9 Best Tech-Related Blogs to Follow

It takes courage to blog in the tech blog sector. You need to be knowledgeable.  However, it seems to be true of many blogs; if you don’t have enthusiasm for what you post about, it makes the task much harder. 

Modern society takes technology for granted. Most people don’t think about how technology permeates our daily lives.

Nowadays, being a technophile is cool. This has been since Silicon Valley was founded. Our lives are so much simpler now because of technology. The technical blogging category contains some of the greatest blogs with the highest incomes.

What are Tech Blogs?

The variety of topics on technology blogs is fascinating. They frequently cover the news, politics, and finances. When you write on tech, you have the option to zero in on a certain subset of the industry. 

Tech blogs revolve around gadgets, accessories, customer and non-consumer electronics, Nanotech, telecommunications, innovation, and scientific and technological discoveries. You can write about technology’s impact on supercars, safety, entertainment, schooling, and agribusiness. Their attractiveness is based equally on the anticipation of what has just appeared and is available for consumption by excited hands and brains.

Today’s post covers some of the best tech blogs that you can follow from different walks of life. So let’s dive in: 

  • Techcrunch 

TechCrunch is a company that focuses on covering Silicon Valley start-ups, business tech, and venture capital investment. TechCrunch Disrupt is a collection of occasions that TechCrunch conducts. 

This online journal covers all aspects of technology, including devices, artificial intelligence, algorithms, recording technology for both audio and video, and important tech-related items. A venture capital program on TechCrunch called Equity tells the tales of the riches in Silicon Valley.

  • FireStickHow 

If you are a FireStick owner, then this is the one-stop solution to all your questions. FireStickhow.com has all the answers you need regarding how to use your FireStick and how to operate it with different other gadgets. 

They also provide information about downloading and adding different add-ons to the FireStick for better performance. For example, if you aren’t sure how to use Kodi, they will explain to you about operating Kodi on FireStick and so forth. 

  • Wirecutter 

A website for product reviews, Wirecutter (formerly The Wirecutter), showcases equipment and accessories for the home, gardening, athletics, and recreation. It also features a section on economics that analyzes the top credit cards and one on vacation that evaluates and offers travel accessories.

  • Microsiervos 

The basis of this Spanish blog is scientific discipline and technology; however, it also discusses a variety of hot, trending issues. You can expect publications on a variety of topics, including news, robotics, computers, ecology, electronics, and technology.

  • GigaOm 

It hosts tech events and lectures, has a podcast, and addresses topics like statistics, DevOps, cloud infrastructure, technological innovations, and start-ups. In addition to conducting research, GigaOm also covers AI, security, and various news stories in the IT sector.

  • Wired 

Wired.com has a long and fascinating history. The companion website (HotWired) and Wired News were once separated. However, they merged in 2006, and now wired.com is home to both the printed and digital versions.

Wired has received numerous accolades and paved the path in a variety of ways. Either of them has now evolved as an online journal publisher and as a lifestyle-focused technology news website.

Wired is credited with coining the phrase “crowdsourcing.” During their first year of publishing, they also attracted considerable attention when one of their pieces led to the problem being outlawed in Singapore. They provide coverage of the current mobile devices, business, equipment, sheer celebrity gossip, science, security, and commuting, as well as thoughts and digital culture. Since Wired.com’s paywall went into effect in 2018, just four pieces can be read without a subscription.

  • Arstechnica 

Technology art is referred to as arstechnica. Economics, IT, research, law, automobiles, video games, and culture are all topics covered in this blog. It is regarded as a news and commentary website and covers topics in tech, science, and community. 

They provide an Ars Technica open platform where they host some in-depth professional conversations on a range of computing-related issues. In the website’s “lounge,” peer conversations often go off into topics like politics, philosophy, and religion. The forum has several areas that are exclusively accessible to subscribers.

  • Smashing Magazine 

It is a German tech website. Web programmers and designers are their core demographic. This tech blog discusses anything from design systems, template libraries, plugins, WordPress, productivity, and graphics to animations, e-commerce, code, customer experience, functionality comparison charts, and flexible site design.

  • Low Key Tech

Larious, a young and energetic Nigerian, founded this modest blog. His contributions to reviews, how-to articles, and how to earn profit online reflect his passion for technology. He deals in both new and old cell phones.

Key Takeaway

This brings our examination of tech blogs to a close. We really hope you have some amazing ideas. Whether you’re a gadget freak or not, the technology world is a fun, inventive playground for everybody!

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