7 Advantages and Benefits of Faxing From Mac

Whatever is the kind of work you are engaged in, Mac books serve to be convenient in every respect. They are easy to operate on and have embedded qualities that make them outperform the other laptops.

What if you were told that you could fax from your Mac, just like you do anything else with it? “Sending a fax from my mac?” sounds impossible to many, but it is immensely convenient. Your Mac could become a full-fledged fax machine. 

Advantages and Benefits of Faxing from Mac

When you intend to use Mac as a fax machine, choosing the right platform is very important. There are web-based and other applications that provide impetus to your Mac to act as a fax machine. There is no online faxing application that is better than CocoFax. 

CocoFax is compatible with Mac, Windows 7, Windows 10, and almost all system kinds. When it comes to Mac specifically, you attain immense operational leverage. Faxing a document becomes superfluid and prompt.  

There are many reasons why faxing from Mac could be the transformation your Mac needed.  Not only does the efficiency of your Mac increase, but it also becomes multi-functional. You can send and receive faxes from it in a jiffy. 

Macs are known for the ease of their operation. This easiness just blends into third-party applications and websites as well. Out of the many reasons, below are the advantages and benefits of faxing from Mac:

30-Day Free Trial

When you opt for CocoFax, you get a free 30-day trial. This period of trial is the longest that any other faxing app provides. Within this period, you can check the compatibility of the app with your Mac.

You can send and receive faxes through your Mac and CocoFax. As opposed to other applications that at most provide a week of the free trial, CocoFax is extensive. The application provides enough room for the customer apprehensions to be rightly addressed.


Faxing from your Mac would lead to a lot of cost-saving. When you fax from an outdated approach for sending faxes through a fax machine, you incur many costs. From one-time investment in the fax machine, regular repair and maintenance to stationery, the costs are multi-faceted.

This is where CocoFax helps in magnanimous cost saving. You save a great chunk of the fixed and operational cost just by switching to the most convenient option of faxing. Depending upon the volume of your faxes, you will end up saving a great deal of expenditure.

In addition to comparative cost-saving, CocoFax also provides the lowest fees, rates, and surcharges for faxes. The faxes are sent and received at most nominal rates. Comparatively, CocoFax offers more benefits and saves more costs as compared to any other platform. 

Enables Remote Working

One major drawback of traditional faxing methods is their lack of flexibility. You cannot be flexible with those traditional ways. You cannot attain the functional leverage of remote working when you have to physically connect with the fax machine.

This lack of remote working facilities was recognized as a major drawback in 2020. In a year when remote working was the need of the hour, many communications just could not go through. When it comes to faxing from Mac, CocoFax offers the best remote working ability.

Delivery Notification

You get a delivery notification for any fax that you send with CocoFax. You do not have to physically follow up with the sender or the recipient. CocoFax allows you to attain the requisite information through a notification.

When a fax is successfully delivered, you will attain an email notification from CocoFax. When a fax is not delivered, you will still attain a failure notification. CocoFax is effective in sending faxes. The only time that fax does not go through is when a fax machine is turned off or there are manual errors.

Flexibility of Usage

Sending a fax through CocoFax involves two major ways. Whichever way you prefer to use the web-based application; it will be convenient for you. Mac enhances the functions of CocoFax through its technologically advanced interface. 

You can directly access the Web Browser of CocoFax. You can engage in fax sending and receiving the website itself. Mac’s built-in web browser, Safari, can be used to access the said web browser.

You can send and receive faxes through email. Here, all you need to do is to add @cocofax.net at the end of the recipient fax number. You can use any email ID like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc. from your Mac.

You can choose your pick of the process by a method that is most convenient to you. You can also access Google Drive on your Mac and send faxes directly.

Ease of Usage

CocoFax is very easy to use. It has a very well-structured interface that makes its functions understandable. As compared to other online faxing alternatives that are too technically complicated, CocoFax oozes simplicity.

When a smooth interface like Mac combines with a streamlined dashboard of CocoFax, results are beyond perfect. You could be sending and receiving faxes without feeling like you are using an additional function.

Malware Free

Faxes are preferred because of their security and data privacy. Most of the applications online have hidden malware and phishing tools. These tools put your system and document’s integrity in jeopardy.

CocoFax is free from malware and phishing issues. While Mac in itself is very performance-oriented and curbs the entry of unwanted malware, CocoFax functions similarly. There will be no break of data privacy.


CocoFax is the perfect response to any sort of apprehensiveness about sending a fax from my Mac. The web-based application has set benchmarks of performance. As a matter of fact, with a platform like Mac, the efficiency of CocoFax increases manifold. 

When it comes to sending faxes from Mac, you must opt for CocoFax. The sheer benefits of enhanced performance, increased functions, and saved costs direct towards CocoFax. Go ahead and try out the trial period to know how to make the most of your Mac.

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