streams associated with it.

HD quality videos, complete audio narration, and quick streaming capabilities differentiate Anime Freak from millions of other 9anime alternatives.

Anime-Planet– Simplicity in DesignAnime-Planet

Destination Link: anime-planet.com

From the subbed to dubbed works, anime recommended list plus 6 million members across 190 countries; you can find almost anything related to anime realms through this website based in America.

Besides seamless designs and customizable features for user interaction purposes, instantaneous streams are available through its web app or mobile applications.

WatchCartoonOnline – Convenient Cartoon StreamingWatchcartoononline

Destination Link: wcostream.com

For cartoon fans, WatchCartoonOnline is an excellent alternative for 9anime in terms of streaming animated shows.

Its user-oriented interface delicately directs and assists you in enjoying your favorite cartoons with ease, plus quickly searching desired content library too. Some customers also appreciate that this website has no ads attached to it whatsoever.

Chia-Anime – Of Genres, Shows and MoviesChia-Anime

Destination Link: chia-anime.me

Having its content divided into genres like comedy, adventure etc.; plus a vast library of shows and anime series.

Chia-Anime is applauded for creating a fantastic streaming experience for viewers with its stylishly modern interface.

Moreover, its no-ads policy makes it one of the most reliable websites to watch animated stuff from.

4Anime– Quick Access and Seamless Design4anime

Destination Link: 4anime.to

4Anime’s quick access feature remains a plus due to its small website size, making navigating through its desired content more manageable for people on slow internet speeds.

Besides that, its ads-free streaming policy plus classic design can easily attract users looking forward to an unmatched user experience.

KuroAni– Cataloging of Episodes-based SeriesKuroAni

Destination Link: kuroani.me

Unlike most other sites where movies and series are mixed up in one library, KuroAni offers you a wide variety of content, each categorized separately based on episodes or movies.

This helps users swiftly search for the material they desire, plus additional features like no registration requirements make KuroAni worth considering as an alternative to 9anime.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming:

When choosing any website or app out of these 20 alternatives, it is essential to remember that each offers its collection of content along with potential exposure to cyber threats or hacking.

To proactively safeguard yourself against these, you must consider VPN services which give an extra layer of security when streaming anime series across the internet.

NordVPN Pros and Cons:

Thus NordVPN offers a great combination of features such as double encryption and anti-malware protection alongside one app connecting up to 6 devices simultaneously! Moreover, its no-log stance gives users the added assurance of online privacy.

Nevertheless, as with any technology product, it has some minor drawbacks, such as slow internet connection speeds plus a bulky desktop client app.

however, on the whole, NordVPN stands out amongst many peer VPN organizations offering a secure way to access anime series.


In conclusion, it is far better to avoid illegal services like 9anime – instead, opt for any of these 20 safe, legal and cost-effective streaming sites that guarantee quality content and an excellent user experience.

With reliable security systems plus new releases every other week, you are sure to find your favorite anime series without fail on any of these available platforms – so ensure that you visit today and get your binge-watching on its way.

9anime.to FAQs

No – unfortunately, 9anime is not a legitimate streaming site, as the website does not hold any rights to broadcast content in your region.

Moreover, there are no fees set for its users when accessing their movies plus series library – so it can be classified under the ‘illegal’ category of streaming sites.

How Safe is 9anime.to Site?

9Anime’s safety standards remain questionable due to its connection with illegal web-based activities and unauthorized content access.

This makes it likely to have extra exposure to viruses or other malicious software that can harm users’ computers plus allow hackers to break through weak security systems installed within the system.

Which are the top 9anime.to Alternatives?

The best alternatives for 9Anime include Crunchyroll, KissAnime, GoGoAnime, AnimeHeaven, Hulu, Prime Video AnimixPlay, etc. – all providing users with a safe yet enriching experience when watching cartoons or anime series.

What happened to 9anime.to?

The website was shut down due to government regulations banning illegal streaming services like this one.

Still, we recommend choosing from these 20 alternatives – Crunchyroll, Hulu or Anime Lab – you can WATCH ANIME LEGALLY and safely.

What happens if I get caught while watching 9anime.to and its alternatives?

Users may be penalized if found streaming movies or shows from any of these websites- although they can only get arrested while accessing illegal content.

To prevent this, viewers recommend using VPNs to protect themselves online when watching through unprotected sources, i.e., 9anime.

Is 9anime.to Down?

Yes – currently, the original website is not operational. However, users may access the alternatives mentioned here in this article.

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