5 Reasons Why Likes Are Important For Facebook Advertisements

With the invention of social media, the thing named Facebook cake into existence. And since then this app has become one of the most used and most liked social media applications. It was so much liked that the ones which were invented after it had no match! But in the earlier times Facebook was a kind of relaxation application. But now the situation is different. 

Now this app is used for various things out of which marketing is one. Facebook ads are a new trend now a days, you all may wonder how to start Facebook ads and what are its benefits. But now the focus has shifted to the likes and comments you have. But why are the likes necessary for the businessmen? Here are the reasons –

1. Increase Your Audience

Yeah this is an important reason why you should have a large amount of likes on your page.

You know what Facebook is right? Facebook started as a light social media entertainment site where people could spend their free time and get done refreshment. But if we look at the current scenario, the case is no more about light entertainment. It has now become a competition where people fight for likes. The ones with a large number of likes are considered to be buffet influences and who do not have likes are just trash. Yep it is real. And this applies to you as well. It does not matter if you have a regular profile or a business one, you need to buy likes and followers on your page

And it does not apply to any specific post. You need to have certain likes on almost all your posts mainly the recent ones. Because through this you will be influencing people to follow you. The number of likes you have determines the increase in the audience you have. Followers mainly like those pages which have a visible engagement on their pages!

2. Build Brand Awareness

When you are in the marketing sector, you should know about the importance of brand awareness.

So what does brands awareness mean? As per the babe, Brand Awareness simply means making people are about the brand you are promoting or are working for. These common people are your customers and you need to make them aware about your brand if you want proper ads and services. You need to create awareness amongst the people about what all your brand offers. And people visit those pages where they see some engagement. If you have a page and have no visible likes or comments on the posts, no one will stay. But when you have something to consider, you may see an increased engagement in your page. And through more likes, you are attracting more people thus increasing your brand awareness. 

So if you want more people, you need likes for sure.

3. Gives Social Proof

You need to prove your page to be social if you want to enjoy the benefits of Facebook marketing and Facebook ads. 

Social proof basically means shooting others that you are socially active and strong. Since you are marketing on a social platform like Facebook, you need to be division enough for people to feel your importance. Consider this situation. When you go in search of an ice-cream and find two shops side by side with people full in one and the other one empty, which one will you choose? Of course the one where the customers are visiting. Similarly the viewers will visit those channels which are socially strong. And believe it or not the amount of likes you have largely decides how strong you are socially. So for more benefits of Facebook ads, you need more followers and thus you need more likes.

4. Makes You A Part Of The Insights

As I told earlier, Facebook is not considered the best social media sight just like that. It obviously has something to offer.

The case was different earlier but now it has completely changed. And thus Facebook modified itself too thus bringing in a whole lot of new features. And one of such features is the Facebook Insights. It is a feature of the site where you will be able to monitor your followers, their gender, age, their interests and your growing or decreasing graphs. In simpler words, you will be able to choose your followers as per your demand. And this is available to those pages which have strong engagement. And you better know what strong engagement means.

It means the number of likes and comments you have on your posts. So for enjoying the benefits of Insights, you need all of these.

5. Get More Likes Through More Likes

I guess you did not get what I have mentioned here right? No worries. I am here to existing it to you.

Let us start with some facts. According to the site Facebook+Media, an average liker who likes other’s posts has 2.4x more friends than regular likers. And he visits almost 5 times more posts than any other typical users. This means that if you aim at those particular people, you will be able to gain a whole lot more amount of likes than usual. So try to focus on those people.

These were a few reasons why Facebook likes are important for these ads. Adios!

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