5 Foolproof Strategies To Promote Your New Mobile Game Online

Developing a new and exciting mobile game with superb graphics and addictive features is no longer enough for it to be successful. As they say, even an excellent product needs to be marketed. The same goes for mobile games. 

With huge amounts of money being pumped into marketing by the game development companies, competition is very tight. To create a place and survive in today’s mobile game market is next to impossible if you do not have an effective marketing plan for your mobile game. 

In this post, we shall look at 8 foolproof strategies that you can use to promote your new mobile game online. Let’s get started.

  • Create a buzz in your target group

The first step that you must take is to create a buzz about your mobile game among the group of people who are most likely to be your first users. For this, you need to create game posters which you can do using PosterMyWall which has numerous templates for you to choose from. Use the posters as online ads to get your game across to your target audience. 

More than creating a buzz, creating it among the right audience is crucial. This can be done by identifying your target group. An age or gender based segregation can be done depending on the theme of your game and then targeted through a customized marketing strategy comprising posters, among other stuff. 

  • Landing Page combined with Email Marketing

Once you have created a buzz around your app, you need to get people to your app. Most often, if you are a new game developer, you cannot expect people to directly download your game on the various app stores and try it out. 

Even if the buzz is created, you need to also give them some basic information about your mobile game and a link on which they can click to download your game. This is achieved through a landing page. 

At the landing page, you also collect their email address so that once they have left the landing page, they do not forget to try out your game. An email reminder with the link to your game can be sent to them. 

  • Efficient Use of Social Media

Apart from landing pages and email marketing, social media, if used efficiently, can result in wonders for your marketing campaign. There are two crucial components of social media marketing – deciding which platform(s) to focus on and the kind of content to publish.

As regards the platform(s) on which you should spend your resources, it purely depends on the nature of your mobile game. Testing the waters in the popular social media sites and then using tools like Buffer which help you make sense of the data is a good idea.

If you have zeroed in on one or two social media sites as the focus of your marketing campaign, you need to plan and create your content around what works on those sites. For instance, on Instagram, you will need to use an instagram post template so that you do not mess up the standard image size of an instagram post. 

  • Offline and Online Events

Social media posts can in turn be used to redirect future users of your mobile game to various live events in relation to your mobile game. These events can be online or offline. 

The events have to be such that they make the attendees go ahead and download your mobile game and try it out. Live streaming events of gamers who are big on YouTube playing your game can be one such event. 

Event banners are a big tool in the hands of a campaigner. Designed correctly, they can not only grab eyeballs but also lead to a higher rate of conversion into actual users. When designing such banners, it helps if you use a tool such as PosterMyWall where you can find ready made templates for specific events to suit your needs. 

  • Focus on Game Reviews

The best publicity is through word of mouth. This has remained the golden truth about marketing since centuries. Social media and events can help you get the first few users but in order to make a mark in the gaming world, you need to get more and more people to review your game.

A large number of gaming review sites are available on the world wide web. Out of these, you can start with the less popular ones and once you get rave reviews, you can try to get reviewed by the most popular and trusted one. Taking it slowly is actually a good strategy in this case.

At the end of the day, listening to your user is key to success of any kind. Constant updates which redress player grievances and enhance features of the game can lead to user loyalty.  

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