5 Most Useful Android Apps for Daily Life

The app store isn’t just for playing games; there are many useful apps that are either free, inexpensive or are a real bang for their buck that improve my life daily. The tools listed below should make your life infinitely easier in many ways, including VPNs, time trackers, social media applications, and calendars. 

LastPass Password Manager

With the abundance of websites and apps we use daily, we have multiple passwords constantly in our heads at all times. Even though its bad practice to use one password for every website, most people do it because we don’t want to write down every password for every website. The LastPass Password Manager generates passwords and saves them in its internal memory to help you log in quickly. 

No matter if you have to log into a casino website like Casumo live casino, into Facebook or your bank account, LastPass Password will store it. The subscription costs are also reasonable, and with the generated passwords, you can feel safe knowing that they’ll be challenging to crack. LastPass integrates new features monthly, so they’re always innovating their service.

VPN App like Express VPN, NordVPN or SurfShark

A VPN or a ‘virtual private network’ extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data. You’re probably familiar with VPNs because they’re often used to watch geo-restricted content on Netflix or Hulu. However, they have plenty of other uses and are great for users who want to hide their IP address for torrenting, downloading, or while using apps. For example, if you wanted to visit a website in incognito mode, you could hide your IP address with a VPN to lessen the possibility of hackers stealing your data. 

Scanning Apps like CamScanner

For students or businessmen or women who scan a lot of documents, CamScanner is probably the best document scanner on mobile. You can use the app to take photos of documents that scan and convert those documents into a PDF format. You can then send files through email, save them, or even fax them for a fee. Most of the features, like adding filters or automatic cropping, are accessible in the free version, but you can pay for a subscription if you use it regularly. I can see a lot of businesses using this during tax season, or to upload documents to the cloud for their other employees or customers to use.

Google Drive Suite

Although the Microsoft suite is helpful in most cases, it isn’t a cloud sharing service that opens up endless possibilities between you and your co-workers. The full collection includes Google Slides, Sheets, Docs, Drive, Photos, and Keep. All of these are available for free with a Gmail account, but you can increase cloud storage for a monthly fee. Most professionals won’t need this extended cloud storage because it will likely take years for you to reach over 15GB of storage if you’re writing documents. The whole suite is incredibly useful for any individual or business, and the software is easy to use.

To-Do List Apps like TickTick

To-do apps are a dime a dozen, so it wasn’t easy to hone in on the best of the best. However, TickTick is one of the best apps in this category. As with all to-do apps, you can set it up for things like work out lists, grocery lists, or to-buy lists, and the app will remind you to do them while also placing these items on your calendar. TickTick features collaboration where you can share tasks between your co-workers or household as needed. It comes with a calendar that looks similar to Google calendar that also had note taking and widget apps. Large businesses can get a paid version that offers more data.


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