5 Ways Fitness Bands Are A Good Addition To Your Life

In the initial stages, fitness wearables were limited to big and unwieldy devices attached to your body which could at the most count the number of steps that you took. Even this excited fitness enthusiasts and was enough for many until the fitness wearable market boomed with the arrival of smart watches and bands.

If you look at the present scenario, fitness bands are a whole new product in themselves as they offer a lot of functionality. These functions include monitoring heart rate, designing and tracking various exercise regimes and workouts and the quintessential step or distance monitor. Further, fitness bands and watches have an integration facility with other devices like your smartphone to ensure that you stay connected. 

The number of people using fitness bands is only increasing. If you have not hitched on to the bandwagon yet and are still confused whether you should buy one, then this article is the one you must read. We discuss 6 ways fitness bands are a good addition to your life. Let’s get running.

1. Ensures Activity Tracking

One of the important steps in getting fitter is constant tracking of activity. Unless you can track your progress, you will not feel motivated to continue your hard work. Be it weight loss or muscle gain, your goals will only make sense to you when you see actual progress. 

The step count is such a marvelous thought in itself. Even if you increase your activity by only a hundred steps daily, it is incremental progress which can ensure that you maintain your streak and continue trying to meet your goals. You know what is the best feeling when you are looking to get fitter? Most people will tell you it is seeing how far you have come along the fitness journey.

2. SPo2 Monitoring

In the midst of a pandemic when tracking of oxygen level of patients needs to be done constantly, having a fitness band like huawei band 6, which facilitates easy spo2 monitoring, is a blessing.

Even in normal times, it is important to measure the oxygen levels of people who work out because proper exercise is all about breathing and if a fitness band can alert you when you are not breathing enough, it can make your workout more worthwhile.  

3. Cheaper Than Personal Trainers

As per a study of fitness trackers and wearables, the overall wearable market is estimated to be over $15 billion worldwide. Even as that is so, the fact remains that a large number of quality brands offer decent fitness bands at a price range which is super affordable. 

It is important to compare fitness bands with personal trainers because of the similarity of the functions involved at the most basic level. Of course, nothing can replace an actual human being who is invested in your fitness but considering the money factor is crucial. Fitness bands offer tracking and motivation, two of the important aspects in the fitness journey. 

4. Health

Like all technology, the fitness wearables market is also undergoing a constant upgradation. From just being a step counter, the possibility has entered the realms of heart rate monitor to blood pressure monitor and is now traversing in the territory of measuring blood sugar levels.

The whole purpose of using a fitness band is to stay healthy and fit. Monitoring vitals is an important task which can make the whole process scientifically driven. We have all heard of young people dying of heart attacks even though they seem muscled and bulky on the outside.

A good fitness band that ensures that all the vitals are within the acceptable range before, during and after workouts can help prevent such mishaps. These days, doctors also rely on fitness data from such trackers to ensure they diagnose and treat the patient correctly.

5. Workout Plans

Artificial intelligence will one day change the whole idea of fitness bands. While that day is not very far, it is interesting to note that even today fitness bands use some basic information about you to design a workout plan for you.

This is how it works. As soon as you connect your band to your smartphone, you are asked the most simple information about your physical attributes like height, weight and demographic information such as gender and age. Then you are asked if you work out regularly or are an absolute beginner. After you feed all the above information, the app spits out a customized workout plan for you.

It has been seen that demand for fitness trackers worldwide grew significantly over the past year. This trend is increasingly being seen across the globe because of many factors such as the ease with which fitness trackers integrate with your smartphone and make communication easier and a good battery life. 

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