20 5e tools Alternatives for 2023 – Find Your Perfect Streaming Solution

Introduction to 5e tools and their Alternatives

5e tools

5e (Fifth Edition) tools is a website platform for playing Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder and other role-playing games online using virtual tabletops. It was launched in 2015, but recently the site’s servers have been going down due to high volumes of users. Moreover, it has been deemed illegal in some countries, and thus, many are now looking for safer alternatives to the 5e tools website.

Therefore, we have assembled a list of 20 trusted 5e tools Alternatives that you can use safely and securely to stream content online without being caught by authorities with different streaming criteria like mobile compatibility, loading speed, captions, subtitles and audio descriptions, personalization etc.

Tips to Choose Safe 5e Tools Alternatives

When opting for online streaming solutions, it is essential to ensure that the platforms are safe and secure. Moreover, some of these websites may also require payment or a license agreement before you can stream content from them. Therefore, users must read up on the Terms & Conditions associated with every 5e tools alternative platform and make sure they adhere to them thoroughly to avoid getting into trouble with their local law enforcement agencies. The following tips will help you select a reliable 5e tools alternative:

  • Look for complaints and reviews on each platform before downloading/signing up;
  • Find out if the streaming website has any licensing agreement to stream content legally;
  • Check whether creating an account is necessary to watch movies, TV shows, or sports events on the platform. If so, make sure you know their privacy policy and what information they might be collecting from you. Additionally, always use a secure password.
  • Ensure that the streaming website offers good customer service with fast response times in case of any problems;
  • Make sure the platform is compatible with mobile devices and your current network/broadband connection speed so you can stream content without interruption or buffering issues;

Best 5e tools Alternatives for 2023

1. Aidedd.org


It is an online virtual tabletop platform devoted to Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other role-playing games. It offers mobile compatibility and a user-friendly interface as it is designed for gamers andlso accessible to newbies looking to play RPGs online. Aidedd.org has a built-in 3D dice roller, character avatar generation assistant and combat tracker -all free of cost!

2. Roll20


It is an online virtual tabletop platform developed by The Orr Group. It allows users to join forces with friends worldwide over video or voice talk while playing their favorite role-playing games in real-time. It has integrated character sheet options and built-in dice-rolling software to simplify playing RPGs.

3. RPGBot


This gaming site enables gamers worldwide to meet online, participate in mini quizzes and competitions, compare game reviews, and participate in interactive forums provided by experts. Moreover, gamers can play anywhere through mobile compatibility available on this platform, making it great for those who love traveling or playing on the go.

4. DnDWiki


This user-generated encyclopedia provides detailed information about Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other tabletop content, and creative works created by players such as character sheets, artwork, adventures and more. It also has tools like a map maker to design your maps or dungeons for your campaigns and an online store to purchase RPG merchandise relevant to their chosen game world or character and create practically anything they require while gaming online!

5. Myth-Weavers


This virtual tabletop platform enables role players to play their favorite game without spending money. It has chat, forum and game tracking tools available for its users,, integrated character sheets, and other RPG goodies that make playing online a breeze.

6. World Anvil

World Anvil

The World Anvil is an advanced world-building tool and social network dedicated solely to the fantasy genre; It allows users to create detailed and interactive digital worlds in the form of 3D maps, character lists or storylines by which one can weave their tales in many different ways.

7. Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds

This award-winning virtual tabletop platform integrates with Steam and has client support for mobile devices, tablets, and PCs, allowing players to play virtually anywhere they go! Users don’t have to pay extra because the initial purchase fee includes everything within the program.

8. Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator

It is an exciting digital tool that makes it possible playing of board and card games online without having to leave home! Moreover, it offers various gaming modes, such as sandbox and custom games, so players can design their own game or customize an existing one.

9. RPG Crossing

RPG Crossing

This is one of the largest role-playing game forums available, with hundreds of active users worldwide coming together for discussions about rules, characters and story ideas, amongst other things related to RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc.

10. D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond

This website allows gamers to create characters and campaigns by purchasing tools, sourcebooks, and adventures from its online store. The D&DBeyond app also helps players log in remotely with their computers or mobile devices for gaming on the go!

11. Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Foundry Virtual Tabletop

It is an advanced virtual tabletop platform developed as a modern replacement for traditional role-playing software Flexible Survival GURPS VTT. Moreover, this program comes pre-loaded with various gaming modules like Character Sheet Generator and Map Maker for a more immersive story-telling experience.

12. Kobold Fight Club

Kobold Fight Club

This online battle simulator helps players quickly easgames’nd easily prepare for game fights! It provides an intuitive interface and several convenient tools, such as creating monsters from the database or importing them directly from the world’s leading RPG sourcworlds, making running encounters much smoother!

13. Donjon


This virtual gaming table has a variety of random generators and tools to help stream the gameplay experience.

14. OrcPub 2.0

OrcPub 2.0

It is an online resource with content related to tabletop games such as Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Starfinder and FATE Core from around the world, like character sheets; encounters guide etc., along with incredible, etc., and for user convenience! It also provides readymade characters and campaigns in case anyone needs them quickly.

15. GM Binder

GM Binder

This free sharing platform is designed to make game masters’ digital libraries easier. Here, you can freely upload custom content, such as documents, character sheets, adventure modules, etc., compatible with the 5e ruleset.

16. D&D Spells

D&D Spells

All Dungeons & Dragons fans can find an enormous catalog of spells or other magical components on this website, including detailed descriptions and statistical elements for each period and a great search engine through which people can quickly access whatever they want .

17. D&D Battle Mats

D&D Battle Mats

Here users can buy readymade battle maps that are perfect for depictions of fantasy landscapes and dungeons or other kinds of environments like cityscapes, haunted castles etc., in their role-playing games, especially Dungeons & Dragons, designed to make map-making the process a breeze!

18. D&D Combat

D&D Combat

This free virtual table top provides players a great online experience by offering turn-based combat, which acts as an effective referee between gamers when rolling dice or playing in an epic battle.

19. D&D Combat Log

D&D Combat Log

This helpful tool offers features like a record keeper, dice roller and spell calculator, etc., making it an excellent choice for aspiring gamers looking to master their characters or campaigns with detailed logs of combat sequences, heals and damage checks! They can also save those results on their drive or export them directly into the 5e tool’s database.

20. D&D Combat Tracker

D&D Combat tracker

Last but not least, this excellent virtual tool will make tracking combat outcomes more efficient, more accessible and more straightforward with its incredible log viewerit’slus; the program works flawlessly in synchronicity with any online platform, thus allowing players to game anywhere virtually!

Protect Yourself With VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming


Using a reliable VPN while streaming content is essential to protect yourself from legal trouble or data theft. NordVPN is among the best options available because of its extensive server network, fast speeds and advanced encryption protocols. Some of the advantages that NordVPN offers include the following:

  • Military-grade encryptions to protect your data from cybercriminals;
  • Double VPN for added security when streaming online;
  • Zero log policy which means your activity will not be recorded or monitored by anyone even if you are using any one of these 5e tools alternative platforms;
  • Access to restricted content such as Netflix US library with specialized servers optimised for streaming.

5e Tools FAQs

Yes, the 5e tools site is legal in many countries worldwide, provided that you adhere to their Terms & Conditions and do not stream any illegal or copyrighted material.

How Safe is the 5e Tools Site?

5-E tools platform can be considered safe if you follow their rules and guidelines. But it is essential to remember that since this site receives very high volumes of users, the servers can often go down, so it might be best to use one of its alternatives instead.

Which are the top 5e Tools Alternatives?

The top 5e tools alternative platforms include Aidedd.org, Roll20, RPGBot, D&DWiki and Myth-Weavers.

What happened to 5e tools?

Due to a large influx of users and limited resources, the 5e tools platform has been facing server downtime issues, so players now prefer other platforms.

What happens if I get caught while watching 5e Tools and its alternatives?

If you are viewing or streaming content illegally from these websites without permission, then you may face legal consequences depending on your country laws and regulations.

Are 5e Tools Down?

Yes, due to high volumes of users, the site often goes down, so it might be best for you to consider its alternatives or use a VPN while streaming content online.


5E tools website is a great platform, but unfortunately, due to extensive user numbers that surpass their server capacity, it has been facing downtimes more frequently than not! Therefore, it is best to opt for safer 5e tools alternatives that protect your data and are compatible with various gaming devices.
We hope that this article has provided you with all the necessary information on choosing safe and reliable solutions to stream content online!

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